Uriah Heep - Rollin' On Lyrics

Oh lord
It came as a daybreak
But surely arrived
Opened my eyes just to be sure I was alive

Another day
Ends much the same
Twenty four hours for me to try again

I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on

It came as a judgment
We all have to face
Think of how you bring me joy
You bring me disgrace

I take your challenge
Then I get some motion
I reach on my beliefs
Against my sin

I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on

Rolling on and on and on forever
Yes I am
Rolling on and on and on together

I'm rolling on
To where I don't care
Crystal ball you let me down again
Rolling down the road I've never seen
Meeting people seeing places I've never been

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Uriah Heep Rollin' On Comments
  1. Людмила Валова

    Миллион раз заезженная тема из альбома " светлячок". А слушать хочется бесконечно!

  2. Adrian Cooke

    One of my favourite songs

  3. Adrian Cooke

    People who won't listen to post-Byron Heep are missing a lot

  4. R Gray

    24 hours for us to try again God Bless You always

  5. Наталия Донец

    ВОЛШЕБНО !!! Как , впрочем, все к чему прикасаются ХЕНСЛИ и
    ЛОУТОН !!!

  6. Alejandro Héctor Ochoa González

    For listening to it at the lobby bar, sipping Bourbon whiskey [no matter that the band is British]. |||| 20190525 (Saturday).

  7. David Munday

    Listen to the bass man !

  8. R Gray

    24 hours to convince myself I'm still alive....after last night

  9. R Gray

    Am really pissed at the Crystal Ball....hahaa...it sucks !
    Also..look for the song ' Crystal Ball ' by Heep.....good song from back in the day
    Even David Byron was voicing his disdain about looking into spherical glass

  10. R Gray

    Thanks DocRoc44... never really thanked you
    I appreciate this :)

  11. kutnersuicide

    Lawton was up there with Ronnie James Dio and Glenn Hughes.

  12. R Gray

    Good friends

  13. Виталий Мальцев

    Разве я могу выразить свое восхищение словами , их просто сложно найти !

  14. Strahil Boiadjiev

    Прекланям се!!!!

  15. R Gray

    I'm always down on South Broadway...in my mind, when hearing this .
    Amazing how music takes us to certain places...certain times

  16. R Gray

    24 hours for me to try again .... we aren't even guaranteed that ... our lives are frail .
    Here for a few years ... by the grace of God .....know that .

  17. BigSCTVfan

    They didn't give Mick Box much to do on this song. Just a little rhythm guitar.

    fmtf niuprog

    2:17 Mick Box guitar solo...


    I thought it sounded more like a Hensley solo. Am I wrong?

    fmtf niuprog

    I'm not sure if it was Mick Box, maybe it was Ken...

    Daniel Ratner

    Correct it's Ken

  18. R Gray

    John Lawton is one formidable vocalist

  19. Сергей Николаенко

    Можно Сказать. Смело. Лучшая. Композиция. В. Роке.

  20. R Gray

    It came as the daybreak must surely arrive

  21. R Gray

    Heepsters Unanimous

  22. R Gray

    opened my eyes just to be sure I was alive

  23. R Gray

    It came as a judgement we all have to face
    Fickle Eye you bring me joy, you bring me disgrace...
    I'll take your challenge...man against emotion
    I'll wager my beliefs against my sin

  24. R Gray

    Rollin' down...a road I never seen..meeting people. seein' places i never been ...

  25. R Gray

    24 hours for me to try again

  26. Swim Oarfish

    great music man thx for post

  27. Keith Gordon


  28. jesse lyre

    sum great song here, deeply embedded in me my feelings.

  29. Francisco Xavier

    Cristal ball you let me down again!.

    R Gray

    It's ' Crystal ' haha.....you cannot find your future looking in a piece of glass
    you don't want to know your future anyway you really dont

  30. Francisco Xavier

    This is really a great song from this super Album. Love it.

    R Gray

    No lie ...this 1 of their top discs

  31. arky53

    Lawton is the only that i prefer as " sobstitute " of the great David Byron.(R.I.P.)..He have a great voice and personality on stage..

  32. MrListenerman

    Cool cool vox and song:)

  33. Jeff Whitham

    Some memories here.. :O)

  34. cristina sclifos

    john lawton the best /

  35. KACZTUBez

    John Lawton.... say No more>>

  36. DocRoc44

    no problem!

  37. Ian TheOnlywizFarmer

    If its Heep.....Its gotta be good.....great song....thanks for the up

  38. risingfr

    good song.

  39. MyAido

    Bellissima canzone !!!!

  40. Hanne Howalt

    Oh that Hammond always get´s me!

  41. gamadmaster

    thanks for posting at last!!!!
    one of my best songs!!!