Used, The - Revolution Lyrics

"All revolutions are impossible until they happen, then they become inevitable"

[Verse 1:]
It's not enough to kill the past, be blind to history
And all at once there's a black cloud coming made of gasoline
I see that you have set the price, made sure that nothing's free
One way to move forward is to learn who's stopping me

Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Burn! like a fire in the rain, like a fire in the rain
This is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution. Yeah!

[Verse 2:]
We looked at the price tag, and it's one we can't afford
We were taught that progression means accumulating more
Yeah, it's not to protect ourselves, so why are we at war?
And isn't it obvious? We're adding up the score

Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Burn! like a fire in the rain, like a fire in the rain
This is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution. Yeah!

I'll never turn my back on where i'm from
I'll never stop believing. I'll always love my home
But from that love I've noticed who's been burned
I've noticed who's still bleeding, it seems the fire has grown

So from now on I pledge allegiance
to a world that's so much different
Where no one suffers, everyone is free
Revolution starts with me

Revolution! Revolution! Calling for a revolution!
Revolution! Revolution! Calling for!

Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, (this is the end..)

Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Yeah! this is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution
Burn! like a fire in the rain, like a fire in the rain
This is the end, this is the end, calling for revolution. Yeah!

Calling for revolution! Yeah! Calling for revolution!
(Time For Revolution!) (Time For Revolution!)

"One of the things that's happened, is that this movement has acquired an air of inevitability" [- L. Day]

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Used, The Revolution Comments
  1. Русский Зритель

    Listing 2020? 🔥

  2. Colby fincvam


  3. Olivia M


  4. Gian Zambrana


  5. Haley M

    Where was this filmed? Anybody know?

  6. patrick grondines


  7. LacerationGravity


  8. Laís Costa

    i'll always love the used. fucking revolution, now.

  9. A random asshole

    For some reason this song and Bert's vocals remind me of Bring Me The Horizon

  10. Noah Riot

    Don't get me wrong. Burt McCracken is an amazing musician. I heard him speak on politics though, and he is clueless. He's gone full sjw on us. The man advocated for communism, despite the fact that communism has killed more people than the Nazis. He's fallen for the progressive propaganda. He needs to stick to music.

  11. Craig Scott

    oh my gosh i love this song you guys are the best band ever i love you guys sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!! my dad will love this song it is the best i love the rock music of it!!!

  12. Kevin Carvalho

    This is the End.
    Revolution!!! JANUARY FIRST

  13. closinginonclosure

    Obviously "revolution", but I love how it can also be heard as "calling for evolution" and still make sense in the meaning of the song. My favorite band since before their very first record ever dropped and they just had the demo floating around. Can't wait to hear all of The Canyon in a couple weeks

  14. J D

    3:22 REVOLUTION!

  15. Lauren Simmons

    This is my theme song right now. This country is in horrible shape....

  16. Casey MacRossin

    if u want to make a difference in this country stfu let our troops handle it because your at home eating Cheetos watching youtube.

  17. どすこいどすこい!

  18. suisgentil BBl

    Extraterrestre Ovni :)

  19. Amadeus Behrman

    Anyone not going to mention about the anonymous part at 3:30? Oh alrighty then

  20. Nick

    Why haven't I found this band earlier? I missed out so fucking much. Until now :)


    Nick you missed out on some amazing years, but welcome!


    Thank you!

  21. Ernie is Gaming

    this band changed my life years ago I hope they can change more minds on their way

  22. Rosario Rolon

    Bernie should use this song next time he runs.

    Ernie is Gaming

    Rosario Rolon you are goddamned right

    andrew solomon

    calling for revolution bern

    Noah Riot

    Bernie wants to tax you into poverty. Don't be naïve. The nice guy act is for show. He cares nothing for you.

    Crawling contradiction

    Pardon me, just a wondering Canadian. Can I join the revolution against Trump and side with the Bernie revolution?
    I think this video is targeted towards an anti democratic point of view. Not sure if the Used would change their stance after Trump though.

