Used, The - El-Oh-Vee-Ee Lyrics

Stuff your pockets stuff your mouth
Much more than feeding
Your bloated god your bank account
Your empathy's fleeting
Now that you own the cure, you bought the truth, still you want more
Down on your knees you bleed it out
This type of believing

Hold on wait. We have had all we can take
You can keep the money
'Cause all we need is El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love
El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love
El-Oh-Vee-Ee, El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love

You pushed the point to no return
Take more and repeat it
Stockpiled possessions watch them burn
We've got all we needed
Before you got too far
We realized
Just who you are
Down on your knees you bleed it out
This type of believing

Hold on wait. We have had all we can take
You can keep the money
'Cause all we need is El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love
El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love
El-Oh-Vee-Ee, El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love

You've got your mansions.
You've got your minions.
Protected privilege.
But we've got love.
You've got your black gold.
You've got your pipeline.
But we've got love.

You've got reserve banks with no reserves.
You've got religion.
Control the herds.
You've got your slave trade of prostitution.
You've got your green god.
But we got love.

Yes we got love [x4]

Hold on wait. We have had all we can take
You can keep the money
'Cause all we need is El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love
El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love
El-Oh-Vee-Ee, El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love

Yes we got love...

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Used, The El-Oh-Vee-Ee Comments
  1. Noctambulistic aus Chequered

  2. Caifabe

    While I personally don't agree with this band's political views, I still fucking LOVE this album, and I LOVE this band.

  3. Markus Vakalis

    can't figure out if this is hardcore or pop 😂

  4. Kris xD

    The Used is still the shit!!!

  5. EagDesert

    Catching up on backlogged "The Used" records has not been a pleasant experience.

  6. Javiera Bascour

    Nothing like the first album

  7. Little Miss Obvious

    Coming here because these bands are just not....nope. This song is life

  8. Jake Walker

    A fine lady once said this sounds like a day to remember. Never face palmed harder in my 19 years of life lol

  9. Soy Omar yo

    There's anyone who reminds to Letlive (Le prolongue) in 2:03?, btw, good album, I like it.

  10. Hesitant Alien

    the best fuckin music!

  11. Jeremy Deane

    this album is even more relevant now why president dick fuck trump and all the shit going on this past month.

  12. Ruby Dragon

    All of there songs in this album are about what is happening in the world and there trying to tell us!!!!!

  13. Willmayser Guigni

    the used, are the better

  14. Radiatex

    I looooooooove this song.

  15. Skippy Mccracken


  16. Caleb C

    The message in this song is beautiful. The Used are fucking awesome.

  17. T Money

    I would personally say that this is my favorite album by them. Lyrically quite impressive along with the singing and just sound wise, awesome. Although most people think the 1st is the best (it is good no doubt). I just love this one that much more, even with the experimenting sound.

  18. DrivinHanyou

    This is one of my favorite songs off the album because it just feels current and relevant. The whole sound and vibe it gives off and the way Bert sings the chorus just makes me want to live for right now.

  19. Lauren Simmons

    Always a fresh sound. Never get tired of listening to you guys. I have been listening since I was in high school. I first heard of yall in about 2004/2005. Fell in love and haven't quit listening since. Keep up the awesome work!!!! (And PLEASE come to NC!!! I would really love to see yall in concert!)

  20. ProfessorRJLupin

    I el-oh-vee-ee love this song.

  21. Shantal Swimm

    bert, can I get a date? ;)

  22. Daniel Lee

    Agreed. I love The Used so much too. Growing up, I've listened to them from the very start, and they have a huge place in my heart believe it or not. I'll listen to them no matter what kind of music they make. Just like Ronnie Radke, I'll always be there.


    The difference is that The Used are and have always been brilliant and highly talented musicians with profound, resonant songwriting whereas Ronnie Radke is very mediocre and has descended to the point of being an utter hack.  Seriously, compare a modern classic song like "I Come Alive" with drivel like "Alone".

    Daniel Lee

    Okay? That's your opinion. That wasn't the point I was making. The point I was making was that I've listened to both since they started, and they've made such an impact in my life that regardless of how people think of their music, I'll still love them both. I respect your opinion. It's pretty easy to understand why people don't like Ronnie.. he's an asshole, and I know that lol. But I do like him, and his music, and his story.


