Used, The - Moving On Lyrics

I might have so far to go,
And the moments left behind.
I started gasping for air, forgot that I'm still breathing
Swallow the pain, I thought I didn't need it, didn't need it at all.
When I watch the cut heal I know my heart's still beating

It's safe to say that nothing lasts forever.
This night cannot escape tomorrow.
We'll keep moving on.
Move through the storm until we see what we've become
When there's no road for us to follow,
We'll keep moving on.

Might not have so far to go,
Just to leave the mess behind.
I see the sun coming up, I know it's worth believing.
Have I lost my mind? have you lost the feeling? it's been there all along.
It makes me feel strong to know my heart's still beating.

It's safe to say that nothing lasts forever.
This night cannot escape tomorrow.
We'll keep moving on.
Move through the storm until we see what we've become
When there's no road for us to follow,
We'll keep moving on.
We'll keep moving on.
Moving on moving on moving on moving on.

Feel the beat of my broken heart
Feel the beat as we're moving on
Feel the beat of my broken heart
Feel the beat as we're moving on

It's getting old, we've been here for so long
So feel the beat of my heart moving on

It's safe to say that nothing lasts forever.
This night cannot escape tomorrow.
We'll keep moving on.
Move through the storm until we see what we've become
When there's no road for us to follow,
We'll keep moving on.
We'll keep moving on.

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Used, The Moving On Comments
  1. dominick Martino

    And they say their first two records are the only good ones... Smh this is an underrated album

  2. kizaru braflovski


  3. Ash V

    2:37 chills

  4. Julius Fernandez

    2018 mofos

  5. Julie

    love so much this song

  6. MijMike

    One of their better songs from recent times.
    Touches on In Love and Death. It's bouncy like I caught fire.

  7. M M I B R A Baim

    Oh my god...!

  8. braedan Truitt

    listened to these guys for the last 12 years. Love these guys

  9. Jacob Griffin

    Listen to this song at half-speed. STILL sounds awesome!!

  10. Garv 182

    Amazing Band!

  11. Ryan Curry

    This song is awesome.

  12. Becca Conway

    I agree.. I don't feel like seeing a bunch of idiot bitches acting like they're the shit just because they know a few words of "Box Full Of Sharp Objects"
    Twerkin, or some shit, to "Into My Web"... I'm glad that its not like that lol I'd have a bunch of bitches smacked in the jaw

  13. james brewer

    that makes green, kermits these days..........

  14. emijas_19

    Where has this band been my whole life?! I love their music already.

  15. JestersFlame

    you got that right

  16. DressedToChill

    Feel the beat of my broken heart

  17. kl3312

    you raise a wonderfull point my good man/woman

  18. lock5000

    I love them to death, but they're too good to get popular XD I don't want to lose them to rushed lyrics and fake meaning

  19. taylor0367

    I would agree with you, except I love when bands get the recognition they deserve, even when it's from a bunch of annoying fangirls.

  20. Courtney

    & being at the shows just ruining the mosh & everything else

  21. Ryan Burrows

    mmm 1080p.
    I've missed you.

  22. Carly Dugan

    They were pretty big with In Love and Death and Lies For The Liars, but after that album they kind of died out and I didn't hear anything about them anymore.

  23. Jono Bennett

    I don't know what everyone's talking about... The Used has been HUGE for the past decade... teenyboppers have been listening to The Used since "In Love and Death". Possibly even their self-titled album in 2002. The only reason kids think this is something new is because they had a bit of a fallout after "Lies For The Liars" the past few years. Plus their drummer went to play for Rancid.

    My bandmate recorded this album with John Feldmann by the way. That's actually John's son on the cover

  24. beth mccracken

    Correction, THE BEST!!! = ]

  25. Alexandre Silveiro

    The more popular they are, the more people they reach, that's what music is about.

  26. Jacob Griffin

    I couldn't have said it better myself!! AMEN!!

  27. Alistair MacIntyre

    Since when is a good band measured by how many "teen fags" they have.... if i walked about and seen little kids wearing The Used teeshirts or singing it, it wouldnt affect me in the slightest....... its amazing how much shitter a song gets when you listen to it when little kids like it, i dont think

  28. Matthew Heintz

    Nirvana is one of the most overrated bands ever! ...Just sayin'.

