Usher - She's Got The Part Lyrics

ohh no no no no no no
(hola papito. que va mi contigo?)
quiero una boricua more sexy
(aqui estoy)
mami quiero una mujer caliente
(si, papi)

[Verse 1]
She was a hot girl lookin for a ride to Cali,
And I was with it
Six pack, said she worked out at Ballys,
Oooh I wanna get it (get it)
Givin',she's givin' she's got me thinkin I can Knock it down
But she didn't wanna play lust games
Couldnt get the finer things

Put you in the mansion girl, wasup wasup
We can spend my pesos girl, wasup wasup
Let's take a trip around the world, wasup wasup
Cuz I've been lookin for a girl like you,baby

She move that ass like maracas
The way she's shakin her tatas
Got my thing thing,Rigning ding ding
She got the part, She got the part
We bumped out dirty calipsal
I feel the heat from her lips Oh!
Have a debut lookin for you
She got the part,She got, she got the part

(shake it, shake it
uh uh uh yeah
shake it, shake it
shake it)

[Verse 2]
Bloom boom, her body boom's like a speaker
She likes to pump it
Dancin everybody wants to freak her, they wanna hump it
She make's it feel like it wanna fust
Triple X movie queen, wanna own my private screen


[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Baby girl i wanna be in your world
I want a sexy girl, one thats just like you
So won't you stay awhile?
I like your puerto rican style
Why don't you come with me tonight?
I'll make ya feel alright

[Chorus x2]

She moves that ass like maracas
The way she's shakin her tatas
Got my thing thing,
Rigning ding ding
She got the part,
She got the part

She got the part,
She got, she got the part.

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Usher She's Got The Part Comments
  1. McPhant

    why isnt this song on spotify

  2. Nafisah Ali

    my outside man...... I own USHER!

  3. Pranav Yogesh Mahajan

    Why is there no video of this song.

  4. Wycliff Machipisa

    brought myself hear coz i miss the song

  5. grace segirinya

    I remember those days when i used to perform
    at high school on this song wow,what are memories.

  6. grace segirinya

    Been looking for this jam.Remember it at campus those days.

  7. Isaac Fanai

    All are here because of gd!!!!! me too

  8. Isaac Fanai

    ohhhh I love Gd dance on this song !!! And i want to learn it from him too

  9. Wu Zi Mu

    lovely song

  10. Sulesa Fomai

    Ji Young killed it!! Loved every minute of his dance on Go Show

  11. dj cabrera

    .... I came here for usher

  12. Pamela Sulska

    GD dancing to this song on 'Go Show' brought me here too! :D


    Same XD

  13. サラSara

    I'm here because of GD XD

  14. dolipan


  15. Tori Martinez

    Oh good other people came here because of GD. Thank god it's not just me


    @Tori Martinez not just you :*

  16. samantha joyce Tumbali

    I'm here because of gd <3 haha

  17. mmissmaya

    haha seems like everyone is here because of GD's sexy dance- including me !! ;) ♥ ♥

  18. Korazu Kurusu

    go show brought me here when big bang was dancing :D

    Rima Saka

    Same :D

    Ridwaan Ali

    @Nightwing same:DD

    Darth Matt

    Same i love bigbang :)

    Rima Saka

    me too  :D 

  19. kimberley diaz

    ahahahahaha i see i am not the only one who came because of GD and TOP. i really like GD' s moves

    Paola Raquel

    My god, I got here because of the same reason!!!!!!

  20. Kerryberry Love

    G Dragon was so good dancing to this on Go show :)

  21. Gustavo Estrella

    jaja todos llegamos aqui por big 

  22. Alexis antoinette

    BIG BANG ♥ T.O.P~GD ♥

  23. Sunny T

    I just scrolled down the comments, and mostbpole,clicked on this video cos of GD and top. ,!!!!!!! This is insanity

  24. Sunny T

    Omg , me too!! I only came here coz of seeing GD dancing so amazingly

  25. Best R&B

    Best RnB!!!