    @Daniel Lockaby Part of it is that he's an asshole, part of it is that he actually wrote "All I do is win: Charlie Sheen!"

    Jonathan Moreno

    cheap shot ALONE was probably the worst song he wrote try to compare Champion with Come Undone

  23. Alessandro Mainini

    This is probably one of their worst lyrics, which is a shame because the song would be good.

  24. T H

    I love when a band can go a different route. It keeps it interesting and I think shows their versatility and talent. I get bored with someone sounding the saaame for years. I'm sure the next album will be a different direction too. I've liked pretty much everything they've come out with though. Great band.

  25. T H

    I love when a band can go a different route. It keeps it interesting and I think shows their versatility and talent. I get bored with someone sounding the saaame for years. I'm sure the next album will be a different direction too. I've liked pretty much everything they've come out with though. Great band.

  26. Xenon X

    Marina Diamandis sings the title in her song E.V.O.L.

  27. UKFreedomFighters

    In my personal opinion, all of this new stuff from the Used is pretty good indeed. However - for me, their best album by far was their first album. Maybe its nostalgia because I heard it growing up in high school, but I can still listen to it these days and still love ever minute of it!

  28. Relaxation Soundwaves

    I'm not much of a fan anymore, maybe it will grow on me idk...

  29. benamaki25

    True fans of a band love the bands music no matter what good for them if they want to expand their horizons it shows growth.

  30. Dakota Poff

    Anybody who complains about their new album is an idiot. This album is so conscious and selfless. It is probably the best album they have ever made, and that's coming from a hardcore The Used fan since almost day 1. They actually have a purpose with this album, and anyone who has a problem with them using their music to achieve their goals, well then you're not really a fan then.

    G. William Cowart

    @Lauren Taylor Ok, you have to admit Ocean in the sky was pretty rough, it did have some good songs but for the most part

    Lauren Simmons

    @ThePootie64 eh it was so so. Artwork was my least favorite.

    Makayla Rose

    I think people just don't like it when artists get political. Whatever the artist's stance in the political world is always going to look/be wrong in another person's perspective. It's all about perception and how other artists perceive you. Good song. Political lyrics. I don't like/agree with a lot of artists and what they have to say. The song is catchy is so is the whole album.

    Mr. Krabs

    Fourth of all.. The Used started out as a loveable hardcore rock band and most people are not really into this new shit they are doing not many people are really liking that

  31. raj finch TV

    love..el oh vee ee.:)

  32. Jeremy Deane

    Plain.n.simple time goes foward..this is used.kicking ass your ass

  33. ontabegang

    damn ! everything is fuckin' free!. I LOVE THE USED SO MUCH

  34. Angelic Destruction

    I don't see why people are complaining about you guys experimenting with music.. I think you guys are doing a great job and I really like your new songs. You guys have always been our inspiration for this band of mine. Even though we are a crappy ass band. That doesn't mean that we don't like good music. Because you guys "The Used" ArE AWESOME! We love you guys. Keep up the awesome work and we'll keep supporting your music. (Buying albums, watching your videos, etc.)

  35. Ernie is Gaming

    I like how political and worldly this has all gotten. I don't give two shits it's not what it was... for the simple fact that my experience with this band will be shared with my kid one day. :) smile

  36. K S

    :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD The Used OVERALL AMAZING. <3 Favorite band forever. I appreciate all of their music.

  37. Bijaykumarchhantyal

    Cause all we need is El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love <33333

  38. Big Chungus

    Fuck off anyone telling them not to change their music. This last album isn't them "experimenting" this one is about changing and/or questioning out society and it's beliefs. They want to make a difference like I see many of the artists evolving to our revolutionary ideology. Because the system doesn't work for us. And you're part of it if you say "they have to go back to their roots" because they have and it's their HUMAN roots.

    Death_Metal _Ruby

    Well they are experimenting with their sound is what others mean but yes I believe your correct

  39. Rémi Laflamme

    Like Trevor say I rather see some new stock like maybe memories or in love and dead

  40. Trevor Philips

    I know you guys are experimenting, but could we please have an album where you guys don't experiment and just go back to your roots? I agree that experimentation is good and improves the band, but we've currently gotten three "experimental" albums: Vulnerable, The Ocean and the Sky, and now Imaginary Enemy. I would love an album that went back to the In Love and Death sound or Lies for the Liars sound.