  29. Brandt Dunlap

    @deliciousfemurs This is typical Hipster bullshit. The used deserve to be bigger, do amazing things and have the hardcore fans as well as shitty, judgmental fans like you. God forbid they make a dollar. THEY gave it all for music. My kids 15 and 18 years old and I go to their shows, buy merch, and we LOVE the used. So you can pretend you discovered them but you didn't .

  30. Seth Okay


  31. Seth Okay

    I hate the Used. End of story. They are no Nirvana.

  32. Romain Bogaert

    the used is awesome all their songs have ment and mean something to me.. this helps me moving on.. may sound stupid :p but im happy i know the used :)

  33. ScottToTheFullEffect

    I love The Used and this is hands down one of my favorite on the album,but you would think Hopeless Records would get their artist lyrics right!! Good lord.

  34. Jeff Oehlman

    I was watching Sunday night football recently and the intro to this song played during a transition to commercial break, I almost spit my drink out. Frickin awesome. The Used are sick! This song and "Shine" and "Give Me Love" are the best songs.

  35. holdmyhandxd

    I don't understand whats up with this new thought of wanting your favorite artists to not be popular. Are you the cause of this hipsters? What idiot wouldnt want The Used be able to spread their music to the world. They are a truly amazing band. My favorite band and i wish the best for them.

  36. Shela May Conde

    one of my of the best band ever!!!!

  37. DeadGoldBass

    I had the best song of my Sound and Recording group today ! Infortunatly, we couldn't hear the bass as good as we do on the album because Window Media Player compress it way too much

  38. Robin van Schaik

    Guys, I know you hate these comments, but im a 15 year guitar player an I have covered this song. I am working really hard to try getting more views, subscribers and likes. I hope some of you guys will try to help me with this and watch my cover of this song:


    So many thanks!

  39. Pieter De Geest

    I knew they had a new album but forget it till now... good thing I remembered to look is up:D

  40. deliciousfemurs

    ...Lawl. Who watches TMZ? XD

  41. tyler citera

    wtf dude... the lead singer was on TMZ so they are popular

  42. kl3312

    idk id be happy for them to have more fans regardless of how annoying..

  43. kl3312

    oh.. well thats awesome that they did!! but here in new jersey barely anyone knows them..

  44. Amir Smith

    what do u mean no popular, they sold out on all there uk dates within the same day....

  45. Jace Budgell

    This song <3

  46. deliciousfemurs

    I'm glad they aren't as popular as they could be. Last thing we need is a ton of teeny-bopper sluts running around singing about how blue and yellow are beautiful if you mix them. -shakes head-

  47. Kristine Oliver

    haha nice lol

  48. kl3312

    the used, Y U NO popular? this is truely amazing and deserves more views.

  49. burn lowenheart

    This song gives me goosebumps for some reason..

  50. nivram selarom

    I love the Used and the fact that i can relate to you guys too

  51. Brandon Garcia

    This comment was good... But it wasn't great...

  52. Kristine Oliver

    use stronger words!!!! lol

  53. Rhett Neuer

    Who gives a fuck whether somethings mainstream or not, the used is too real and hardcore to sell out.

  54. Ski Boss

    i shall NEVER move on from this song.. teheh see what i did there.

  55. Kristine Oliver

    thats what the hell i am talking about!!!!!!

  56. Wildboy789789

    "i started gasping for air, FORGOT that im still breathing" fix it please

  57. Alyssa Farley

    That's stupid to say. The Used was fantastic in the past, and they're still just as amazing. Just different.

  58. Rob S

    Look at Taking Back Sunday. They evolved but it sounds great considering they are in their early thirties

  59. Rob S

    so what you are saying is you want Bert to start using herion and cocain again? lol, He was in a horrible place on the fist couple albums. Poor guy, he was severley depressed and was going down a downward spiral into a pit of death. Hes been on hard drugs for a while now and is alot happier. This album is not bad at all. Its great. Bands need to evolve in their music or they end up just being repetive shit. .

  60. Juliana Parisi

    i cant believe what they've turned into. their older stuff was SOOO much better. im seriously depressed that their music is nothing like it used to be.

