Uriah Heep - Blood Red Roses Lyrics

Heavens above - what on earth has this come to
What have I done - what can I do now to show you
There's still a chance if you're ready to make up
It's not too late, cause I'm not ready to break up

I try to call, but you don't hear at all

I'm sending roses
I'm sending blood red roses
This burning in my heart is tearing me apart I'm sending roses
I'm sending blood red roses
You've got to understand that's my heart in your hand

Don't walk away - we can get this heart mended
Or am I the fool - and has this love just ended

I tried to call, but you don't hear at all

I'm sending roses
I'm sending blood red roses
This burning in my heart is tearing me apart
I'm sending roses
I'm sending blood red roses

I gotta keep on trying
To stop this love from dying

You've got to understand
That my heart is in your hand

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Uriah Heep Blood Red Roses Comments
  1. Lenniblack85

    He's so handsome

  2. gonepickin'

    Just saw them 2 days ago on 5/22/19 in Milwaukee. Blew my mind. Bernie was great and Box was sharp as a razor and tuff as nails. Tight tight band! Then Judas Priest took the stage. What night!

  3. Dan Lévai

    Jeez the music is so epic...but better without that vid...sorry :/

  4. John Evgeny Pronin

    I think with Golby not bad too

  5. Steve Walton

    Awesome these guys been listening to em for over 20 years

  6. Cat Weasel

    I've listened to a lot of Music
    But when the chips are down
    It's Uriah Heep all the way

  7. Baron Kelvin

    Отвратительнейший вокалист за всю историю рок групп всех времён и зарубежных народов,с гнуснейшим голосовым оттенком!
    Потеря Величайшего вокалиста современности Пита Голби,уничтожело группу как именитую и привротило с приходом Берни Шоу в дворовую!
    А жааааль!
    Пииит где ты???
    И покажи настоящий класс не только в своих мощных вокальных данных,но и в сочинении таких же мощных и сильных песен!(russian)

  8. Andre byclassics

    Best..very best..era muito melhor no aor a banda

  9. robinandthe7hoods

    This is not Uriah Heep music.Not anywhere near the great standards the real Heep had for writing songs.I would never buy this album.

  10. Keith Barrett

    i remember cying my eyes out to this when my wife left me ater13 years even though i had done bothing wrong life can be hard sometimes

  11. MAGNUM 80

    Chingonsota la rola!

  12. Enchanted Passions

    ❤🌹🌹🌹URIAH HEEP ROCKS🌹🌹🌹❤

  13. Arjan Hut

    Always enjoyed the Raging Silence -album very much, have it on picture disc.

  14. tjcuda

    I actually prefer the current line up to the original, and surely more than the years between Byron and Shaw.

  15. Michael Bradley

    Sounds exactly like a *House Of Lords* song from _their_ early days. Not a bad thing mind you, but I think Heep might've lost their own identity at this point.

  16. Nigel Fortune

    Best Heep line-up imo...what a fantastic song!

  17. Magnum

    marvellous song, penned by their greatest ever singer mr goalby, aka rock god! would have loved peter to have sang this song....

  18. Fanda Hrubý

    The song would become popular if it was released on some better album, Raging Silence remains a catastrophy in Heep' history.

  19. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    I disagree with people who don't appreciate the evolution of a band. Uriah Heep for my own personal tastes never made a bad or even mediocre album. They branched out more and more with each album and even after the terrible blow of Ken Hensley's departure they soldiered on bravely, got Peter Goalby and then Bernie Shaw, and became a great melodic/hard rock/AOR band. For me every singer did his part flawlessly with one exception- John Sloman. I am not saying he had a horrible voice he just was not the right cat for Uriah Heep. He's a soul/jazz/funk singer and that made CONQUEST sound like one big paradox and a very strange at times unnerving record. OK, I think it's got a lot of good songs, but far and away it's not at all up there with before it and after it.

    Radio Pirata

    muy buen comentario... totalmente de acuerdo with you

  20. Benjamin Blake Mitchner

    Uriah Heep are the best band ever formed. There is no questioning that. I mean after The Beatles. I place them with The Beatles. I place them way higher above the overrated Rolling Stones. Doesn't get better than this band. By the way I just want to shout out to Bernie Shaw you got me started singing and I absolutely love all things Canadian! Rock on and God Bless Canada!