    Jake Walker

    Trevor Philips why? You could just go listen to that record if you want that sound. Good bands don't backtrack

    Jeremy Deane

    Trevor Philips thr point of music is freedom of expression. They are unique and are always finding new ways to spread themselves. I love it


    Hell, I think they should call it quits already.

    Kris xD

    They still rock.

    goats without ropes GWR

    Your gona wait forever
    Just look at bmth!

  41. ruffsnap

    This and "Cry" are the best two songs off the album, for sure!!

    Robert Lewis

    +rrpjdisc Revolution was kickass!

  42. crazynirvanalover

    I can't tell if I love this song or not and it's intensely infuriating

  43. TheSweezy77

    I don't see him puking his guts out to any songs on this entire album. what's a used concert without bert puking!?

    Christy LeMmons

    Haha! No kidding!!


    He's become more mentally stable and healthy and no longer has the need to puke onstage.  You should be happy for him.  This is also the reason why he no longer screams and swears in songs.

  44. TheSweezy77

    Wow.. this really blows. they went slow and depressing, like wtf. this isn't the used, the used is hard punkrock. not this goth bullshit sounding like like bitches. how can you go from big full of sharp objects, to this. smh

  45. Eduard Rekker

    If only they could sound live this way, than they would be one of the best bands ever.

    Paige Schwartz

    they still sound amazing live so this is kind of pointless

    Lauren Bergstedt

    They are amazing live! Not only that but their concerts are fun as fuck. You just gotta enjoy yourself and realize maybe he had a bad night when you saw them? Ive seen them 4 times and theres only been one time that ive seen that he was having a bad night, and that was toward the end of the tour, i imagine his voice would be tired. Hes only human :)

  46. Valery escrich

    great album, however, i prefer previous albums...

  47. Nathan Glennie

    The used experiment so well, they do it in a way where its still their sound and dont go overboard with it

    Lauren Simmons

    This is why they are my favorite band. They always sound different, but in a great way. It's hard for them to fuck up. They could do a damn bluegrass album and I bet it would sound amazing lmfao


    I completely agree, they're my favorite band and they have been for 15+ years.

  48. Graffiti DCT

    very good The Used =)

  49. Gun4aGhost


  50. Curtis Louthan

    To poppy and corny for me. I love the first two songs on this record so far

  51. ashyjedi

    I didn't notice Chadam on the album art at first lmao

    Amanda Stougard

    So is the image from the first album (to the right of the heart) and I am pretty sure the heart hanging by the noose is supposed to be a throw back to the "In Love and Death" album

  52. Jessica Kramer

    Great song

  53. Jonathan Mirus

    meeeeeh.... I Don't know, i have to give a few more listens

  54. paxmypenguina

    listening to imaginary enemy and yeah... this is my least favourite so far. i'm only three songs in though aha. revolution was fucking awesome and cry has been one of my favourites since the video was released

    this band>e v e r y t h i n g

  55. notsteampunk

    this album sounds so fucking good hell yeah the used 

  56. Benny Echelon

    "Cause all we need is El-Oh-Vee-Ee, love.."

  57. Sven Miles

    These guys are always awesome

  58. jennyandterry ishibashi

    love ... i dont even know who i am i dont no if i  have a reason for live ...

  59. Jimmy Loeffert

    You guys do everything extremely well. I am hearing things I need thought I would on a Used record

  60. Sherrie Catubig

    digging the new album. i've already picked some favorites and this is one of them.

  61. Giselle C

    I hate how much I love this haha. So good!

  62. Zaiden Zakii

    Love this so much.

  63. ChemyNoSurfea

    Way too poppy... I dig it a lot, tho... haha

    Zach Kunz

    Agreed.  Too poppy, but Bert mentioned in an interview they experimented with "pop" on this album, so I can forgive it.  Still a tight song!

  64. TruthBehindFiction

    Absolutely incredible. I've been with them from the start, and will stay till the end. Keep up the amazing work!


    Same here. I love them <3

  65. AnaHollywoodVideos

    You guys NEVER fail to amaze me. This is beautiful !

  66. Blain Kritcher

    i love the used so much

    Chase Robertson

    No you El-Oh-Vee-Ee them so much

  67. Rane

    This is so fucking good oh my god

  68. RenegadosSA

    holy shit