Valentine, Justina - All The Way Up (Remix) Lyrics

(I'm just saying, am I killing it or no?)


Nothing can stop me I'm all the way up
Like a kite
All the way up
Like the wedgie on my [?]
All the way up
Like the code for the telephone
All the way up
Caitlyn Jenner's X chromosome
All the way up
Tomic and Bombay
All the way up
Amber Rose after Kanye
All the way up
Rob Kardashian
All the way up
Black Chyna... Kardashian
All the way up
Drake's manager
All the way up
Got a fever
All the way up
Usher rainin? When he signed Bieber
All the way up
Like the guy who sings panda
All the way up
Like I am Bernie Sanders
All the way up
Like I'm the gold price
All the way up
Like a ho after a really long night

Thinkin I'm trippin, they must be thinkin I'm slippin
they hear me singin on a beat think a bitch won't get to spittin
Yo it's nothin to get it
I'm way up like good credit
Oh god I hear ya shit dead, say yup?
Cause I'm all the way up (all the way up)
Cause I'm all the way up (all the way up)
I'm all the way up (all the way up)
I'm all the way up (all the way up)
Nothing could stop me, I'm all the way up

Shorty whatchu want? Shorty whatcha need?
My bitches run game, we ain't never leave
Counting all this money, we'll never sleep
You gotta bad bitch, I gotta whole team

Cause I'm all the way up (all the way up)
I'm all the way up (I'm all the way up)
I'm all the way up (all the way up)
I'm all the way up
Nothing could stop me
I'm all the way up (way up...)

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Valentine, Justina All The Way Up (Remix) Comments
  1. Andrew Clodfelter

    Why so much about the Kardashian's? An West family??

  2. LegendaryDark Flower

    The voice is annoying but. Still love her

  3. Vincent Joe


  4. Opc runner pinehill

    Someone call 911 she is having a seizure

  5. Eshwar s

    I'm here for them titties 😋😍✊💀

  6. Afrikaans Hip Hop

    This chick is better than the actuall stars

  7. Doodles

    Girl yo voice sound like a dirt bike

  8. Samuela Renthlei

    The voice that was so adorable

  9. Harper Smith

    I like it justina

  10. E'Nique Parker

    You are cute

  11. Trustinmyself Always

    Aw Duh way Uhhhhh

  12. Michael Higgins


  13. vaultvenom

    She is wack

    isaac selby

    shut it you mop

  14. Johnny Glaspie

    She fine 😍

  15. JUST JAY

    Her voice ain’t even bad I mean like why y’all want her to do it’s her damn voice 🤦🏻‍♀️😂👎🏻

  16. Jay Sparkle

    Fuck...her voice is sexy...dont be badmind

  17. Serenity Romero

    2019 like I’m Bernie Sanders

  18. Lee Armitage

    Il get all the fucking way up with u 🤭

  19. Pain Demon

    I would make ha tap out make real good use of that voice

  20. jerry hill jr

    Love you ma keeo doing ya thing

  21. Construction Kronies

    Dam Justina is beautiful! 🔥👊💯 Love is Love!💖

  22. Deconna Burke

    I wanna how she look without that makeup

  23. Tylore M

    I like her voice. Fuck y’all

  24. Tylore M

    All the way up like Bernie Sanders. Gang

  25. jimkays1

    Auto tune voice cringe asf

  26. Min Jo Byun

    She ruined it..

  27. Hell Boy

    The whole package fine as hell but damn them thighs

  28. Mr. Gainz

    I think i have Chlamydia from watching this. oh ,... breath through your fukin nose


    Do your self a favor and killyaself or retire please and thanks!!

  30. Saul Chavez

    She is sexy asf

  31. Angkang Tube

    Dirtbike voice 😂


    my woman killing it

  33. gbf 123

    "All do wei up " ?

  34. Young Savage

    Boo 😍😍

  35. Dhaneswar Brahma

    I'm tired of all these hoes showing asses n tooties😂😂all the down👎👎👎

  36. Destiny Nicole Alcala

    Classy all classy & all her outfits ON POINT !

  37. Ben Blanco


  38. Chloe Williams

    Love this song ❤️

  39. Osman Coşkun

    english is not my primary language and dont living in europe or usa which use english as their language. whatever, whats wrong with her voice? its normal to us. really just want to know? is it similar to male voice or something like that?

  40. Michael b

    Most beautiful woman ever

  41. Droopy Piles

    I guess "you can't polish a turd" applies to makeup aswell pfff who knew.

