Used, The - Imaginary Enemy Lyrics

I wasn't made to understand.
I've given up my name, forgotten where I stand.
Sometimes I don't know who I am. I used to feel so scared,
I used to hold your hand.
I'm so sick of playing favorites, sick of being scared.

They would rather see you all alone.
Imaginary Enemy!
We are much less different than we know.
Imaginary Enemy...Imaginary Enemy!
I would never leave you all alone.
Imaginary Enemy! (HA!)

I will not ever understand.
Just how it got this way, and how it got so bad.
You're not a part of what we need. There is no common ground.
We hate what you believe.
I'm so sick of playing favorites, sick of being scared.

They would rather see you all alone.
Imaginary Enemy!
We are much less different than we know.
Imaginary Enemy...Imaginary Enemy!
I would never leave you all alone.
Imaginary Enemy!

Who taught me to hate you, when I don't even know you?
Who Created the enemy?
Who taught me to hate you, when I don't even know you?
Who taught me to hate you, hate you, hate you!

Who created the enemy!?

Who created!?...

They would rather see you all alone.
Imaginary Enemy!
We are much less different than we know.
Imaginary Enemy...Imaginary Enemy!
I would never leave you all alone.
Imaginary Enemy!

Who created the enemy!?

Who created!?...

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Used, The Imaginary Enemy Comments
  1. nwo rebel

    That guitar is a melody on its own excellent song

  2. chayce kizer

    The used is a trillion times better than my chemical romance. Plus they're still a band 😂😂


    imaginary damnation.

  4. Shanti 'Sanjay' Roy

    Loved The Used during the Self-Titled and In Love in Death years, but this album is something special too. I'm glad Bert got all political. I was learning about Marx before I got into The Used and all those other emo bands in 2005, so over those years my ideology was something I kept in the background when I'd go to the shows and hang out with my emo friends. The family home was religious and my town was white right-wing and christian. It was quite a lonely time for me. The Used pretty much represented emo back in those days so having them release an album like this is like a dream come true.
    I'm going to see Self-Titled played in full tonight and In Love and Death tomorrow night so I get to feel all nostalgic. But I want to hear Imaginary Enemy played in full. That's where my heart is.

    Rando McNally

    Shanti 'Sanjay' Roy I feel all of this so much. ❤

    Kris xD

    Go and fuck thyself.

  5. James Henn

    Good song and album. Don't get why they only played two songs live off of it.

  6. Do Ci

    Best song from the album together with "Revolution"

  7. Robert Lewis

    This is awfully Panic! At The Disco........


    Oh which album does it remind you of?

    Robert Lewis

    Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die, I suppose. With a hint of A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.


    I guess I can hear it. Not too bad though. I mean they may not have been part of the emo trinity, but they might as well have been. It's been MCR sounding in a couple albums and fall out boy sounding in others

    Do Ci

    +Robert Lewis (thebadbandito) mhm absolutely not

  8. Ernie is Gaming

    this whole album somehow summarizes my point of view on the world! incredible.

  9. I am Ghostie

    Chadam is on the cover! I just noticed lol (he's in the corner on the right hand side) I like their heavier sound more, but I think this song sounds a bit okay. There are stand out moments like at 2:24.

  10. xradical89x

    this makes me think of "Am I The Enemy" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

    Robert Lewis

    +xradical89x I hate the fact that that band ruined a perfectly good song by re-recording it and taking the screams out of it making it a generic piece of trash emo song. (Face Down)

  11. Jessica Solon

    Come to Brasil!

  12. John Smith

    I hope all the people fan-squealing over this band actually pay attention to their messages.

  13. dacasman

    Seems like all my old favorite bands have changed to this new mainstream poppy radio station sound. 
    The Used, Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, Versaemerge. I can go on and on. 
    It really makes me sad and gives me a sort of cynical feeling towards new albums coming out by said bands. 
    It's one thing when a band changes their sound a bit. That is understandable. But when a band changes their entire genre, they really aren't even the same band anymore.

