US5 - Let Me Know Lyrics

Girl, I never felt like this before
As soon as you walked through that door
You had me going crazy for ya'
Why every time I see your face
Tell me why I feel this way
I Wanna love you all night long girl

Baby, do you wanna be with me
Better tell me what it's gonna be
I wanna know if you feeling me
Baby, girl let's go

[Chorus 2x:]
Let me know, tell me if you wanna go
Baby we can take it slow
Show me that you wanna come with me tonight

Girl, I never seen an angel smile
Until you walked into my life
I wanna love you all night long girl
Why everytime I hear your voice
It makes me wanna love you more
I wanna hold you all night long girl



Do you need me baby?
I know you want me baby
U gotta taste it baby
Girl let's take it slow

[Chorus - 2x:]

[Outro 2x:]
Baby girl you gotta let me know
I could never ever let you go
Call me girl if you wanna go
Let me know, girl don't know

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US5 Let Me Know Comments
  1. Leonie Keller

    I love you everything:* with 26 years:) , write me if you think i'm sweet:*
    The Englisch is like a shit :)) 😊

  2. Fjfjjd Sndrkfg

    a beautiful smile love you 😘😍

  3. hidden sunset

    Christoph Watrin from US5

  4. SykoSiren

    Um anyone wanna tell who this sexy man is?

  5. Sanoczanka Wariatka

    Mam tą płytę i te same piosenki :)

  6. VladIslava Petrova

    i miss you,chris!:(

  7. elena daj

    i like richie and chris.. but chris has left =(

  8. elena daj

    great group.. great song... what shall i say..

  9. Monikamoon

    Chris is the best!!!

  10. ierone

    Chris it's super

  11. mariaarabia

    lov this song chris is co cute

  12. missbb 2015

    dis is a wkd song.