  21. Mark Rago

    The 80s was not kind to Uriah Heep. It's like they wrote their songs out of a 16 year old girls diary. Cheesy 80s hooks. They had talent, just very little direction.

    R S

    Raging Silence sucks : only 2 great tracks = Rich Kid and Rough Justice ! The other tracks are too much synth pop 80's ! But this line up of Uriah Heep is killer. Later, they will do far better albums such as Different World, Sea Of Light and Sonic Origami !

  22. BigSCTVfan

    Looks like they were playing in front of a bunch of soccer moms.

  23. josé de melo júnior júnior

    Uriah Heep Rules.

  24. thunderdeed1

    Saw this lineup in Corry Pa. with Blue Oyster Cult.


    Awesome! What venue in Corry PA would have hosted BOC and Uriah Heep in 1989-90? I love stories like that. What a great show to have seen.

    Mark Rago

    I just saw Corry was rated one of worst towns in Pennsylvania, very impoverished. Is this true? I live in Apollo near Vandergrift and Kittaning, those towns are pretty sad.

  25. clandebouyekid

    Jingles brought me here!

  26. carlos urrego

    Bernie ha sido el cantante q mas ha durado y le inyecto un nuevo alito de vida a la banda junto al guerrero de mil batallas mike box.

    Neron Del Rio


    Lucas Amelotti

    Mira vos. A pesar que leí la historia de la banda porque soy fanático pensaba que el que mas había durado habia sido John Lawton o el originario David Byron. Bernie le dió ese toque mas metalero a la banda y el gran John Lawton lo hizo un poco mas clásico manteniendo un poco el misticismo originario de la banda. Aguante Uriah Heep!!

  27. carlos urrego

    She is a rose that is gonna make bleed she hurts me but im still in love whit her 😥😰😢😭🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  28. paolo auletta

    questa canzone è un grande successo

  29. Samael Tauruz

    supieron sobrevivir al monstro de los 80's

    Dire Wolf

    +Samael Tauruz INDUDABLEMENTE...Y TE DIGO MÁS: EL AIRE QUE LES BRINDÓ EL GIGANTESCO BERNIE SHAW (una de las Voces de Oro del Canadá, en mi entendimiento) LOS IMPULSÓ AÚN MÁS. PARA MEJOR.

    carlos urrego

    Bernie es el cantante que más ha durado en la historia de la banda eso es un logro en sí mismo.

    Lucas Amelotti

    Coincido con todos. Una banda poco conocida en Argentina, pero el que conoce del buen rock progresivo viejo sabe que fue una de las mas importantes e influyentes de los 70 y 80 y porque no tambien de las decadas siguientes. Bernie un gran vocalista que le dió un espiritu mas metalero clasico a la banda pero sin sacarle ese toque mágico de los primeros tiempos. La fuerza de su voz le agregó su sello a esta tan sublime banda. Una de las unicas bandas del rock que hasta el día de hoy se mantiene viva, todo eso gracias también al gran Mick Box que aún perdura desde el principio de los tiempos. Aveces pienso A quien elegiría como el mejor vocalista de la historia de la banda y es dificil lograr sacar cual fue la mejor esencia pero creo que todos aportaron su parte. Y porque no nombrar tambien a John Lawton, otro mostro

  30. diego Rios

    majestuosa banda...

    Dire Wolf

    Si te ponés a fijar: gigantes como U.H., The Eagles y Wishbone Ash (entre otras bestias) fueron quienes inspiraron, por ejemplo, a los hermanos Troy y a Dennis Stratton (Praying Mantis y Iron Maiden)...y Bernie Shaw cantó con los Mantis por allá por el 81 hasta el 86, que lo levantaron de las cachas para hacer las delicias del público en Uriah...LA CALIDAD LLAMA A LA CALIDAD.

    diego Rios

    +Dire Wolf todas las bandas que nombraste me gustan, pero Praying Mantis es una de mis favoritas de siempre, es verdad y que suerte que asi sea...

    Dire Wolf

    @diego Rios


    Gabriel Rearte

    El último de Mantis es de sus lanzamientos más fuertes, para mí EL disco de hard rock de 2016

    Lucas Amelotti

    Un espectaculo de banda sin lugar a dudas.

  31. The Happy Plunger Inc.

    Uriah Heep still Rocks. even now off course Mick Box with Wava pedal.