Used, The - Put Me Out Lyrics

You bought your smile in a corner
You paid a pretty little penny, you did.
You paint yourself in a picture
As you deny the kind of person you've been

You get what you feel, what you wish to be
You can't live sarcastic sincerity
You sharpen your guilt like a guillotine
You get what you feel, you get what you feel

I gave you everything, you threw it away.
Put me out like a cigarette, out like a cigarette.
Love like a cancer, still you beg me to stay
Put me out like a cigarette, out like a cigarette.

Come on!

You pop right in to the moment,
You paid a pretty little penny, you did.
You never noticed how broken
As you deny the kind of person you've been

You get what you feel, what you wish to be
You can't live sarcastic sincerity
You sharpen your guilt like a guillotine
You get what you feel, you get what you feel

I gave you everything, you threw it away.
Put me out like a cigarette, out like a cigarette.
Love like a cancer, still you beg me to stay
Put me out like a cigarette, out like a cigarette.

You kneel to pray,
Live life on your knees embrace the disease.
Stop to breathe in as you start to choke, your life begins.


I gave you everything, you threw it away.
Put me out like a cigarette, out like a cigarette.
Love like a cancer, still you beg me to stay
Put me out like a cigarette, out like a cigarette.

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Used, The Put Me Out Comments
  1. Bruce McGinnis

    Love the base in this song. Love the entire song but that base stands out.

  2. Olivia M


  3. Channel Alfredo

    I was listening this band since my seniot high school on 2004.. Hehehe and it make me bad in scores but improved drumming :) you guys rock man..

  4. Christian Todd

    i feel that guys pain, happens to me alot...

  5. Cato Bleatly

    I'm addicted to this song, and this band.

  6. Alice Xylanthrax

    So is this an anti-smoking campaign?

    Angel Castro

    maybe, i think the video means that people who are in problems won't solve their adictions (or whatever) by hating on them, show them some love and they'll have more chances to get better (seeing at the end, the guy throws the costume away representing his stigma). at least that's what i think..

  7. Twist Of Fate

    Los Amo!!!! ❤️

  8. Rheeana Venn

    eh, no buts (pun)

  9. idlecar

    so whos the guy in the cigarette costume?

  10. Dylan Gibson

    I'm in this video!!

    Dylan Gibson

    I'm on the bike after the cigarette gets thrown out of the cab. I got to chill with the band backstage and on their tour bus at the show after filming.


    +Dylan Gibson Nice

    Mika Chan

    Dylan Gibson jealous go you


    How did you get into the video? Being in a video for The Used is a great way to be immortized!


    Is this Colorado? It looks a bit like Denver

  11. Josh Marche

    The drummer wears his own bands shirt on stage? What a dick.

    NONEYABUSINESS must be new...

    \Metal head/ Turner

    Josh Marche I would too if I was famous what's wrong with that he's a bad ass drummer


    What's wrong with it? It's not like he's gonna wear some other band's shirt. That's like advertising toothpaste but making it mostly about some other company's toothpaste.

    James Taylor

    The drummer is wearing his band's T-shirt to sell merch! Maiden, Metallica etc all did it back in the day!

  12. Diane D

    I like the acoustic version better :)

  13. TenTen Yee

    So many good times listening to this band. Ah! I love them so much 3

  14. Rafael Linares

    What the name of the video where there a elderly tall man whit a heart in a fantasy land? that all i remenber of the video  i think it was this band.

    Rafael Linares

    Damnn thnsk you man that the oneiwas looking for. :D

    Phillip Page

    I seen it for first time few months back.I love the artwork in it.lead singer now has short hair and their music i think is political rock now.still sounds good tho

    Rafael Linares

    thanks i cheked it out now and download it into my si still use and mp3 lol


    All That I've Got, from....I wanna say it's from the "The Used" album? Maybe Shallow believer.

    Rémi Laflamme

    In love and death album :D still the best with maybe memories!!

  15. Just Jazz

    Omg, It looks like All Time Low's video for somethings gotta give!

  16. Michael Lebouff

    The used is literally the best band I'v ever heard.

  17. Leila ...

    Aww he dropped his hotdog....

  18. Nat Páli

    1:56 Eargasm.

  19. leak master

    good track

  20. singmeanythingx

    I may or may not have laughed a little more than I should have while watching this...

  21. Zach Kunz

    Moral of the story:  Wear a cigarette costume to a The Used concert so you can play guitar along with the band.

  22. Viktor Sereia

    Rondonia -  Brasil

  23. kon ruki

    Dear fuck I love you guys.....

  24. My Name is NES

    C O L O M B I A 

  25. Michael Pickula

    How can you possibly not like The Used?

  26. Christian Romero

    just shows, The Used concerts are the best cx

  27. Grantilius the Great

    I Caught Fire, now Put Me Out :D

  28. ProfessorRJLupin



  29. BonsaiBass

    Their bassist is still awesome! :3

  30. Jeffrey King

    showbox market Seattle WA june 2012!!

  31. Nico Serrano

    which is your favorite song of mcr?

  32. Lucas Lins

    Brazil support the used!!!

  33. Ali S.

    Brazil \o/ \o/

  34. aizenthebeast

    hi best friend in the whole world

  35. Any Roo

    his hot dog :(

  36. Johan Iskandar

    Niceeeeeeeee !!!"!""""

  37. SurfaceVblogJPN

    god for such a superb band their videos suck so much.

  38. Andrew Rush

    I saw The Used at Warped Tour Milwaukee this year.

  39. Lijpe Lowie

    I love used Brazilians too!

  40. MyChemicallyRomance

    I can't believe that I saw them two months ago and almost met Bert..

