Used, The - Pain Lyrics

Fade away
So you don’t make a scene
close your mouth and try keeping it closed forever
Afraid of what you are
Afraid of how you
Learn to close your mouth and try keeping it closed forever

If you had the mind to just check out
Its something better that nothing
I’m not the type to scream and shout

In pains me just to see you with
rather be lost in a river without you
Pain, pain, pain.

You made your point
You don’t know what to say
close your mouth and try keeping it closed forever
You never come so close
You never got this far
You close your mouth and try keeping it closed forever

If you had the mind to just check out
Its something better that nothing
I’m not the type to scream and shout

In pains me just to see you with
rather be lost in a river without you
Pain, pain, pain.

shamed of what you are and what you been
It must be hard living tired in your shoes
Shame, shame, shame
Shame, shame, shame

So cry bad day
Grey clouds, black haze
So sure the sun could collapse your ways
So cry bad day
(So cry bad day)
So cry bad day
(So cry bad day)

In pains me just to see you with
rather be lost in a river without you
Pain, pain, pain.

shamed of what you are and what you been
It must be hard living tired in your shoes
Shame, shame, shame
Shame, shame, shame


Keep your mouth closed [x6]

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Used, The Pain Comments
  1. chris moore

    2019 and still rocking this song!

  2. Dead & St.

    2009 is Gold !!!

  3. Joseph Wilcock

    I'm back from the safe house.Thanks for the support everyone. I've been wanting to breakthrough on face for sooooo long!!!!! I fianlly did! Now I can talk about all this! Thats all I ever wanted to do but those REAL demons kept my mouth SHUT! 🤐 I will not stay silent any longer!!!!

  4. Brian Blueblack

    At The intro 0:00 Sounds like Unreal tournament FTW

  5. Alexander Castillo

    Greatest Used song ever. Definitely should have been more popular.

  6. Scott Garno

    Involuntary headbanging/shaking inevitably begins @ 3:16

  7. olocodorock

    put this fucking song on spotify

  8. Caio Ourique

    cool angry cool

  9. John Peterson

    This is actually my favorite song of all time from The Used, definitely could have been more than a b-side.

  10. Hypa-Gemie

    Love this song the used are just so feelsie still the best band ever to me

  11. paul zegarra

    full extasis!

  12. Chris Keese

    Should have been on one of the studio albums. Good song.

  13. OMGitsDSypl

    Tried to have a staring contest with the picture. Fuck my eyes are stinging...

  14. Pelin Karaaslan


  15. Scot Campbell

    *screams >__>

  16. shotking92


  17. x4prilsF00Lx

    People didn't like it..?.. o.O

  18. Michael Osborne

    I can't even describe how amazing this song is. It's Quinn's favorite to play on this record and it didn't even make it.... Pain! Pain! Pain!

  19. Maria Gomez

    his screamms x}

  20. Candicexrose

    How does this have dislikes?

  21. StaySaneInInsanity

    This sounds like Disneyland.


    No.. it definitely does not sound like Disneyland..

  22. X_Charcoal_Love _X

    Totally Stuck In The Mid :P

  23. Cuddly Panda

    The Used!x! <3

  24. taylor0367

    That would be so legit it's not even funny

  25. PixelAndrew

    I think we should ask them to do it!

  26. OMGitsDSypl

    I love this song to death, but now that you put the thought into my head, I REAAALLY wanna hear that now O_O...

  27. aiex010

    You're absolutely right. The Used shits on MCR lawl.

  28. Helen Reina

    Alguien quite este videom es una tentacion sta cancion ... GET AWAY !!

  29. PixelAndrew

    Is it weird that I really wanted this to be a 3 Days Grace cover?

  30. bexx walker

    yeah man, tell em

  31. Lindsey Dennis

    Bert is a Rock God

  32. beth mccracken

    yea i was just realizing that too! truuuu that!!! = ]

  33. IlikeToastandsharks

    But they formed in 2001 and their first album came out in 2002.

  34. Alenicas

    stfu about mcr. yes I love mcr, and i love the used. both my favorite bands. don't compare though. now listen to the music

  35. Celida Balbastro

    Four years later ant this is STILL the only video on Youtube of this song. Thank you SO much for posting it

  36. NowKillYourself

    "Pain! It pains me just to see you where, rather be lost in a river without you - pain, pain, pain!"

    "You made your point, you don't know what say, close your mouth and try keeping it closed forever!"

    "If you had the mind to just check out, it's something better than nothing, i'm not the type to scream and shout.."

    "Shame. Of what you are and what you did. It must be hard getting tired in your shoes - shame, shame, shame!"

    So many good lines in this song.

  37. ImGeradWayAllTheWay

    I'll always love MCR cuz they saved my life but I will also always love the used cuz their just flipping awesome. Just cuz the music person doesn't like a band doesn't mean u shouldn't like tht band

  38. xXFuuuckItXx

    Why haven't I heard this song until now?? To awesome to miss

  39. Minamonish

    And the others 4 are from mine. (;

  40. doder280

    i am sorry but i think he has all the right to judge on who's better. Good music is something what you personally think. If he says he thinks the used is better then MCR he is right, if you say they're not you are right to. I think rock is better than dubstep those two are more different then the used and MCR but i CAN compare them. You have all the right to judge who is better!

  41. skyerox890

    Ohh okay thanks! (:

  42. Kimberly Simbajon

    420. [x

  43. Pamela Ramirez

    And the other two are my parents.

  44. skyerox890

    Where is this from? It's not on any of their albums is it?


    it is..


    @RoflJoker1994 which???