  23. Granny T

    That bass line in the second half of the chorus tho

  24. Michael Kelly

    It's funny how people claim they want a revolution and they support the democrat party...the democrat party is pro government and control. It's amazing how the democrats create a facade of freedoms and it's really people giving up their rights. That doesn't sound like a revolution.

    bryce mcewen

    It's because they are paid to be weak by their corporate doners and now that trumps in office the democratics are going to have to change

    Lynzie Kenney

    I mean, both of the parties are pro-government and very controlling, and they're both bad in their own ways. I believe that you should vote for someone based on what they're going to do or change, not their political party.

    Comrade Adrian

    @Lynzie Kenney Fuck both parties, one is corporatist and alt-right, the other is corporatist and fake progressive. They differ on social issues, but they share the same love for greed. If you want to see change, stop voting for the establishment hacks of either party. Trump, Clinton, they're all the damn same and you people are still voting for them. Vote independent if you give a shit about the future.

    Michael Kelly

    Yeah, thinking about our government lately I feel like the used is preaching more of a anarchical/libertarian society. In other words, don’t be a shit and let’s live harmoniously and be free. Howard Schultz doesn’t sound too bad in 2020. Someone actually moderate.

    Comrade Adrian

    @Michael Kelly We don't really need a centrist pushover either, look at Macron, both the left and right hate them. We need someone that will stand up to the wall street lobbyists and corporatists in the government that are fucking our country and our planet. There aren't any actual leftist candidates in America, Democrats pretend to be left wing and the Republicans are just as bad. Our vote means nothing either way. The best scenario I can see is, even though I'm a leftist, I want Trump to get reelected. I want American affairs to become chaotic and shitty enough that people do become willing enough to revolt.

  25. Ricky K

    Fan since '04. Best song in a while!

  26. Mythic Hysteria

    I saw these guys live in rodchester

  27. Joshua De Serres

    Fucking great

  28. Amanda Alis


  29. 湯呑み


  30. Excuse Me Reality

    Check us out on Facebook.

  31. Marcos Augusto Morey Ourique

    show lol

  32. Like Lions


    Noah Riot

    No, no I am not. Berine Sanders is a con-artist. He got caught spending his campaign money. Get off that old geezers nuts.

    Sam Wickham

    Lol he lost

  33. This Mankind

    My band released two new singles recently. The Used have been a huge inspiration to us and we'd love some Used fans to come check our stuff out. We'd love your criticism bad or good. All our stuffs on this channel. Thanks! :)

  34. Shanti 'Sanjay' Roy

    The Used becoming political is probably the best dream come true that this socialist emo girl ever had. Strange to see this is the same band that released Self-Titled and In Love and Death but that's why it makes me so happy.

    Noah Riot

    Hitler was a socialist. Socialism is government control over the economy. It's not a good thing. Burt is an amazing musician, but people really need to stop looking to celebrities for political insight. They all live in a bubble, shielded from the real world. They don't have a clue about what's going on.


    +Noah Riot
    "Hitler was a socialist"
    The Nazi party made independent trade unions illegal and purged the Strasserites on the Night of the Long Knives. The word "privatization" was created to describe their economic policy.

    Noah Riot

    Lmao Nice regurgitation. Hitler had a mixed economy. He only allowed the elite germans to have privatized property, but even that was highly regulated. He stuck everyone else, non-germans and jews with public property/state ownership. He redistributed the wealth to the elite Germans. That's socialism. Socialism is so bad that even the socialists in charge don't want it. They just try and force it on everyone else. Also, America is capitalist country, and defeated Nazi Germany. Germany did not invent privatization/capitalism. British economists like Adam Smith did. Many countries had it long before Germany. A free market allows everyone to have their own private property and compete. Hitler on the other hand, believed in classism and did not allow this luxury to the people that he thought as inferior to the German race. Hence eugenics. He did so much so that he used the wealth of the jews in the country to fund German wars.

    Noah Riot

    I would also note that the word Nazi is the german abbreviation for national socialist.

    Michael Kelly

    I don’t think they’re promoting socialism, I think they’re more of the anarchist, libertarian persuasion. Government is bad is the theme in this song/video. Socialism is all government

  35. Sick_ but_Not

    They age like fine wine. :)

  36. Jake Zawmby

    That clip of 'Anonymous' though...

  37. Ian M

    I love my Mormon friends, buds since when! Awesome!

  38. Ian M

    I love my Morman friends! Buds since when to grownups. Awesome!

