Uriah Heep - Think It Over Lyrics

I've had all I can take
I've taken just too much
I've made a big mistake
That put me out of touch
I don't think I can face
Another single day
Without a companion
To take this pain away

So many tears ago
It's then you walked away
It could've been the end
But I knew babe
I had to tell myself
There'll be another day
She wants to go to glench
But don't you know

Can't you see
There's a chance for you and me
Think it over
Don't believe
In the things that may not be
Think it over
I got to think it over

Forgetting the result
I can't give it in
Whisper startle you
But it's not over
You have to face the truth
I'm still in love with you
I have to make you see
But it's not over

I got to think about it baby

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Uriah Heep Think It Over Comments
  1. Марина Щеглюк

    А где хоть кто нибудь? Хенсли, Байрон, Лоутон? Oh, my God!

  2. Jeff Whitham

    The vid is the 1st version.. the sound is the latter.

  3. Glam Ricke

    Gregg Dechert - Keyboards

  4. Erik Thompson

    To set the record straight, since there has been plenty of commenting: only one member is the same in this video as on tape: Mick Box. Bass on tape: Bob Daisley. In the video: Trevor Bolder. Drums on tape: Lee Kerslake. In the video: Chris Slade. Keyboards on tape: John Sinclair. In the video: Greg Dechert. Vocals on tape: Pete Goalby. In the video: John Sloman.
    Ironically, none of the two people who actually wrote the song - Bolder and Sloman - got to play on the album version. Though they did of course play on the single, the video of which is seen here.

    Dry Sabre

    And this is Uriah Heep? Hell no.

  5. Xande ZL

    I am to rock

  6. Heavy Metal Hammer

    Obra de arte.

  7. Mark Rago

    Not Sloman. Pete Goalby singing. Ironically, Ken Hensley wanted Goalby for Conquest, but the band overruled him and brought in Sloman with hideous results. I guess he had a decent run with Loan Star, but he's all over the place on Conquest. At any rate, Hensley quit when Sloman was picked over his choice Goalby, and Sloman was fired after Conquest and replaced by...Pete Goalby! Terrible way to lose Hensley, who never officially played in a Uriah Heep lineup after the final Lawton album Fallen Angel. Heep made some decent music since then, but it's just not the same without Hensley. They hired a decent keyboard player, but he isn't a writer, artist, singer and multi instrumentalist like Hensley, which took some dimension out of Heep.

  8. Eric Stewart

    damn awesome!!

  9. road warrior

    Bob daisley on bass on this cut

    Liene Elias

    Trevor Bolder , for sure !!!

    road warrior

    Absolutely NOT it is Bob im positive of it not guessing

    Andrew Peterson

    @road warrior bob audio. bolder video

  10. ACHI

    Él batería es Chris Slade de ac/dc con pelo

    Валентин Гриднев

    early-from Manfred Mann`s Earth Band/

  11. Иван Игнатьев

    Что за хрень?!

    Константин Корячко

    Ты не прав.

    Dry Sabre

    Eto Uriah Heep? Eto dejstvitelno hren'. Uriah Heep bolshe net.

  12. Adrian Cooke

    I love this song

  13. André Becker

    Só Feras!

  14. игорь ненашев

    Нет Хенсли нет Хипов Это породия

    Валерій М.

    Породия это Газманов)))

    мой мир JEX

    @Валерій М. почти басков в комп обработке..писец просто...

    Dry Sabre

    Eto prosto otstoj.


    Это не песня, а какая-та неземная КРАСОТА и ДРАЙВ!!!

  16. Генадий Бречко

    They had run through my youth may be l was beyond'em?

  17. Horace Jones

    superb band

  18. Cat Weasel

    Heart throb era
    Trevor Bolder on bass
    Ziggy Stardust

    road warrior

    Bob recorded the bass lines in the studio and Trevor did alot of the touring

  19. Oscar Carrero

    Aunque la canción es Think it over , este vídeo no se corresponde con la musica ya que el cantante del vídeo es John Sloman y no Peter Golbey que es la voz que se escucha. El vídeo es de 1980 y la musica es del 82..

    visitacion Perez

    Tuve la suerte de ver a la Byron Band en Madrid en los 80,con Mel Collins al saxo,me lo pase d'abutem!!!!

  20. John Ячменное Зерно

    Voice by Golby, video Slowman
    Interesting mix 😂😂😂😜😜😜

    Mark Rago

    I know right? Sloman couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Goalby was good for the band, and did a Trapeze album too.

    Johnny B. Goode

    Голби не пел эту песню ни на Abominog, ни на Abominog Junior.

    Misha Guardian

    Голос голби вроде

  21. MAGNUM 80


  22. Michael Bradley

    This is the Goalby/Abominog track with the (very late) Sloman/Conquest lineup in the video. That's Gregg Dechert on keyboard.
    *_This_* is the original verison with Sloman's vocals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwOGig6Izp4

  23. боруля мартин


  24. Stephens Dygert

    The mick box band. Good song.Not really Uriah Heep without David Byron or Ken Hensley!


    The current group under Mick Box may not be old Heep, but is great on their own. The middle years, between Byron and Shaw were hit and miss.


    Mick Box = Uriah Heep

    Andrey Korsun

    alcoholic maybe overrated)) Hensley did nothing iterestinng without heep too

    Adrian Cooke

    To me what matters is whether the music is good or not

    Dry Sabre

    @NO BODY Mick Box= Uriah Heep - (Ken Hensley+David Byron+Lee Kerslake + Gary Thain)

  25. CE User

    Saw them on that tour. I don't recall Goalby playing rhythm, just singing. Daisley's hair was that long though.

    Tim Jackson

    This song is from the Conquest album and line up from 1980.


    Tim Jackson video is from conquest bonus track. (Box, Bolder, Sloman, Dechert, Slade lineup) Music is from abominog rerecorded old song (Box, Daisley, Goalby, Sinclair, Kerslake)

    Tim Jackson

    You’re right! It’s hard for me to keep up with Uriah Heep’s personal amendments.

    Michael Bradley

    @palg123 Definitely the Abominog version of the song. Here's the video with the original Conquest track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwOGig6Izp4


    Estás equivocado

  26. Katya Lacrua

    Those fantastic drum kit, never saw the same :DD John is handsome of course :)

    Mark Rago

    Too bad his singing voice resembles a couple of tortured cats, hence the recording here with Pete Goalby

  27. Marco Antonio

    Goalby is better than Sloman


    For Me Sloman is better than Goalby

    andrew key

    Yes,no bad his voice went,a great voice

    Johnny B. Goode

    Да с хуя ли лучше?

  28. Marco Antonio

    Very good job. LOL

  29. amalgam

    chris slade on drums , the music is mix from foreigner and europe


    amalgam in that song is kerslake, but in video slade

    Dry Sabre

    Exactly (which to me is piece of crap)


    Big band ...masters of hard rock

    Dry Sabre

    Not this one. Uriah Heep was. Uriah Heep was a giant. This one is a joke.