  42. Cliff Jones

    She sounds like babs bunny from tiny tunes.

  43. Jay Jordan

    Sick of white bitches trying to act black.

  44. Jason Pintur

    Pure crap

  45. Young Bloods

    I want to see justina valentine perform naked in her music video and live performing

  46. Young Bloods

    justina valentine look so hot as shit in this music video with her black bra with black underwear also with her high heel shoes plus her bright red hair that look so awesome

  47. jorge casiano

    Leave the wrapping to real rappers and don’t quit your day job🤣😂🤪💩💩💩💩💩☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️🥊🥊🥊

  48. Ramona Bower

    Fuck most of the comments I'm like "she hot but shut up" like you're not sitting your unemployed troll asses in your parent's basement all day cuz girls hate to hear your voice. Do you not hear those bars? She's a fucking badass and y'all the bitches that need to shut up (I know I'm late to this party but I couldn't stop myself)

  49. Na Ford

    Omfg this is............TRASH u sexy tho

  50. Neil Howes


  51. Never broke Again

    That voice though i cant even listen the whole way

  52. Edgar Bustos

    I just wana fuck one time

  53. The Boi

    This is straight hot garbage 💯🔥🔥🔥😤 you stop doing you 👌💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  54. Stavrilaos

    *when you try to sing but one hour earlier you gave a blowjob*

  55. Pax Reviews

    Would bang ya till your eyebrows say "Im lovin it"

  56. SupremeKermit

    Better without sound

  57. Paulo Kraft

    She is hot but her voice annoying

  58. Adem Karaman

    Nasty whore!

  59. *Midwest Magic*

    Sexy ass wild n' out girl

  60. iSiP Toronto

    better than cardi bitch

  61. Mister Zilla

    this made me want to vomit

  62. VincentVanGeisha

    you dont need to dress like a hoe tho.

  63. xburnsmyheartx

    so sickning, overdoing it with trying to be black then into rap but atleast get a little pale.

  64. woodY xyz

    How many dicks must she suck for this Crap shit recording

  65. ThatGam3r Boi

    Why she sound like thats she goes hard asf but that voice sounds weird

  66. Timur Lorenz

    sounds like a fucking dirtbike rididididing

  67. Happy Dave

    she sounds like a little mouse with congestion. well... a really sexy mouse actually.

  68. PRNSU

    Omg 😫😫

  69. Joshua Saner

    Where’s her ass ? It’s like her thighs just Don’t end until her back ! Flat as her bars


    Justina I love you

  71. sniper venom vlogz

    😍😍😍😍can I fuck her 😘😘😘

  72. Herb Marroquin

    She has a nasal problem lol

  73. Josh Santiago


  74. n16wayne ?

    It's a man

  75. mrfree133

    Bet she likes blacks... Lol sadlifesmatter 😂😂😂

  76. fah q

    She sounds like elmayra duff!!

  77. Young Bloods

    When she is in her bikini I can’t stop masturbating because how can you stop when you see that in your face

  78. Young Bloods

    I what to fuck justina valentine so bad that I will make her squirt all over the bed and see how her hugs tits bounce on my dick and how her ass bounces on my dick when I fuck her in doggy style

  79. Odilio Sosa Navarro

    Why do they have to be halve negate . sorry so sad.

  80. Vincey&Manny T

    I'd smash idgf bout them wild'n out jokes bout her😂

  81. Gaming 4fun

    No way better stop or use voice changer

  82. xPrology

    Lool she gotta cold

  83. Deez Nutz

    Some hot asss

  84. Conner smith

    Wow she just made hip hop die 🚮🚮

  85. tykasual

    all the way, n your voice still sound like a ...

  86. Braden Miller

    Music...... wack cloths........👌

  87. Braden Miller

    Music trash

  88. Emanuel Rodriguez

    This is acutally trash.. thanks for fucking ruining a great track.

  89. Miss Klaszy Kissez

    She been lit tho 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Daniel Stephenson

    The most underrated female talent in the world today loved the five fingers of death freestyle

  91. dabmaster420 puff puff pass

    When is she gonna come out with her own Shit and not this remixed shit.

  92. Jeff Sunstrum

    Another fire track ruined ! Someone should stop her

  93. BIG ANT

    Dam she bad!! 🤤

  94. Mike Hunt

    your voice is terrible. stay with wildnout or you will be broke

  95. Raymond11

    Why America is failing

  96. James Desomma

    Um, to answer your question...NO!