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how long was I sleeping? Did you wake me? Didn't feel like all that long.
do I see the morning? No, it can't be happen to me.
I've been stuck in the quicksand, more the pavement colours black and white too long
I could black out completely, but I made me make my way back slowly.

it's my time to shine, do it my way 'cause it's my time, baby
it's my time to burn, start a fire, be the one and only
I said it
I meant it
I never will forget it
change never happens by itself
it's my time to burn, my time to shine.
time to make it for myself.

how long was I buried? Couldn't find me, laid to rest, my heart beats on.
kept track of the symptoms, could've killed me but you will see
I'm not broken, I could be. Yeah, you would be but my heart is much too strong
never thought it was easy, but I made me, I made me slowly.

it's my time to shine, do it my way 'cause it's my time, baby
it's my time to burn, start a fire, be the one and only
I said it
I meant it
I never will forget it
change never happens by itself
it's my time to burn, my time to shine.
time to make it for myself.

don't be sad, I know you will. It's just the way it has to be.
I can never stay the same.
it's always high, or always low, and almost never in between.
there's no one left to blame.
I can't stay.
I have to change.

it's my time to shine, do it my way. It's my time, baby
it's my time to burn, start a fire, be the one and only
I said it
I meant it
I never will forget it
change never happens by itself
it's my time to burn, my time to shine.
time to make it for myself.

make a choice, shine on, shine on.
do it your way, shine on, shine on.
make a choice, shine on, shine on.
do it your way, shine on.

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Used, The Shine Comments
  1. Olivia M


  2. Sam Pownall

    I loved their self titled and then in love and death I thought lies for the liars was okay and then the two albums after I was like wtf Bert like why. This album makes me fall in love with them like their first two albums did. Those two will always be my fav but this album is good.

  3. elDexter

    I never figure out why this album never was so popular, it's is one of my favorites in the Rock genre

  4. James Sullivan

    good song to skate or light someone up on the paintball field to.

  5. StellarDetonations

    HOW IS IT THAT THE USED IS SO UNDERRATED OMFG. I've been listening to them for years now, and this is one of their best albums in my opinion. And most of their songs have only 100k views?! And this was released 5 years ago! :(


    StellarDetonations I feel same. one of my favorite bands ever. But they exist, we're all listening to them and thats all that matters.
    Btw this album and lies for the liars are my favorites.

    Ricky Raffaini

    They had their day. The music scene is just different now.

  6. Cami Rovi

    i am suddenly obsess with the used

    Gerard Makes Videos

    Cami Rovi same

  7. Evie Roberts

    Just found the used any song requests

  8. Clark Kegley - Refusing to Settle

    One of their best songs. That groooooveee!

  9. Nancy R

    I love this song 😭

  10. Ariana Alexandropoulou

    love it

  11. jop van acker

    yeeeaaahhh , it's a very good song!!

  12. Elisa Forelli

    Tellement dar! 3

  13. madgirl76

    The first 16 seconds of this song is me every morning.

  14. Kay Kay

    My new favorite song :3

  15. Walter Cubicles

    The best fucking song

  16. Slevin Shadow

    whatch out hes an asshole lol

    Love them though

  17. Rick Sanchez Jr.

    No, but I did get a boner...

  18. pietjecg

    There's no such thing as betraying music, just liking other albums/bands better :D

  19. kaylie

    I wasn't prepared for that.....

  20. MegaMusiclover17

    Usually when singers say baby it sounds lame but when Bert says it it like the sexiest thing in the world -3

  21. iluvmychem95

    I wish I had a computer so I could download this song. I have the cd, and iPhone, and no computer :\

  22. beth mccracken

    The drums at the end of this song is EPIC!!!
    I fkn lovvvve the newer drummer danny whitesides wayyyy better than Brandon who was on the first two cds and although the first two cds of theirs were always my two favorite until they just came out with vulnerable....i totally feel like im betraying/abandoning the first 2 cds by saying i like vulnerable the best now!!!! lol but its true....i am listening to their playlist and hearing the old and new songs side by side i deff like the new cd better...

  23. Jeff Oehlman

    Agreed. Do you mean the plucked strings during the bridge? Best part is this break down part.