    I am Ghostie

    @dacasman They're not pop. They're still rock, just not as heavy,

    I am Ghostie

    @ThePootie64 They're not pop. They're still rock, just not as heavy as they used to be. Lol, did you catch that? (the used)

    Robert Lewis

    +dacasman Panic! still makes some good music and you can't say that they've changed because their music has always been weird.


    I’m a little late, but how is this song a change from what The Used has always been? They’ve always had songs with a slightly pop feel at times. They’ve definitely always been rock, but they’ve had songs similar to this feel all along. Some even more poppy on Shallow Believer and Lies for the Liars. Shallow believer was all B sides recorded during their first second and third record. Bottom line is they definitely haven’t changed. They’ve always been a mix and had variety with some songs sounding more pop driven. Bert calls it “gross pop”

    Kris xD

    The Used is the only band that still sounds the same since day one.

  14. Cole Ackerman

    I bought this CD just to try something new with no knowledge on them at all and I ended up really enjoying the album, This song is one of my favorites.

  15. sweetinout

    I love this song! I love that you guys 'get it' .

    Manson Angel

    Ditto !

  16. Dan de Papel

    que año salio?

  17. Kelsey Potter

    Can't wait to see them next Friday.!!! 😲

  18. Rachel Sorrell


    This band has been with me for 12 years, and they are still amazing. Yeah, their sound has  kinda changed...duh. (BUT they still kept that essence that makes them The Used.) Hello, 12 years. You can't stay the same for 12 years.

    This CD gives me hope. The revolutionary lyrics and mind set of the songs lets me know I am not alone in how I feel. Nor am I alone when it comes to being severely pissed off about current affairs. This generation IS NOT generation throwaway. ;)

    Aaaaaaaanyway, this band is STILL relevant, after 12 fucking years. Bravo, guys, Keep it up!


    Gosh, I would have wanted a video for this, with 60's gogo dancers. Well well. I see it my mind. No place like it.

  20. Big Chungus

    Who created the enemy..? Maybe we should all entertain this thought for awhile.

  21. AmigoOfficial

    I don't think this is their best album. It's too clean for me. I miss the raw and rough sound, the hysterical laughter, the screams, the real screamo sound of The Used like Vulnerable and all their other previous albums

  22. brandon butler

    what happened to the old used 

    Do Ci

    brandon butler
    Things change. Things will never change if we remain the same

  23. Shaggy A.T

    simplemente ame todo el nuevo album 

  24. sara milena

    AAAhh joder!! this song is so gooooood :DD

  25. Ronney Baca

    Who taught me to hate you, when I don't even know you?

  26. paul zegarra


  27. K- Hype

    I came here because of the YouTube AD

  28. TheRealAli234

    lol I know this might sound stupid but at first I thought this was Imagine Dragons.

  29. Shane Parnell

    This album is amazing!

  30. paul zegarra


  31. Jeremy Deane

    Glad to still be here 10yrs later

  32. Alex Andra

    Been a fan for 4 years, know all their songs, don't own a single album. This album will be my first, finally! XD

  33. Elijah Bobija

    My favorite breakdowns are like ones the used make, they arnt over chugged drops but the attitude in play style and synchronization

  34. mmack093

    The circa survive song with the same name is better.

    oscar navarrete

    it maybe but the message is not

  35. Skyler Lauder

    I remember the first time seeing Bert's new haircut. I also remember saying ''Holy SHITE Bert got a new haircut...''

  36. SophieInDigital

    Glad this band is still rocking it after over 12 years. Impressive

  37. Lindsay Nichols

    Hob April 27 ? Backstage meet and greet?please guys?

  38. gnrfreak08

    Nice album :) love it.

  39. Itzel Torres

    Amo esta cancion

  40. Luis Hernandez

    Im going to listen to this song until I hated <3

  41. Gypsy Heart

    10 years a fan !! They will always be amazing !!!!

  42. James Collins

    I think this is the only song that has the correct lyrics to them lol.

  43. gunboss201

    This new album is going to be Awesome!!! 


