Uriah Heep - Bad Bad Man Lyrics

In this supermarket city
Among the native smiles
You have to pay for attention
And do the best you can
There's a raging silence
And it's charged with action
Got no time for weakness
'Cos I'm a bad bad man

Down the streets of darkness
Where they know my name
Lies a force of evil
And a destructive plan
There's no time for questions
When you run into danger
Don't get too close to me
'Cos I'm a bad bad man

I'm working for the LA division
To stop the inner city collision
I'm bringing law and order
To the twenty-first century

I don't care for politics
You can keep your point of view
You're better off without it
I got my own bad plan

A tough cop has a lonely existence
A reputation of the highest resistance
A mean runner bringing order
To the twenty-first century

I don't believe in passion
Don't believe in feelings
I take peace from the wicked
Run and hide while you can
I got no time for small talk
Got no time for off-the-wall talk
Don't care who I tread on
'Cos I'm a bad bad man
Bad bad man...

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Uriah Heep Bad Bad Man Comments
  1. Mark Rago

    This is where Heep turned a corner. The 80s was basically shameless bathing in the modern culture. Heep was not a great hair band. They were much more suited to the 70s sound. I like Bernie, Pete Goalby and Trevor Bolder, but Heep was at it's finest 1969-1979 with Byron, Hensley, Thain, Wetton, Lawton, etc.

    Wookiee Wiener

    I'd agree with you if they continued down this path, but I think on Sea of Light (Different Worlds, if we're being SUPER generous... ok maybe just a couple songs were good) they really found their sound again. Everything since '95 has been pretty great, at least in my opinion. Stoked for the new album this September.

    This however is pretty mediocre stuff for sure

  2. theheadlessaxeman

    We used to do this one in our set.
    Great tune!!!!

  3. Yaro

    Amazing song.

  4. Yummymonster

    Awesome sound quality.

  5. Yummymonster

    Still by myself?

    Whole One

    "When you are alone and the Sun in come down...One more time".

    Steven Haywood

    Yummymonster , I really like this song too!

  6. allfasten

    Fuckin' Rock Out Loud!!!