  39. Matt Malone

    this song is great, and the videos awesome

  40. Miss Leading

    owari no seraph amv brought me here, its now one of my fav songs otherwise from one for the money by escape the fate.

  41. BlueKnight12

    The angst is real with this one

  42. Roy Bavly

    WOW !! The best song of the used by FAR !

  43. Chanwit Congcakhet


  44. G MOney

    Corruption spawns for selfishness to the extreme , the unwillingness to adapt and evolve for the great good and Self centeredness.

  45. JuNiOrSuTeReO

    Anyone who have seen The Used live is a lucky bastard!


    Saw them on the Taste Of Chaos tour right after In Love And Death came out, fucking great show.

    Bedsheets Bailey

    he's not lying, they rock out live and sound pretty spot on. Bert is a lunatic!!....or at least he was when I saw them at warped tour 04. I took my single most favorite concert pic (not on a phone!) during their set. Bert climbed the speaker cabinet and dove into the crowed. I snapped the shot with him mid air 20 feet above the crowd...epic! quite sure there were a few broken wrists when they caught him. but such is a typical day at warped!!!

    Slippy Jones

    I saw them with Avenged Sevenfold and Korn in 2009, they were good, their set was too short. I remember they ended with "Take It Away", which was fucking awesome. I'm seeing them again on September 30th, hopefully their set will be longer this time. It's a festival, so I don't know, but hopefully.

    An Enlightened Hermit

    You know what's sad? I saw them at Projekt Revolution back in 2004 but I had never heard of them at the time. Then I bought In Love and Death and they became my favorite bands. Wish I had been able to fully appreciate then like I would now.


    Trice so far

  46. JuNiOrSuTeReO

    It sucks how little views this has..

  47. Andy Itliong

    Fav song of the album

  48. The Real Ellis

    I was there when this was made AMAZING PERFORMANCE NEVER FORGET

  49. Jennifer Lynn

    Vote Bernie Sanders! 👍

    Noah Riot

    Noooo He is corrupt as they get.


    Noah Riot can you stop?
    Like please

  50. BlackRedGreen

    Good song and the message makes sense

  51. Renegado do Bitcoin

    hello i love oppais

  52. Joshua Davis

    I love The Used, they were the first band I ever saw like way back in the day with TBS, Blink 182 and No Doubt. The music video for this so is incredibly awesome and it makes me glad to see bands like The Used write songs with such an important message today, but what I hate so much about this song is how I can't help but think about Bring Me The Horizon when I listen to this.

  53. Ruby Lee

    love this song! these guys are always incredible <3

  54. Mako Shark

    "Those who are willing to give up LIBERTY for SECURITY, deserve neither, and lose both"
    -Benjamin Franklin

    Zachary Benson



    I agree and I love this song but watching the video killed it a little for me because Bert has A Che Guerra shirt on. I have one too but there's a giant X on on mine, no Che.

    Noah Riot

    The irony is that bert made his fortune, using a capitalist system. I'd like to see how far he get in a socialist country, before government takes his money to so called "spread the wealth". Everyone is equally poor in socialist countries, because government decides who gets what. The wealth gets spread back to people at the top, while they simultaneously flood the media with the propaganda of giving back to the poor. It's reverse psychology and manipulation in a nutshell. Higher standard of living my ass... Burt is not a bad guy. He is just economically and politically retarded.


    @Noah Riot everyone think "socialist" is a Chinese/Soviet model. Look at the Nordic country - equally poor? That is equally rich. That is a redistributive socialist system.
    Before blaming others for being a novice in politics and economics, you better start with a book.

    Jesse Cawley

    @Steppenwolf99 The Nordic model is not socialist. it is free market capitalism with a high social safety net. that is why the nordic countries rank higher on the index of economic freedom than the united states. because they have less regulation and a lower corporate tax rate.

  55. Dan Aoki

    You can use google translate, isn't you ^_^ ? Охренеть, эти ребята стали только лучше с 2005-го. Это видео лишено той "приправы", которая была во всех остальных, но возможно добавилось что-то еще. Пока не могу сказать. Но мать вашу, Вы охеренны! \*_*/

    Okay google, "охеренны" it something like "f*cking awesome!".