  41. Littleandr0idman

    dat NES controller

  42. Joffrey Baratheon

    wanna fuck

  43. Elakid

    Hope to see them here in the PHILIPPINES

  44. Emily Moon

    Bert Has inspired me so much in life

  45. Nahidrum Nautfrum

    <3 Bert <3

  46. ranex xenar

    the used forever

  47. John Rhee

    Great song not only for Vans Warped Tour of this year but also on NBA Live 14 soundtrack.

  48. s4pph!r3z-


  49. Leonidas Michailidis

    This video reminds me of American Hi-Fi's song Another Perfect Day

  50. therebelnetwork215

    i don't any friends will be my best friend

  51. Katherine Martinez

    love u guys! <3

  52. Melyssa Monson

    at 24 seconds in. That's me walking across the street.LIKE A BOSS. hahahah nice.

  53. Yota naha


  54. MrLight90

    let's keep it that way. i love the way people are interested to listen to the song because it is beautiful and they like it, not because people just watch the video for the sake that other people's viewers/rating. I call it a 'niche' song because it is so valuable. Opinion

  55. Keith Flynn

    Lol the Human Cig

  56. Storyteller Band

    Moral of the story is, wear a cigarette suit to one of their concerts and you get to play guitar with them...

  57. nlubinsky1

    Great opinion, but do not agree. Glad you're not bashing the shit out of it. I'll agree Artwork was a good album, and I don't really listen to Lies for Liars, but I do however listen to this album more than Artwork. My opinion, like yours, doesn't matter. You just gotta let them (the band and its listeners) choose what they think sounds good and what they like. My opinion is this is a great song, but again, my opinion doesn't matter to you.

  58. Daniel Retamal

    I'm not, this album is pretty close to awful and is easily their worst album, second to lies for the liars which I originally thought was the worst album. Self titled, In love and Death and Artwork are their only really good masterpieces and they are far from that due to bert struggling with his voice problems. There are some good songs, but this isn't classic 'The Used' and if this is their new direction, I do not support it. Opinion.

  59. ngugi wakioi


  60. hunlights


  61. Lerhard Ramirez

    Coño al fin!

  62. LinnieDoll E

    they just keep getting more amazing <3

  63. 1RockThe










  64. paladin06309

    is that Andrew Hussie?

  65. Nika Coon

    2:55 a dream of 99% of fans, no matter if The Used or anything else...

  66. Maxisick

    I'm surprised how low the number of views is, people are missing out

  67. KK & Russ

    plain an simple the used r an have been the best band out there.

  68. ngugi wakioi

    i love it

  69. Edgar Huerta


  70. Gaben

    Why is Andrew Hussie in this video?

  71. Cuddly Panda

    The Used will always be the best band <3

  72. Petey Prout


  73. Captain QWO

    Or murder everyone who bullies you. (I come alive)

  74. Captain QWO

    1:55 Worst fake punch ever.

  75. FamousBandOfficial

    Hey guys! :)

    My name is Michael Bellizzi & I'm the singer in a band called Famous.

    Really love this tune & as a band we know how hard it is to make it. Especially today when there are hardly any bands left. But staying true to yourself is what we believe in & keeping the music alive is what we stand for.

    If you could take a few minutes of your time to listen to our songs, it would honestly mean the world to me & my band.

    Spread the word & lets keep the music alive TOGETHER!

    Peace & love :)

  76. JennaMCRKilljoy

    not when I saw em

  77. Selmokero

    2:24 - 2:55 I almost died in this part.

  78. Jessica Tee

    I like their old stuff better...

  79. Tesla Rose

    Fucking awesome music. & NES controller speakers. Epic.

  80. mygroinisonfire

    0:45 "This burrito's delicious, but IT IS FILLING!"

  81. shutupxandxplay

    I feel this is my life summarized in a sentence.

  82. slizrox

    If you want take moral of all The Used videos you will probably freak out:
    Read a book and get stuck for the rest of your life, sit down on a couch and get sucked in a world where you are chase for a birdman,sing in a place with dark lights and this will change your shirt,or even play jokempo and slap your friends

  83. Erika M.

    "And if you don't have any friends, I'll be your best friend in the whole world"

  84. Pee Shivers

    I saw them live. They where amazing. If you where one of the last dates or something that's way.

  85. Jan Joseph Abutog

    This some awesome shit

  86. Shazza Rose

    Ha... funny. This song perfectly describes my relationship with my Ex. We were both big fans of The Used and he broke up with me after one of their shows for sitting on someone's fucking shoulders to get a better view. Threw me away, threw away our relationship which I had put my fucking all into for a year and a half.

  87. Adam Adame

    2:23 cant help but nod to the beat!!

  88. Marlon Moreno Payes

    I'm loving the NES controllers on the background

  89. luis antonio

    love...... the used........

  90. DIYTechnician

    Oh no way. That's sweet. Was the show really good? I'm really digging this band.

  91. Emily Johnson

    It was all filmed in Seattle- I was at the concert that it was filmed at.

  92. frerardllforever

    i wish i'd known this when i went to see them XD

  93. Olka134


  94. ewthatscute100

    am i the only one who wants to have rough sex to that little bass moment a little after 2:20 OMG

  95. DIYTechnician

    I dig. Looks like some of it was filmed in Seattle.

  96. Erick Santos Souza

    i Love The Used

  97. Alexis Montez

    that dorky little highfive at the end <3

  98. kurugali gala

    Parang nasa metro manila lang.

  99. Avid Phil

    ikain mo na lang

  100. Panicmatt

    Moral: don´t smoke. Period.