  61. OMGitsDSypl

    Some XD!?!?!?

  62. DeadGoldBass

    Yeah sure, their lyrics are wrong, they recorded the album with the band, they got official lyrics but they are wrong... wooww you are bright

  63. Janine

    My brother said that the album is good, but he thinks it's too mainstream. I don't care. As long as my ears delight in their songs, I'll keep hearing on.

  64. xxKKGxx

    I just fell in love.

  65. OMGitsDSypl

    yeah mostly lol. but still, i would have thought that the lyrics by the official producers would be more legit. Guess not though ;d

  66. Brittany t

    Are you high?

  67. Petr Matějů

    After finding my final exams on High school successul... I fell in love.... this song is F*CKING AWESOME... I think I'll spend whole day RAPING the replay button till YOU ALL will not even recognize that one day this WAS a REPLAY button. . . . . Let the RAMPAGE begin.

  68. OMGitsDSypl

    Yeah those lyrics in the description are definately wrong.
    "it's getting awkward, faith will survive"
    What the fuck? It's "It's getting old, we've been here for so long" also, "when that's the left for us to follow" makes 0 sense at all.

  69. DeadGoldBass

    Thanks to stupid christians from The Letter black from making me discover this beautiful song from a band i already knew.
    They got a new song ''Moving on'' but it's a mix, i though it was remix to started lookin' for the real song cause their sucks. and i get this song !!

  70. Yayang Adham Fauzi

    New Album

  71. Jadawafrom adawa

    I love the Used ;)

  72. Killing Time

    Today, after I listened to this song for the first time, I've spent my day turning "beliebers" into parts of the used and vunerable. <3

  73. cynjen

    Old school Bert 3:00 <3

  74. Killing Time

    Good on you buddy, would you like a virtual cookie to celebrate such acomplishment?

  75. Chloesaurus Rawr

    Talking to a nice guy:
    Me: " So what do you think of the Used?"
    Random guy: " Oh yeah. They're not that good."
    Me: " DON'T TALK TO ME -.-

  76. bbbb

    .................... u were umm 2 words screw u

  77. Cybele Delgado

    wrong lyrics.

  78. bcbcbc8965

    "it makes me feel strong to know my heart's still beating" so perfect

  79. OMGitsDSypl

    (looks at the lyrics)
    ...are you SURE that's the lyrics o_O?? half of that doesnt even make sense.

  80. Andres LaRa

    could it be? :O!

  81. Jadawafrom adawa

    Best song on the new album. So close to the sound of the self titled album...been waiting for a song like this from these guys for years. Don't be confused the rest of the CD kicks a*$!! I did hear however this album live is giving the band alot of trouble. Find out after Warp.

  82. SethWolfbaine/WolfgangTheHusky

    Thank you tumblr :)

  83. Kristine Oliver

    haha yes!!! Amen to ya!

  84. Andrew LaRue

    the used are indescribably awesome hardcore bloody fantastic!!!!!

  85. Anastasia Shishkina

    Oh God great as always i'm in love with their music forever

  86. izzysmurf10510

    Sounds like it should be an opening to an anime or something.... Maybe it's just me -_-

  87. imsochill98

    What the hell are you talking about kid {below}

  88. bbbb

    these guys are really good because
    1 they are awesome
    2 they use there real feeling i think
    3 as number one they the coolest awesomest most amazing band ever

  89. plzdonteverforgetme

    fav song on the whole albumn! so bouncy and catchy, GOD I LOVE THESE GUYS!!!!!

  90. Engga Love

    <3 <3 <3

  91. Rick Beltman

    Jesus what a awesome song

  92. Paola Salazar

    This is kickass >:D

  93. Kristine Oliver

    I hate seeing comments on here sayiing "good" or "great"........I aught to backhand the hell out of these people till they say awesome or hardcore or bloody fantastic!

  94. reagan beasley

    u guys are the shit! im listening to the new album every day, u need to put some more music out soon, best band ever bitch!!!!!!!

  95. Knulppage

    This song sounds fantastic. The lyrics are equally kick-assed. fjlsdka;jfasl;fjalfj

  96. SimplyEnrico

    Listening to this song every morning before work! Cheering me up all the time!! :)