Usher - Let Me Lyrics

(Love ya, love ya)
Let me, let me
(Let me love ya)

It only happens once in a lifetime
I'mma meet somebody that's perfect and it's you, baby
You got me and I got you, baby
Tell your ex it's mine and I won't lose if you choosin', baby
Baby, you know that you're more than just a friend to me
Don't let nobody convince you that we enemies
I was down for the count, I was down we was out
And I stole it, how it would've led to me
You's my little secret
They don't know you freaky, with a chick like you I'm conceited
And when my mama fuck with you and my brother fuck with you
Need the baby in the crib where we completed
You got money, I got money, no competin'
F gang but we always on some G shit
I'm on some OG with the pussy, I'mma beat it
Beep-beep-beep-beep, BJ and repeat it
Holding your love is the truth
Trust in me like I trust in you
Fuck with me like I fuck with you
How am I real if I ain't real with you?
Let me love ya

Let me love ya, me love ya, let me love ya
Let me be the one to, let me be the one to love you
Let me love ya
Love you babe
Hear what I'm sayin' oh
Love you, oh, love you oh, love you oh

You are the realest bitch out here, we all admit that you the shit
New BMW, new tint so dark the cops gotta squint
You drivin' out the city to make money that I'll never let you spend
That's just somethin' broke niggas just will never comprehend
We hit the strip together and we trip together
Hit the lick together, oh
Hit the crib together, book the Ritz together
This is it forever, oh
Hit the dream in 3000 dollar outfit
Cause I gotta flex for my baby
We just swerved on these hoes
It's adjourned on these hoes, I wanna know

(When you gon' love me you gon' love me baby)
Let me love ya, me love ya, let me love ya
Let me be the one to, let me be the one to love you
Let me love ya
(I need ya, let me save ya babe)
(You gotta know I ain't takin' over)
(I really love ya)
(Let me love you, I'm gonna love you)
(Who gon' treat you the best? Who gon' treat you the best?)
(Let me love you girl)

Told you I was ready
Said that I was ready for you
I'mma show you
(Never really mattered too much)

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Usher Let Me Comments
  1. Kiresha Ingram

    2020 beats 🔥

  2. Midnight_chan love

    Love this song

  3. ShawtyG Water

    I just heard this...I been stuck on Tell me for 2 months lol...beautiful Usher

  4. Metea Love

    Yasssssssss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  5. James H. Davis T. Third

    It's saying book's?

  6. MichelleMyBelle

    The fade out. Always my favorite song more R &B artists should find good samples. I always 🙂 when I hear the intro beat and Melvin Riley’s voice.

  7. S.S.S ($exy Sensual Seduction)

    I don't give a Fuck what no body says pnb may have wrote it but usher made it his own 😛✌️

  8. Jon Me

    I know my love ain't what u wanted/ hurts every time u need it/ not the man whose there but the woman that u choose too/ by my side sick r die/ the one who says u gonna live/ I love u don't say it enough gotta mean it/ I know such a person so special/I never stop to appreciate what u offer/ whats ur meaning/ in my heart beat to one drum/ love is what I see/when I see you

  9. Nika Love

    IN LOVE 😍😘💋❤️

  10. Jason Marks

    Ready for the World Love you Down mixed in sounds good

  11. Maria Salagaras

    Wonderful song 5* <3 X

  12. Good Vibe Sounds

    lmao dont even sound like usher after finding out pnd wrote this

  13. TheRealRicky !

    Anybody hear the skip

  14. Maria Salagaras

    Wonderful x

  15. easy e

    Can hear PND's touch on this one 💟

  16. serita sampson

    Usher... you are the shit and so amazingly talented. Never forget that and never let these new mfs make you feel any different than that!!!!!

  17. Its Quia

    Love it 💯