  24. Jeff Oehlman

    This song is tight! Best part is the break down/bridge. Been listening to this album consistently since it came out. P.S. just now noticed the drum machine "clap" effect during the 1st verse, nice touch.


    bert u will always be a huge insperation in my life

  26. Steve Olson

    Saw them last night in Reno, NV :D

  27. Chadam X

    seeing them tonight in tucson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Amanda E

    The Used is very much worth getting attached to. Trust me, they will change your life, if not save it! Welcome to The Used <3

  29. sleepyliluwu

    I told myself "I don't want to get attached to another band, because then I will have too many favorite bands!" But fuck it, what's one more? xD Hopeless records has good taste in music.

  30. AidanV

    I will be submitting this for my grad song this year.

  31. Jordan D

    theyre awesome live, ur gonna love it

  32. Jennifer

    Seriously guys i'm going to get to see them in September. 0.0 Do you know what this means..? It's my time baby ;D No but seriously i'm going to piss myself with excitement.

  33. Francisco Mena

    I love the bass in this song..

  34. JellyHop1415

    Haha it is shine on. Whoever put the lyrics was an idiot.

  35. Lyton28

    Ok!! Listen it again! 2:02 <---- :)

  36. lucyfer sixsixsix

    The Used + Evan Taubenfeld = Epic Win.

  37. jeff packard

    i dont think there is one video on youtube without a like...... thumbs up if u agree

  38. Nyfancam01

    In so many ways guys.. This is the best song on the album. Truly a 5/5 song here.

  39. to3kn3320

    damn... they never fail to amuse me ... there new stuff is epic....

  40. SkydiveSeas

    I smell a music video coming along :]]]]

  41. Karen Ervin

    my favorite song on this album

  42. PlannishMama

    This was what I've been waiting to hear from Bert for YEARS! I'm so happy listening to this!! I love this song so much.

  43. Laura Martin


  44. joseph timbal


  45. joseph timbal

    Its time to shine..

  46. Halocene

    Great choice! We were thinking about doing a cover off that album soon. Is that you and your band jammin' out in your garage?

  47. jabes416

    The Taste of Ink!!!

  48. Matt Mcarthur

    hard to say!

  49. Halocene

    this is pretty effin' cool. if you could sing a song with the guys live what would it be?

  50. pouncepounce

    Battlecruisers vs. drones. PATROL MICRO.

  51. OMGitsDSypl

    i envy you i_i...

  52. Kiddragon42

    first time i herd the used i jizzed my pants ~~~~~

  53. MrTr1ple

    To those who are going "GSL ??": Global Starcraft 2 League. The biggest E-Sports competition of the greatest Real-Time-Strategy game on the planet. They used this song, among others, between games.

  54. Rrozara1

    um. great song la la la? haha!

  55. Marilee Jenson

    was wondering the same thing :l

  56. preston chevrier

    ahhhhhhhhhhh i cant wait for the warped tour to coem to toronto ahhhhhhhhhh

  57. joseph timbal


  58. joseph timbal

    The Used Is Back To Shine!

  59. psycho1333

    THIS CD KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome to my collection vulnerable.

  60. Corey S. Crecelius

    After only hearing the first 5 seconds....I love this song... I hear the rest..... My new favorite song.....

  61. imsochill98

    Theyve gotten a lot more upbeat! I think it has to do with berts recovery a lot, I'm so happy watching him get healthier:) but I will definitely never stop loving their older stuff, like taste of ink, and blue and yellow-3

  62. Sydii MorningStar

    Hooray ... speak to me, read me rite!

  63. molly barakat

    The Used will always be amazing :-)

  64. Alexandra Hintsala

    This is the best Album yet they out did everything they could have done its just amazing i love it

  65. Kristine Oliver

    Are you serious?!?!?!?!? Can i fall more hardcore for this band? .... Anwer is not just yes.... its hell fucking yes!!!!!

  66. jacquelin jardel


  67. ItsGonnaGetAwkward

    I think half of these views are mine...

  68. MymieYoshi

    I have never thought that The Used would shine one day... with all the Dark songs they made... But, even if you change guys, I'll always love you ! <3

  69. Ty M

    this one sounds like the best one of the 3 uploaded.