Uriah Heep - Blood On Stone Lyrics

His blood's on stone
It's running down the frozen wall
His hand's so cold
He's trying not to fall
Oh will he make it now
One slip and he's lost
It's his last chance for freedom
It's all that he's got

He feels good, so right
Hot sweat on a cold night
Breaking free into the wind
He's got nothing to lose - just win

He's just a runaway
He's free now and on his way

He's almost home
Just one push and he'll take this wall
It's blood on stone
From trying not to fall
He's made it now to
Where others have not
Just one last jump to freedom
Is all that he has got

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Uriah Heep Blood On Stone Comments
  1. palg123

    great Trevor Bolder, but bad production of this album...so sad

  2. HQ HD calidad


  3. боруля мартин


  4. gidi kaufman

    good energy

    Alastair Archibald

    gid kaufman I always liked Heep, but I moved on more to hard rock and metal. Then Heep brought out Different World and I heard this track. Jethro Tull turned me back on with Crest of a Knave. I'm still a metalhead (mainly Maiden, Dio, Priest '80s metal, but I'm open to new ideas), but I still have these great albums and their predecessors. I still have all my old prog rock stuff as well, and I'm often partial to it.


    Alastair Archibald fuck you ha ha ha!!

    Alastair Archibald

    Juan Gudiño I guess I just had that coming... ummm, why, exactly?