Uriah Heep - Love Stealer Lyrics

She's got an eye on you
There's nowhere to hide
She keeps her motives still
Deep down inside
She shows no mercy, no
She plays it rough
She don't want your money
She just wants to love

Love stealer, raw dealer
Heart breaker, love taker
Yeah yeah...

She walks in the shadows
As she waits for the night
She gets what she's looking for
She knows how to fight
If you see her coming
Then you'd better know
If your love's for the taking
She'll steal the show

She just can't go round there first
Facing the joint
Then she'll move in
And get right to the point
So keep your love locked away
Don't let it show
Or the love stealer will rock you
For more than you'll know

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Uriah Heep Love Stealer Comments
  1. palg123

    Uriah Heep from left: Chris Slade - drums, John Sloman - vocals, Trevor Bolder - bass, Gregg Dechert - keyboards, Mick Box - guitar

  2. DeMúsicaLigera40

    This one doesn't even come close to the heels of Bradbury shoes.

  3. Slogger Tunes

    Hi all, John Sloman's new album, "The Taff Trail Troubadour" is now available from www.cdbaby.com/cd/johnsloman4

  4. drmjr78

    This song has also been recorded by Cliff Richard.