Uriah Heep - Cry Freedom Lyrics

She told me the story I listened with my eyes closed
So sad, but so true
She whispered softly, I asked her why she did so
She knew that I knew
She was a skater, the ice was her second home
The country's finest, everyone could see
She had a plan to break across the border
Instead of waiting for the powers that be

Cry freedom, sweet freedom
And tell the whole world to get ready
Cry freedom, sweet freedom
Now tell the whole world that we're ready

She said goodnight, and just as I was leaving
Black car came into view
And waiting there, they could hear me breathing
They knew that I knew
Cry freedom...

Insane questions, they asked me what did I know
So strange, they let me go
The more they try, the stronger our love grows
I know that you know
Cry freedom...

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Uriah Heep Cry Freedom Comments
  1. Conley Walker


  2. Baron Kelvin

    Тьфу!!! не вокалист а гамно!(russian)

  3. Peter Wesley Bastone

    Cool track...shared to the Netshows Radio "Program 30" Playlist on youtube

  4. Теофило Стивенсон

    Я кричу Russia

  5. dakkar182

    Uuuuu, harsh language. You're bad. Your grammaris correct too. You must be a real musician then. One of those that distincts garbage from real music. Way to go son!

  6. dakkar182

    Looks like someone is butthurt.

  7. PhilipHuertas

    this band always fights for freedom!! they are the best

  8. Domenic Sinatra

    uriah heep never got their rightous due in rock history

  9. Dalibor Jovisic

    es :D ......

  10. santy belloso

    esto es la gloria......