  45. chihuahuagirlz32

    @katmag1 dont you mean opinion? i mean, it just seems to fit better. plus i LOVE My Chemical Romance! theyre new stuff is because that are in a happy mood and a better time in their lives! also i guess you are too ignorant to know that all the songs gerard sings have a meaning and are filled with "passion" as you like to call it. didnt want to go there but i had to. it was annoying the hell out of me. just like you are.

  46. ItsAlwaysRainingInWa

    I don't know all their faces by name, but is one of the band members wearing the polka dot sweatshirt that Bert always wears? Lol, what's up with that?

  47. Tommy Plante

    Great sound from an amazing band

  48. perryholcombe

    @BLacKOuT3278 nope....scene kids often think there is such a thing because thats how they discribe the shitty bands they listen to.

  49. Sarah Norick

    The used= Best band <3

  50. Kat Ketenbrink

    @WadoRyuAndrade bro i know the feel xD


    what album is this from? i have every album and have NEVER heard this!

  52. perryholcombe

    @Canadianvillan There's no right way to scream.

  53. Gage Moeggenberg

    @newgenassassin01 shallow believer.

  54. Mary Lou Melody

    my chemical romance and the used, for ever in love and death!

  55. Kevin Oceguera

    what album is this from?

  56. nubzar1

    @katmag1 judgement and opinion are two different things

  57. Shmee


    You're retarded. They both have different ways of expressing their feelings. Gerard shows his passion and in most cases anger by combining yelling and singing. He does sing, you're just a close minded little fan boy.

  58. MissRavenShadow22

    how come i never knew The Used existed? there the best <3 :D

  59. Why me

    @grafiene shut up comments are judgments! its like saying the used rocks (which is does) its a judgment, duh

  60. Why me

    there's several reasons that this band is better than mcr , but in my opinion the main reason is the way Bert sings............... he sings with passion............... every single song that he sings............its completely FILLED with passion............... mcr turned gay, there like worse than pop music now............ THE USED IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE MY FAVE BAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Stigma Works

    im sorry guys, those 4 dislikes are from my neighbours.

  62. diana

    @101810tnk well i think the same way.

  63. Noel Rafferty

    @dianasaar this song didnt make it on the record for some reason. i think its a great song.

  64. diana

    why is this the first time i hear this song ??

  65. Anon Proxy

    @XXAnimebabyXX doesnt that just mean under possibility u'd have sex with him

  66. Chadam X

    reminds me of back in the day not that they're new stuff isnt amazing <3 the used best band in the world

  67. Mike A.

    Wish they book Mexico for their next tour =D

  68. Mike A.

    @Fucknessful Is available on iTunes, it doesn't appear in any album ans it's kind of hard to find so you better download it because is one the best they have =)

  69. slizrox

    @100heloiza concordo,letra,ritmo,gritos...a pura essência do The Used

  70. Fucknessful

    ? what is this song?
    bonus track?
    i have Shallow Believer EP album,
    but i dont have this song,,

  71. Diego

    @100heloiza Realmente, uma das melhores.

  72. x Sweens x

    I love this freaking song, and it pisses me off that I can't find where to buy it.....

  73. Mc Fudge

    @ReJeCtEd37 Solid! you grab his legs...

  74. Caitlyn Bruce

    @McFudge93 Sharing is caring dude XD

  75. Mc Fudge

    @ReJeCtEd37 Well... Dibs on Jeph!

  76. Caitlyn Bruce

    @McFudge93 Hahaha, Pretty sure a lot of straight men would. I would as well, but I'm a straight woman so...

  77. Mc Fudge

    As a straight man... I'm not ashamed to say that I would seriously fuck Jeph

  78. ShyraJay

    I think I've accumulated 10,000 of these views! haha :)

  79. ShyraJay

    I'm raping the replay button I LOVE this song!

  80. Sav3TheWorld

    Pain is power. If you are in pain then don't hurt yourself, hurt those who cause pain. Evil will never win if we fight back!

  81. ShyraJay

    @unicornofdoom15 It's not on my shallow believers.... Tunnel is the last song on my shallow believers album...

  82. TheUsedRockz

    @unicornofdoom15 no it´s not,at least not in germany

  83. SittingOnYourRoof

    @TheUsedRockz This song is on Lies For Liars now. I think they just recently put it on there. It sucks because you have to buy the album to get it, and I already have the album :(

  84. tellis614

    i can not stop listening to this song coming soon to a town near MEEEEE im so going , i got kicked out og the last show as the walked out on stage im making it this time!!!!!!

  85. XTheUsedRoxX


  86. TheUsedRockz

    i really wonder why this isn´t on shallow believeroO
    it´s such an amazing song
    TheUsedRockz XD

  87. Gabriel Sjögren

    best Used somg EVER!!!!! :D

  88. Douglas Almanzar they manage to sound melodic and heavy is amazing!!! this might just be my favorite band for the last few years

  89. beradkay

    i wonder what the used would be like if they were still heavy

  90. Martin Long

    The conclusion is fuckin brilliant;)

  91. ChairsWithNoLegs

    the used= YES.

  92. Valentine11537

    @mcrluva1609 Is it so hard to google the lyrics?

  93. VinnieIsHOT

    is it bad im just now finding out about this song? god i feel horrible.. cuz i would give my life to meet these guys.... :o

  94. TheUsedRockz

    @cediez256 yeah and that´s the only way to get it,
    it wasn´t released in stores

  95. theused801xx

    i lovve this songg :)

  96. cediez256

    Does anyone know where you can find the album shallow believers!?!?! I can only download it....

  97. ROCKLOVER252

    guys i now only one thing they deserve more than 12,564 viewers!!!!!!

  98. knives564

    awsome song!

  99. knives564

    if you dont like it then why waste your time listenign to it??

  100. sugararual

    good song,.