Usher - Dive Lyrics

I know you think I'm afraid
To take a chance, and go to the deep end
Usher baby
Turn the lights on

These waters can get a little busy
But I got experience
Don't mind trecking to the storm
Long as I know that you're here with me baby
Shedding all your innocence
I see the walls are looking like they might precipitate
Until I'm in so deep, it's up to my waist
But I promise girl I ain't afraid

It's raining inside your bed
No parts are dry
Loving makes you so wet, your legs, your thighs
And ever since we first met I knew that
I, I knew I was ready baby to take that dive

Can't help it, no
I want you to feel me
Every little bit of me baby
I don't need a life saver
Baby going deeper ain't gon kill me
And I love the rush you get from me
I see the walls are looking like they might precipitate
Until I'm in so deep, it's up to my waist
But I promise girl I ain't afraid

It's raining inside your bed
No parts are dry
Loving makes you so wet, your legs, your thighs
And ever since we first met I knew that
I, I knew I was ready baby to take that dive

I'll be inside when the tides are rolling baby
You'll be my place to hide, all night, all night, baby
I'm not afraid to try
And knew i, don't mind playing in the rain
And I was hoping that I get to take that dive

It's raining inside your bed
No parts are dry
Loving makes you so wet, your legs, your thighs
And ever since we first met I knew that
I, I knew I was ready baby to take that dive

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    I love you my Husband Usher Raymond I am still your only survivor to the address 588 Columbus Avenue Boston Massachusetts 02118 my Husband Usher Raymond is Alfred Porter but I his wife Carollynn Raymond is Albert Porter on the Zion Temple Holy Church Inc

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  5. TheIntrovert83

    This would make a great song to get married to.

  6. Carollynn Sexy Red Porter

    Daddy Benjamin Madoff I Carollynn Porter took off with your Estate I am never giving it back to you because you left me without a good bye your name is Alford Porter on Taxes to the address 588 Columbus Avenue Boston Mass 02118 as you was deported back to Jamaica W.I. but you died in Houston Texas on Portercare 1/2/2014

  7. Carollynn Sexy Red Porter

    I Carollynn Raymond do love you my Usher Raymond please dont leave me I got 4 you got none hold onto NBC channel 4 in Boston Mass

  8. Jessica Gomes

    Que música 😍

  9. Ashley Liedlich

    This is a song that you make passionate first time love with that person you been loving for a long time and yall finally get every little bit of eachother. Yesssss I've only had that experience once and I will always love him for that. I do look forward too it with the new love of my life someday since we didnt make it... when he comes into my life that is

  10. Hunna Ferdinand

    Great song usher I can't stop listening

  11. Sugar Mae

    Well I’m here in 2020!!! This is a whole moooood!

  12. Megan Scott

    I want you to feel me.....EVERY LITTLE BIT OF MEEEE!

  13. lovemimour

    2020 😀

  14. janeldw

    Usher is everything 😍😍

  15. Lili Lili

    Why this song has only 12m views....can't stop listening..loving makes me wet my legs my thighs

  16. J Ak

    Pity post malone quality is what is considered the hits today

  17. Jakya Kelly

    2020 check in 🥰

  18. Mercy Madzikatire

    That voice mmmmm no words can explain

  19. Lucy Muhonja

    Damn still here in 2020

  20. elle frye

    He probably slept with her and he gave her herpes she probably hates him now.

  21. elle frye

    I wonder if he gave her her

  22. Malesela Mothibi

    Usher and his song's in the morning is like heaven saying Good morning 💖💖💖

  23. lady k

    January 2020....I always go back to the song.....

  24. leyla ndiaye

    Moi je l'ecouterai jusqu'à mes 90ans

  25. CandyMichelle Johnson

    This is my first time here 01/07/2020. This is ultra hot. Usher doesn't disappoint. Can't speak for his bedroom performances.

  26. TREAL406

    This is one of my favorite songs.

  27. Murphy Jason

    Nice nice mr usher🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  28. Nola Shawty


  29. joanna fears

    Love love love love this song. Did I forget to mention I love this song❤️❤️❤️

  30. Trishia King

    2020 still riding hard with the Sexiest Male alive

  31. Yummy.T

    2020 We Here‼️🗣

  32. Cleveland Filmmaker

    Excellent vocals! Excellent song

  33. Breanna Huntley

    2020!!! Anyone!!!