  26. M.E_Amour

    Really good song, but i only looked for it cuz of GD and TOP ^_^

  27. Mexi ixeM


  28. Mexi ixeM

    I came here becuz T.O.P was dancing to this song :D

  29. boris nadir

    Queremos esta canción versión coreana!!!!

  30. Rahimah Quathu

    Yeah!! Me too.. gd and go show!!

  31. tulips4

    Lmao did everyone come here because of GD on GO show? lol this is too funny!!

  32. Vitoria Tai

    GD and TOP hahaha'

  33. Déjah King

    GD & TOP from Go Show brought me here. 사 랑 해

  34. Alyssa Sarmiento

    GD~!!! <3

  35. Richarddttt

    Best song of Usher

  36. softjinnie

    OMG i know right!

    He doesn't dance as well as the others, but as luck would have it, a part of his dance was just so in rhythm with the song that I insisted on finding this song.

  37. softjinnie

    BinguTOP? Come on. It wasn't that bad.

    When his expression changed and he closed his eyes for a moment and danced, it was really in the rhythm.

    Dancing is not doing waves and all that. I said it before in a comment, but TOP's dancing was the one that brought my attention to the melody on Go Show, because it was _so_ in rhythm.

    BTW, TOP does footwork really well.

  38. softjinnie

    TOP's dancing was the one that got me addicted to this. His dancing was really in the rhythm. lol


  39. mariana Bon

    me too! GD all the way haha my baby dragon, he has the sensuality when he dances right?

  40. elizabeth yap

    my baby ~ GD brought me here again..

  41. Kyuhyun Heechul

    OMG Everyone Came Here Cause of GD ;-)

  42. Mercy. hn

    GD on Go Show was dancing on this hahahaha 1:47 hahaha looooove GD <3 and he's bringing everyone here :D you usher must thank him !! for real :D

  43. yong ji sung

    GD brought me here,..!

  44. Rlawjddn0537

    I'm sorry Usher but this song reminds me GD.....but I like you still haha!

  45. haruma yuna

    Top brought me here!!

  46. Celestial Kwii

    GD brought me here :D

  47. Jenny Ilie

    LOL Gd brought all the VIP's here im soo happy :D !!!!!!!!!

  48. Tuundjakuje Tjipura

    lol Jiyong love all over the place :) BIG BANG IS DEFINATLY VIP :)

  49. Rdz2011 Garcia

    por GO SHOW :D ♥ ♥

  50. Isabel A

    GD vine aki por ti y por tu baile XDDDD i loveee Gd

  51. 이보영babyYESSIR!

    GD was dancin so sexy to this song. . . GD is my reason for being here as well <3

  52. ladybads95

    Me too!!!! I came here because of GD.

  53. courtneylynn94

    hehe looks like everyone is here because of GD ..i think he should do a full dance cover to this song =D haha

  54. Najla H

    Just imagine GD dancing right now *Melts*

  55. Daniella Oliva

    the power of GD!!

  56. Farah Hassan

    GD baby & Usher, one hell of a combination. ;)

  57. jane ng

    lol..i totally agree with you!

  58. ilivemuziq

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's here because of GD and TOP's dance. LOL!

  59. lolenenalinda

    I bet every video of usher-shes got the part has a comment about GD ajajajaaj

  60. jane ng

    LOL...out of 7 comment..only 1 is about usher!!

  61. maya hamed

    Gd brought me here too:)

  62. Christine Hsu

    GD brought me here. xD LOL

  63. jane ng

    OMG!! i know right!!! he is damn sexy!! I think he can dance better than YB..although TY's dance is sexy too!! GD's dance is more to the fluid type which i prefer!! cz he look hawt dancing!!<3<3

  64. jane ng

    i came here because of GD dancing to this song in Go Show!!