    Is awesome*

  44. batu04

    I just love the intro to this song.. and the whole rhythm it has <3

  45. ReginaSirens

    Are you kidding me?!! This is beyond perfection, The Used are DA BEST <3

  46. NotoriousFreak

    Anyone notice Chadam was on the album cover?

  47. ProfessorRJLupin

    This is why we need to understand and appreciate people from all over the world, even if they're North Korean, Iranian or Russian or from wherever we're supposed to be "against" at the moment.  A country's leaders are not the same as its people.  I love this song's message that our governments tell us to hate people based on their cultures and countries of origins but they're human beings just like us.  An excellent song and a terrific new album.


    @CaptainBartholemieux in the most muslim countries , we favour freedom -.- 


    We need to see beyond our eyes. Agree.

    Kirsten Springer

    The thing about North Korea is, if they weren't fed all the lies and propaganda, and they weren't "brainwashed sheep". They might not all be bad people. The way I look at it is, there are bad people, but not whole bad countries. It's just very unfortunate when those bad people take control of the country, and we have bias against everyone from that country just because of their government. :/ It's fine if you don't agree with me, but that just how I see it.

    Shanti 'Sanjay' Roy

    You may as well say all Christians are killers. Men have killed in the name of God just like men have killed in the name of Allah. How hard is it to understand that those people make up a small minority of those religious groups? Seriously ignorant there. I could make friends with Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus - because they are all nice people.
    I'm a Christian by the way.


    Except we should probably be against North Korea lol. I mean, Kim Jong Un has left his country in ruins, his people brainwashed into blindly following him. Now he's threatening nuclear offenses. They're outwardly against us; they don't want us to "understand" them, they want to nuke the shit out of us.

  48. CassieTheUnicorn

    Jeez, this song is really great. I dig the bass line.

  49. dane

    the breakdown at 2:25 is so fucking great


    Everything from this band is so fucking great


    @V1nsanity Touché

  50. Little Weeb Idiot


    Little Weeb Idiot

    @Jojes Alan I'd rather pre-order it legally thank you very much

    James Collins

    Download them now, then buy the album on Tuesday. That's what I'm doing :D

    Jojes Alan

    @Electro Well that is not what Bert wants !! He invite us to steal it from Walmart ;) LOL


    have you heard of youtube to mp3 converters?


    @faheemthedream2007 I have one, have had it for years :)

  51. BithaZombie

    i knew it!!!! I knew it!!! imaginary enemy it's just awesome!!!

  52. Duplex39

    I don't have data left so I could only listen to 1 of the new songs :(:(

    Pastafarian Hugo

    That's how I was this morning at school, I had to wait all day till I could here this orgasmic album

  53. Jay

    you guys have outdone yourselves yet again! love the new album already~!

  54. Emily Camacho

    This is too much perfect, i cant♡

  55. Chris Robinson


  56. azbycx zaybzc


  57. Carlos Alberto Oliva

    Genial, los queremos de vuelta en México !!!

  58. Elliotte Arsenic

    is it just me or did anyone else think this album was gonna be more of the punk side. i think this cover should have been on the ocean of the sky ep. but either way i think this is fucking great.! the used never disappoints. (:


    I did think this was going to be heavier, but It's still pretty good, I dig all the different sounds they tried out, so mature.


    ocean of the sky was much rougher than this, it would have been out of place on the EP.


    The Used have an extremely versatile sound that varies throughout each album.  They've got heavier songs and softer songs, often right next to each other.  Compare the fast-paced, aggressive "The Bird and the Worm" to the quiet, light "All That I've Got".  The Used aren't confined to one style.

  59. Shelby Chanel

    So damn excited

  60. Luisa Margarita Torres

    This is awesome!

  61. Blain Kritcher

    thanks for uploading this guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Matt Schexnaydre

    Super surprised!!!

  63. Rane

    OH MY GOD 

  64. OMGitsDSypl

    Oh holy shit, this is a treat! Didn't expect to hear this so early!