Uriah Heep - Lifeline Lyrics

Well I'm not superstitious
But there's something going on inside
Could be friendly could be vicious
And there isn't any place to hide
It's my imagination
A blessing or a curse
No I can't ignore it
For better or for worse
It wakes me when I'm sleeping
A thief that takes my breath away

And I find myself reaching
For a lifeline
Throw me a lifeline
And bring me back this time
I need a lifeline
Throw me a lifeline
I'm going down for the last time

Sometimes I can't control it
Sometimes it isn't there at all
Sometimes I try to roll it
And wind up staring at the wall
My imagination
I love the games it plays
I get in so deep
That I get lost for days and days
It sometimes leaves me shakin'
Standing in the dark alone
And I find myself reaching

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