  56. James Taylor

    I love the used and I think this album is amazing but (and there is always a but on these comments) I think they maybe joining the party a bit late with the political lyrics. If they did this 10 years ago it would've been a fraction more relevant. Either way, they are an amazing band

    Ray Panjaitan

    +James Taylor If it's about gathering attention or fame, u r 100 % right. But I think they just want to create a song based on their own experience despite the fact of what's going on earth nowadays

    James Taylor

    That's a fair point Ray! As I said I think they are a great band and I understand they want to get there views out there, just not my thing lyrically! Musically though its amazing though!

    Mako Shark

    I say it's still pretty relevant.

    00 1

    I interpreted the song as a revolution for anything or change in anything like for me, facing my fears and bullies and revolutionizing my life. It's me way of thinking

  57. Fatma AJ

    I love bert so much .. it is funny how I became a fan of this band, especially bert before I know his political views and his opinion in religion and how I figured out how much our opinions alike.

  58. Fatma AJ

    such a strong lyrics.. theused is a great band but it is sad that they don't get bigger attention.

    Ray Panjaitan

    +Fatemah Aldhaferi you can add word "today" for the last word of your sentence.


    +Ray Lucker They have had attention, but were never huge! not even in 2005 when they were higher in their career, and that's fucking rubbish on people...

  59. Kevin Logsdon

    This band is more relevant now than ever.

  60. Dylan Burr

    Does anyone see the mask at 3:22 its scary as shit lol

  61. A.J Lárez

    I just said it while hearing "Cry" and I will say Iit again with this song. 


  62. Bloodlust

    I think music is probably the BEST way to not only open people's eyes to what's going on, but the best way to deliver a political speech. Not only are they accomplishing opening the minds of (perhaps younger) people who are unaware of what's going on, but they're getting the attention of people who already know and agree with them. The message here is VERY CLEAR. And very catchy.

  63. Holly Mason

    Why doesn't this have millions of views? It's awesome!

  64. Varkan Lorenski

    I saw them and Taking Back Sunday last August. It was my first concert, first mosh pit and best night of my life.
    So glad I got to see them Live.

  65. Cerealphobe ZVZ

    These guys were 10/10 awesome live! And this song they had us open a massive 50x50 circle pit (massive for the size of the venue being only approx 200x200)


    +Colton Norman Anyone who have seen The Used live is a lucky bastard!

  66. Foamy Pocket

    I love The Used. <3 Please come back to Mexico City, i need youuuuu! :'(

  67. Serpentethyx

    This band sucks

    00 1

    Sucks what? TELL ME PLEASE

  68. asteele

    This is awesome

  69. Lencar Calin

    Did i just see Anonymous there?xD

  70. Ellis Ashmore

    Seeing them Sunday c:

  71. Beaten Broken Beautiful

    The Used was one of the bands that saved my life, and now it's my turn to try and help others. We're a band from Miami, FL, USA that's trying to promote our music (which is getting harder and harder). If you liked The Used, you might like us. Check us out if you have the time, we'd love to hear from you.

    Neil Gromlich

    I agree the used is a good band, but could you not try and promote yourself on others channels?

    Payton ForPresident

    ^hey bruh, it's not hurting anyone. they are just trying to get noticed

  72. Anton Haq

    At last, a band who seem to be genuine not a bunch of poseurs shouting 'revolution' cos they think it makes them look cool.

  73. Deano

    Seeing these guys in a couple of days can't wait going with a broken elbow still plan to be in the thick of it been waiting 10 years to see them

  74. Brant Merritt

    I love how long this song is with all of the change in melodies and pace. I got to see these guys at showbox in Seattle after not having seen them for about 3 years. I've been to every Used show in Seattle. Dis music is da shits. More touring in Seattle dingbats.

  75. Saria Smiles

    I hear this song on XL faction whatnot every once in awhile along with hearing his interviews towards his subject of the dangers of capitalism and sustainability. It surprises met this video doesn't touch more on the subject, as it really is a powerful song speaking out against it. Bert has changed drastically over the Decade and a half from the self-titled album from emotional hardships to the challenges our society faces as a whole. I just wonder why the video doesn't push forward more on the philosophy he is speaking out against considering his strong viewpoint shown lyrically.

  76. power to the people

    athens riots!