  34. Luther King

    Who's here 2020?

  35. Indian Goddess

    Who's here in the new year 2020


    I still like dis mane♥️

  37. Amanda Rue

    My jam 🔊🔊🔊

  38. Shakia Frasier

    Guys in suits and shoes make me so weak usher. 😍

  39. Itssike1

    My dog use to kill them one liner notes. Mid life Usher with them producers use to go in . sonic quality.

  40. Nombulelo Hadebe

    Usher 😍

  41. K D

    2019 still 🔥

  42. Queen N


  43. Frank vilanculo

    Tem algum moçambicano acistindo em dezembro?

  44. zakkiyya Revell

    Baggage Claim brought me here

  45. Kenneth Videos

    Girl I knew I was ready to take that dive I mean eh it is what it is.

  46. Miyanda Msiska

    Anyone here ?❤️👀👀

  47. ZayHoven Shepherd

    Every time I hear his songs now I think he's singing about herpes

  48. Richard AGBEKPONOU

    December 2019 ??

  49. Kristal Price

    Sitting her bored.. security guard job. Listing to music trying to keep wake

  50. RO'LLEN thee ROYAL

    :i wnt u to feel meeei,have a lil bit of meee babbby i dnt need a life saver babbby🍑🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆😉😉😍😍goin depper aint gna kill me🏊🏊🏊...DIVE...

  51. Gary Ponder

    Black ace lmalw it a card game say spade.

  52. Steven Clark

    This is so 🔥

  53. Frank vilanculo

    Eu amo esse video, tou a ver em 2019, ate 2025 vou ver o video

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    For those 2 Russian girls fight is not the game...go the sea...if can swim...

  55. Fred H

    Shit still 🔥

  56. Jamesha Ratliff

    2020 still finna hear bae

  57. Lateshia Childs

    I dont know why this CD is underrated, he made great music after Confessions. My favorite CDs of Usher is.
    1. Usher (1994)
    2. Looking for myself
    3. Here I Stand
    4. Confessions /Raymond vs. Raymond
    5. Hard II Love
    6. 8701/ My Way

  58. DuddyDBeats


  59. faith chemmy

    just listened to this song today an am inlove with Usher all over again.......them butterflies be floating...

  60. Lori Reasor

    Woooo... pretty sure my ovary just exploded.

  61. Martin Eden

    my love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    November 2019 anyone?????

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    Grover for president

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    What do you think?

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  66. christian6455

    Usher Sang the hell out of this song

  67. Shakia Frasier

    Such a beautiful man showing love 2019💕and forever

  68. Sam Mbabazi

    Happy birthday Usher, u made 41 two days ago, perfect vocals, beauitful production, I can listen to this everyday. Love from Africa!!

  69. Dijah Spurlock


  70. Leshay5

    This is why I’m content to remain in my bubble of “artist I know”. Just toss me an R&B bone erry now n’ then, and I’m fine. Don’t make me learn new people. 🙈

  71. Maria Brøndal

    October 2019, am I the only one who still loves this song? It’s so underrated!

  72. Damisca Kerns

    Too underrated

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    I love you forever

  74. 【Kibbles’n’Bits 】


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    This whole album was and still is the Anthem of all 4 seasons❤🔥

  78. Ricardo Q.

    If you read this you are simply the best and god loves you have faith and never doubt him.god bless everyone out there 🙌😉

  79. Thabo Makhubele

    If this songs a metaphor for a women getting wet, she got hella wet

  80. Jutz Gelotino

    Oh,may G👌

  81. Vera Moreira

    UsHer eu adoro vc meu cantor americano preferido vc é muito abençoado por Deus 🙏

  82. zakkiyya Revell

    I Remember when this song played on Baggage Claim

  83. Jessica Peter

    When you have a cute white wine and you make love to someone you love. Girl your gone I mean it trust me.

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    Had sex on this Song to 😁i was like damn

  85. Owethu Chibi

    Isnt this the hun who stars in the movie "Dope"




    One of the Usher's greatest and it's so underrated.

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    usher dey sing

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    This song makes my thoughts run wild.This song was sent to me and I think I have listened to it about 500x now😘

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    Usher is one of the best entertainers of his gen for sure.

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    Damn! Why am I just hearing this shit now! DIVE TF IN BABY! 😍😍😍😍😍


    Anyone still listening after me..?

    27 July 2019

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