Valencia - Stop Searching Lyrics

Lately I've been keeping an eye on you
Don't know what you've been going through
I can tell it's no good for you
All I know is I've got to go
Before things get out of control
Out of our hands, beyond repair

Well, nothing is lost just because
It's not where it used to be
Just stop searching, you could spend you whole life
I can tell by your eyes that hope is fading fast
When all you have to do is stop searching
I understand people change
But don't miss out on this chance
You have to find yourself
And that's exactly where you'll find me

Did I speak too soon about the elephant in the room?
I'd survive with or without you, but what would that prove?
Wait, there's more, more than enough for the jury, I'm sure
So state you case and give me the floor
We may lose what we love
It's not far away because

Nothing is lost just because
It's not where it used to be
Just stop searching, you could spend you whole life
I can tell by your eyes that hope is fading fast
When all you have to do is stop searching
I understand people change
But don't miss out on this chance
You have to find yourself
And that's exactly where you'll find me

Take what you need
If you leave, then leave a little piece of me

Just stop searching, you could spend you whole life
I can tell by your eyes that hope is fading fast
When all you have to do is stop searching
I understand people change
But don't miss out on this chance
You have to find yourself
And that's exactly where you'll find me
Come find me. Stop searching

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Valencia Stop Searching Comments
  1. ferid bathory

    Everyone came here from Saints Row the third

  2. Shademarc

    Saints row, is it that game?? I've just known the band.

  3. Ebenezer Stooge

    The store brand version of Nickelback.

  4. foxy gamer

    This song is good but not famous

  5. Filip Fornalczyk

    music Saint Row The Third radio 89.0 GEN

  6. Fabio Garcia

    The Saint lives here!

  7. Acrophobic Icarus

    Don't fuck with the saints !

  8. Divine Scrub

    it's sad there no Acoustic version of this Song


    saints row the third

  10. SC T

    saints row 3

  11. Anderson

    Saints Row The Third !!!
    good music good game

  12. yusuf emir özyörük

    When you think about it this song would be a great anime song

    foxy gamer

    Of course


    No it wouldn't what the hell

  13. Jake Wazowski


  14. FizzyG

    Saints Row 3, my favorite station was always 89 Gen X


    Some stations weren't only one genre. 106.66 is heavy metal, but it doesn't only have heavy metal songs.


    @SuperJayXD Same with Gen X

  15. Emilio Del Federico



    What do you mean Saints Row 3 commands?


    The majority of the people here are from Saints Row. That was one hell of a kick ass game!

    XxBuchtičkaxX CZ

    It still is.

  17. MCライド

    This song... SAINTS ROW 3!!!

  18. Robowarrior

    Sr3 thanks

  19. Edwin Klimentic Vondermans

    'Saints row bitches!'


    I saw this song on saints row 2!!!


    How did you see this song on Saints Row 2?


    How do you see songs?

    Edwin Klimentic Vondermans

    Osvaldo You can go to a music store and buy songs: once there you'll see all the songs in the shop menu.

  20. Joy Lemen

    mijn favorieten liedje

  21. Holloway Lane

    I feel like this song would be good if they didnt have that stupid fast 2step beat during the chorus. They build up to it and it just blows. 

    Michael Delgado

    I was just about to comment the same thing. I can't agree more!


    +Pductions Why don't you like it?

    Oliver Aylett

    I disagree, the blast beat sounds great.

  22. Derp

    Thank you Saints Row •3•)/

  23. SnackingOnAnts

    Thank you, Saint's Row!

  24. Jan Jansen

    The only song in my mix taoe is this fcing amazing song!

  25. ggmarques93

    Thank you, Saints Row.

  26. valee Sleepwalker

    Saint's row: The Third c':


    @valee Sleepwalker hy

  27. Evan Zablocki

    old linkin park

  28. King Tarantino

    whos better
    1. Daughtry
    2. cavo
    3.linkin park
    4.valencia. COMMENT BACK. [email protected] WHO BETTR

  29. Cini Valcun

    Does anyone else think that this song sounds like some J-Rock song? or is that just me

  30. Shinggu

    Saints row 3!!!!!

  31. JOE40341

    this could be a possibility is still the goat

  32. Nathan Collins


  33. PunkerSkeleton

    Saint Row <3

  34. Jacketz

    Still, screw her.

  35. k1ll sw1tch

    vote up if u know this saints row the third

  36. ChibiTails

    I'm here because of Johnny Gat.

  37. shamfyre

    That's pretty much what I said.

  38. Sackrefied

    No that's because shaundi was in it from before and viola was a morningstar bitch

  39. kai hix

    Shaundi is the shit stop hating

  40. kai hix

    This is why i play sr3 what genre is this music

  41. shamfyre

    Because Shaundi's a major character, and Viola's basically just a turncoat bitch who didn't do shit for the Saints.

  42. MRodriguezz


  43. DevilArchon

    this is way saints row is ammazing

  44. Aleister Meowley

    It's strange how similar his voice is to Max Bemis.

  45. SuperTurboTurkey

    Agreed, this guy is an asshole. ._. What's worse, is that, that comment had actually nothing to do with the song.

  46. Cintiah Sky

    Thaaaanks dear saints row 3 for this great music:3 hahahah

  47. Arisa Ketsueki

    I love this song!!!! Thank you Saints Row 3 for the great music!!!!

  48. Mathieu Perrier

    Fuck, I'm not that far into the game yet. Thanks for the spoiler...