  78. wesley raczka

    Social-Anarchy!!! <3

  79. Paige S

    I absolutely dig this new album and especially this song and video. People keep bringing up their first album... you do realize that it has been, what, more than a decade since that came out? They are not the same people, their lives are drastically different from when they made that album. Artist's art evolves with them. I'm 25 now, I started listening to them when I was 14. The things they talked about on those early albums, I could identify with. Now at 25, I can identify with what the new songs are about. If you can't, then that's fine. But don't cry about it. 

  80. Steven May

    This is the first attempt I've taken at listening to their music again for the first time in ten years after I noticed their second album went downhill compared to their self-titled debut, and if this is the mediocre music they're pushing out then I'll be completely content only thinking of The Used as the band I listened to in 2003.  Ten years later and their debut album can still show the raw emotion that drove what was changing music at the time.  I might just be fucking old now and but what drove us then was completely different from what is going on now.  To me this is just a shell of what once was and most of these bands now-a-days are either trying to copy that or recreate it and I can tell you full-heartedly it won't happen again.  Whatever revolution they're trying to sell in this song to be cathchy isn't happening.  It happened ten years ago and you can't recreate that by mindless hooks and lyrics.  It's sad to see what is now trying to be carried on.  It's as though the true creative spirit that once was faded away with fame and an audience that grew up.

    mars things

    @Steve May Well ya, i though whatever The Used make a new song, they make their own style man, fuck that "cathchy" thing :)


    I disagree man. 10 years ago i loved this band. Then i kinda moved on about 5 years ago, due to the fact that i couldnt relate to their music like i did when i was a teenager. Then they released this CD and it blew my mind. That emo band i loved so much as a teenager is now trying to change the world and wake the people up with their music. Also dont think they are trying to sell a revolution. They put all their music online for us to listen to for free. I personally cant wait to be a part of the revolution. Have been searching for for a way to contribute to it. 

  81. iCreazilUK

    When you are here, in the UK next year, I need you guys to play All That I've Got!

  82. Nick Antone


  83. Cole Nordan

    Thank you Octane so much!!!!!

  84. xdemightybooshx

    Or napalm death, black flag, anti-flag, dead kenedys

  85. xdemightybooshx

    Wanna here some good political revolution music listen to Riot or modern day Future by Diabolic or Obamanation Pt.2 by Lokey or try some Immortal Technique.

    Colby fincvam

    xdemightybooshx was 6 6 6

  86. CrypticSore 22

    We want a new album ;(

  87. ChibiChirri

    As much as I do like this album, once the initial excitement of a new album died down it doesn't seems as good as the older ones. This song is great though, really need to see these guys live the next time they're in England. :)

  88. Superflat

    One of the most amazing bands of our era!

  89. OMGitsDSypl

    Cool music video! I hope if there's another one, that it's Evolution (as a follow up to Revolution) or Imaginary Enemies c:

  90. TMNT Pizza Power

    I really wish everybody would come together and stand up.  Without that nothing will happen everyday people are so blind and don't want to hear or listen to the truth. 

  91. bestmomever1234

    Love this!

  92. Maegzo Skye

    I knew I liked this band for a reason. 

  93. lalubada1


  94. sullybop

    Most of the songs on this album are great lyrically but lack when it come to The Used's usually style. They are becoming more 'popish' and less post-hardcore with this album, something I can't say is necessarily a good thing. 

  95. Adi Cox

    (A)narchy for the people because all governments are corrupt and we are sick of being screwed over.

    Adi Cox

    The problems in Syria and Iraq are a direct result of our UK government. Namely Tony Blair. Privileged countries are corrupt and abuse their power. I could keep quiet about this, but then that would make me an accomplice. Many of us have a sense of fairness and would risk our own well being for the chance of a world with greater justice. Altruism has not died even though many people in Syria and Iraq have. How could we not collectively point our fingers at the UK and the US.

    00 1

    Not all governments are corrupt, some are just straight out stupid *cough* DONALD TRUMP *cough*

    DEAN fuckn' AMBROSE

    +Eyeless Josh i want a big beautiful wall with a big beautiful door tho, thats what TRUMP stands for


    Yes, because it certainly isn't the HUMAN element that corrupts governments in the first place.


    +TimeKeeper25 This!

  96. JuNiOrSuTeReO

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhh finally the second single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck ive been waiting since january.