Usher - Mind Of A Man Lyrics

That night I said I was recording late
I wasn't recording late
I was just smokin' chillin' had a couple dranks
Not much of anything
That time I flew down to MIA
Damn I went MIA
I hit up KOD with a few bands to play
And that ain't everything
All I think about is bitches
And everywhere I go they comin'
Double standards that everybody talkin' bout
The tables turned around I be throwin' up
So I ain't tryna justify...

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Usher Mind Of A Man Comments
  1. Armani Siner

    Love it Usher keep ya head up King

  2. DRIP

    Make this a full song!😁

  3. Azan Ali

    Less than 5 comments.😐

  4. You Gotta Chill Records

    Love the interlude.