  49. kingme905

    That's probably because nobody really gives a shit about Viola

  50. Ting Jon Yee

    I know this song its because if Saint-Row the third and its one of the best thug game I ever play!!!

  51. HellJustFroze

    Ahahahaha no you haven't, not if you don't know who Viola is.

  52. jayson will

    whos viola and i beat the game twice

  53. Lynise Lyn

    I was just playing Saints Row The Third and its was on the Generation channell on the radio and I heard this song and fell in love with it..its first on my mixtape...and its the only song on their :) !!!!!!!!!

  54. SovereignHarbinger78

    IKR I was thinking that earlier today

  55. Erick Guifarro

    this is always the song I put first when I have to start a new mixtape in Saints Row

    I fucking love the "Well, nothing is lost just because
    it's not where it used to be." part

  56. Alex Hound

    @Kensiington no 100% of people were brought her by saint row the third

  57. trisha morrison

    first song on my mix tape along with goatwhore

  58. Usagi Sempai

    Straight up.

  59. Kim Hult

    Thanks Saints Row<3

  60. ensemble rustavi

    I like this song so so so so much..and boys too :*:*:*:*:*

  61. AirStar2472

    I love how when both shaundi and viola dies, everyone forgets viola and just honors shaundi

  62. Thomas Liddon

    i actually stop my car on saints row just to listen to this song

  63. aloosh_ 2030

    I see the song in the saints row XD

  64. manuelleal87

    i heard this song on saints row the first time

  65. amairani glz

    y todos lo conocen x saints row 3

  66. jozh911

    Also, about Enter the Dominatrix, it was canceled and instead is now officially part of SR4's plot. :D

  67. jozh911

    Well, that stand alone expansion"Enter the Dominatrix" they were going to release was supposed to take place after SR3, and a that time in the story, The Saints were supposed to be involved with politics, suggesting Volition was going to continue off of the ending in which you kill Killbane and Cyrus and Shaundi and Viola die. But I think it'd be a good idea to maybe use the events of both endings, so that you kill Killbane and Cyrus, but Shaundi and Viola end up living altogether...

  68. jozh911

    Soon after Saints Row the Third was released, Volition confirmed that Saints Row 4 was in development and will be even crazier than 3...

  69. 17treez

    My favourite Radio: GenX

  70. BitterSweetKana

    Yess, this is it. I love the Gen X radio station in general, but damn this song is the best.

  71. mean fox

    Lol myspace

  72. OverAddictedGamers

    you cant tell me what to do!

  73. Inculta

    And me who tought i was the only one who was here because of saints row 3 :|

  74. Hecules55

    Well SR4 is coming out i think winter next year, but definitively next year. So we will see which is better soon enough

  75. hantarjr

    Saits Row 3!

  76. Hecules55

    Well SR4 is acclaimed to be even crazier than SR3 by the devs. So i think GTA will be at a loss again

  77. Nicho Rubi

    I enjoy flying around in my F-69 VTOL while listening to this song, and this is the first song in my mix tape in Saints Row: The Third

  78. Mario Guilherme Cezar Garcia

    These "fancy" words you're referring to are my vocabulary; I won't start writing like an idiot just because you feel uncomfortable.

  79. Mario Guilherme Cezar Garcia

    No. The fact that you knew the band before the game was released, means ONLY that you knew the band before the game was released. Doesn't mean you like the band and understand their feeling more than anyone else. Just means that you, for some other reason, maybe a friend's indication, acknowledged their existence before a bunch of people. The fact that you like exhibiting that, on the other way, really says a lot about you. You may take your offense back now.

  80. Mario Guilherme Cezar Garcia

    So what, you damn hipster?

  81. Higor Poli

    I prefer saints Row

  82. Mario Guilherme Cezar Garcia


  83. Mario Guilherme Cezar Garcia

    Saints Row: The Third is the best game I ever played. So fucking better than that slow shit they call Grand Theft Auto IV. San Andreas was quite a title, with all the crazy missions and a great story, but GTA IV couldn't give you half the fun SA did, and these two together can't stand against Saints Row. I don't know why the fuck GTA is more acclaimed than Saints Row, but it's not right. ò.ó

  84. DeaDBoY


  85. Chael Pagan

    Saints row the third bitch

  86. temnost2

    well while you're here, check out Promise of Redemption, it is the singers (shane henderson) solo project

  87. Alison Leigh

    Fox Racing brought me here, actually.
    Just in case you were wondering...

  88. Aaron C

    Omg the chorus in this song sounds like yellowcard lol :)

  89. Devany Michele

    It's my action song along with Power by Kanye xD I have them on a mixtape and always play it when I get into the car.

  90. Devany Michele

    Yeah and Saints row made the song orgasmic, I mean Awesome game plus Awesome song = eargasm :)

  91. TheRydersanandreas


  92. Andres Reza

    No, but it's always the same thing. Oh dude I've known about that band long before it was featured in guitar hero and became mainstream!

  93. Sludgejudy: The Full Stream Channel

    Just because they knew about it before saints row means he's a hipster?

  94. nydrastos

    I'm addicted to this song. :D

  95. DeltaAlphaX

    Translation - Stop TRYING and actually get it DONE.

  96. Andres Reza

    Hipster much?

  97. Heif Sawsan

    Such and epic song, I didnt know this band existed until I played saints row the third...

  98. Kyrie Swervin'

    Saints Row : The Third! <3333333

  99. NoNick

    "Come find me. Stop searching." WTF?!