Uriah Heep - Rough Justice Lyrics

The gates have opened, now I'm a free man
My time is over, I need a new plan
But I've had no loving for a year and a day
My lady's waiting, got a taste for her wine
She's wearing money, but none of it's mine
She's been surviving while I've been wasting away

Back in my room, it ain't quite the same
You can't hide it, I'm onto your game

Rough Justice, there's no disguise
Losing my lover
And I can tell by the look in your eyes
Rough Justice, I've had my share
Looking for cover
I've done my time, but I'm still running scared
Rough Justice, coming down on me
Hand on my shoulder
Long arm of the law never setting me free
Rough Justice, I bide my time

Back in action, riding the crest
Putting all that I learned to the test
No complications, taking it day by day
Freedom of movement, freedom of choice
Free to be right back here with the boys
Ready to listen, but you've got nothing to say
Back in my room, it ain't quite the same
Just can't help it I'm part of your game

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