Valentine, Justina - Damn Lyrics

Justina Valentine
Damn (Damn)

Damn, I'm saucy and I'm mixin' up the soup
Damn (Damn), I don't fuck with you, you and you
Damn, thirsty bitches sippin' up my juice
Damn (Damn), I do what the fuck I want to

I take one for the drip (Drip)
Then I got two on a hit (Hit)
Yeah, that make three bad chicks (Four)
That's why I be that bitch (Yeah)
I got five on the switch (Switch)
Get real high on this bitch (Bitch)
It's all the flick of the wrist (Flick of the wrist)
I hit 'em with the four-five-six (Five-six, five-six)
Ay, ain't nobody fuckin' with my clique (Oh)
Ain't no medicine for me, I'm sick (True)
Thirsty bitches worry 'bout the dick
I'm just chasin' bags and gettin' rich (Ah)
You just want the clout and all the fame (Fame)
It's all good 'til I go and show the fangs (Fangs)
We are different and not the same
I had to hustle 'til they knew my name (Yeah, yeah)

Damn, I'm saucy and I'm mixin' up the soup
Damn, I don't fuck with you, you and you
Thirsty bitches sippin' up my juice
Damn, I do what the fuck I want to (Yeah)

Bet you can't do it like me (Nope)
Bet you can't do it like this (Yeah)
Bet you can't go down low (Nope)
Bet you can't can't take no dick (Yeah)
Bet you ain't got no stain (Nope)
Bet you ain't got no clout (Yeah)
They don't even know your name (Nope)
Bet you can't work that mouth (Yeah)
Bet you can't catch no wave (Nope)
Bet you can't make no flip (Yeah)
Bet you can't bust down (Nope)
And put all this drop on your wrist (Yeah)
Bet you can't kick no game (Nope)
Bet you can't get no fame (Yeah)
Bet you ain't this sauce (Nope)
Bet you can't do it like me (Like me)

Damn, I'm saucy and I'm mixin' up the soup
Damn (Damn), I don't fuck with you, you and you
Damn, thirsty bitches sippin' up my juice (My juice, my juice)
Damn, I do what the fuck I want to (Damn)


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Valentine, Justina Damn Comments
  1. outlaw lady

    Loving everything you're putting out Justina! Damn fire!

  2. Miguel Angel Crespo Jr

    I'll suck soup down, 5 on a swing? Umm.

  3. Tehuti Goddess

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    Does anyone know any other amazing songs by justina valentine

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    Plot twist: this whole thing was a freestyle

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    The wild n out queen❤

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    Vimbai Muchena


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    She sounds like Cardi b lmao

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    She needs to make a song with cardi B they have the same attitude


    When she says thirsty bitches only want the dick but she start the song out shaking her ass

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    White bab bitch got it going on 🔥 🔥

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  21. Alexio El Guapo

    Can't wait for the time I will have enough clout to hit fine,talented n look like you are not afraid to crawl up to the d. I will get drenched in that soup

  22. mruiz 1213

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  23. VanillaBubble Bath

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  24. Nathan

    She thicc

  25. YourLocalPyromaniac

    There is just something about her voice that draws me and keeps me

  26. Estrada Shqiptare

    Justina vs dc 🥵🥵🥵🥵❤️

  27. blackghostblaze2

    Justina valentine is fine as f*ck.

  28. Ginger Beard

    That voice.. That look.. That vibe #DAMN

  29. Jovan Marshall

    Real shit I put you in my top 5 female rappers! You on to the next level ma!!


    This a banger

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    I'm loving that song I'm loving you keep doing what you doing I will be a fan on your show and your music incredible

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    Don't care what you say this song is Ice Cold Fiireeeee

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    Her music suck, especially her voice. My opinion so calm down stan.

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    Her voice still sounding like a dirtbike.

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    My hoe anthem

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    This is lame Derivative bullshit no message and the struggle twerking was jokes.

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    saw the ad of the video and it is so sick!

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    Great song and video!!! Where was that bus scene shot At? C.S

  47. Justina Valentine

    Watch my newest youtube series "Valentine Vision" here !

    Heather Belfiore

    @Nicole Rene f❤❓?f😃➕💋🆖💋💊

    Keeda Johnson

    I love you and you talk real stuff and I'm only 9

    yea it's me mike c

    Grace o mailey. Aka Justina

    Nicole Rene

    Heather Belfiore what lol 😂

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    oml can somebody tell me what kind of paint she used in the video? it looks really goooood :)

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    You all kinds of damn lady!

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    Being an old school hip hop head I cut for u Justina. keep killin em.

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    Umm what’s w/all the attempted twerkn & crotch thrusting?? It gotta be all dat, just rap drop them bars.

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    What are you 12?

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    Alexa Rose

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    jake man

    She wasn't trying to twerk. It's called "backing it up"

    * Angelina *

    @jake man well shit she doesn't know how to do that either lmao

    jake man

    @* Angelina * When you get 1.3M views then you can show her how it's done.

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