Uriah Heep - All God's Children Lyrics

Crazy little whirlwind child
Pretty babies drive ya wild
Look like one, act like another
Every night a different lover
Get affection where you can
Try a boy then try a man
First time love is in the past
Make it young and make it fast

All God's children will have their say
All God's children must have their way

It's a game where you can cheat
Lovers falling at your feet
High on sensuality
A photograph for all to see
First time love is in the past
Make it young and make it fast
They can never get enough
Strong as death and sweet as love
They walk and talk like angels

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Uriah Heep All God's Children Comments
  1. боруля мартин


  2. AlexP

    Унылое говно, как и весь альбом.

  3. Steven Reid

    lovely fluid bassist

  4. Steven Reid

    sounds like a heavy metal version of yes.this is great.no comments? hard to believe

    R S

    Good point of view, good comparaison with Yes ! Different World is an underrated album ! Love this album. Bernie Shaw is really good on this record. And Phil Lanzon keyboards are far better on Different World than the Raging Silence album (too much synth pop 80's !!!) !

    Steven Haywood

    Steven Reid , a good, strong melodious song! One of the better songs on this album. Just my opinion.