Urban, Keith - We Were Lyrics

We were just a couple years short of the age by my name on a fake ID
And still, 'bout a hundred away from the day your daddy said you could run with me
We were a couple of line-steppers who just couldn't wait to step over the line
Never thinking we wouldn't last, I was your first and you were mine

And we were leather jackets, hangin' on to a Harley, two heartbeats in the moonlight
We were, both feet hanging out over the edge of the water tower skyline
At least there's a little bit of sweet in the bitter, though a part of me is always gonna miss it
I am who I am, I just miss who I was when we were

We were gonna make it work, little baby had it all laid out in her mind
By the time we knew time was running out we'd done run out of time
But we were downtown Saturday night, last call, cover band
'Til the last song played, never thought we'd fade like the stamp on the back of her hand

We were, her on my shoulders, lighter in the air, pour some sugar on me
We were a top town in Johnson's field when she whispered that she wants me
At least there's a little bit of sweet in the bitter, though a part of me is always gonna miss it
I am who I am, I just miss who I was when we were

We were leather jackets, hangin' on to a Harley, two heartbeats in the moonlight
We were, both feet hanging out over the edge of the water tower skyline
At least there's a little bit of sweet in the bitter, though a part of me is always gonna miss her
I am who I am, I just miss who I was when we were
Yes, I do

Friends say "Oh well, let that ship sail, you've gotta let go of her"
Just wasn't meant to be, but somewhere down deep I still believe that we were

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Urban, Keith We Were Comments

    Just remember hes australian thats crazy how he sings like this

  2. Cherrie Kinsey

    My all time favorite singer and songwriter. This Texas gal loves your music.

  3. patti malik

    oh he is so interesting ,,,NOT

  4. patti malik

    how long has he worn this damn wig,...get a new one.....this is so outdated for god's sake

  5. Hunter Thompson

    I love this song

  6. MsStrawberry1960

    My first love was killed in a car wreck 17 years ago today on xmas eve... reminds me of us!

  7. Brandon Cereal


  8. Brandon Cereal

    My girl and I love this song until she died

    Country Boy

    Oh bro so sorry remember all the good memories though bro

  9. Valery Myronenko

    good nice

  10. Jared Reeves

    I love you keith

  11. Summer Yapper290

    When I hear this I think of all of my best friends who I moved away from. I miss those good times we had together. We were basically brothers. Sadly had to all part ways:(

  12. Kelly Houlahan

    This is awesome. I love how they did it all in one take. That was probably really hard to do. I also like the part when he gets on the phone. :-) Really cool video. Love Keith Urban, he needs to make more songs like this and less poppy stuff like The Fighter or Coming Home.

  13. Lisa Cooper

    Keith, you always know how to hit right to the heart. But I do love your music, even if sometimes one of your songs make me cry. Still gonna keep right on playing them and keep on listening.

  14. Sonya Lynne

    Love him and he plays a sweet guitar plus all other stringed instruments!

  15. J Silver

    He never fails to kick ass and does it right every-time!

  16. Jeff ward

    This song makes me miss the love of my life...

    Country Boy

    I miss mine as well brother

  17. Susan m

    Does anyone else think he sounds like Eric Church in this song.

  18. Lauren Hall

    This song just flows so well! I listen to it and think back to how the old classic country was sung. This is like a modern version of classic. The new soft door opening to a new era of country music. Just love it!

  19. manuela mauder


  20. Wendy Bridgman

    Goosebumps!!!!!! Love it!!!!

  21. Mr. Manos

    Have you heard this yet? "country ft. JBZ and Karlos Salazar" by yours truly 🙌 - http://www.reverbnation.com/open_graph/song/30878515

  22. Rhonda Joe

    Never get tired of hearing him sing!

  23. Crystal Ellis

    We were together, and we were apart. SIKE WE ARE APART Lol

  24. Tee Cope

    I swear ...this is the only freaking guy I've encountered,that can make a T-SHIRT look ooooo so sexy!!!!ijs 😍🤩😍 great song, awesome guy

  25. Nechol Moore

    Beautiful song 💜💚

  26. Roger Gambrel

    Keith you ought to try sing that Christmas song Merle Haggard song Santa Claus and pop corn good song love it

  27. Brenda Staub

    Best video ever 🤘🏻💙🌕

  28. vanessa smith


  29. Christopher Lilly

    This song is 🔥

  30. Mike Alvarez

    For all my EX's

  31. Bear Girl

    Beautifully written and performed!!🎶💜

  32. Squash Head

    Perfect timing I fee this song so much right now. Going through a brake up I caused and I still love her more then life it’s self. She is falling in love with someone else. I can’t stop thinking of her and our good times. I can’t believe she is sharing special moments with someone else when it was me she shared those times with just a few months ago. I fear I will always have this pain because there was a time we could have been together forever. I will always regret not realizing this until she was gone.

  33. Suzy Fick

    EPIC, beautifully delivered. Perfect for this Christmas holiday season. This song touches my soul, brings such joy and happiness.

  34. Rick Gonzalez

    💙always Monica I’ll never forget u

  35. Angella Merton

    906 envious and do not know what music is. i love you keith

  36. Bubble Gum

    I’ve always wondered if this is based on a true story

  37. sabine sabine

    Super grüße von germany

  38. Dj Steiner

    Going through hell with my girlfriend over something I did. I can’t lose her

  39. Bubblegum Playz

    Close to the end I saw that keith’s guitar looked like the pattern on an evoker in Minecraft who else sees that?

  40. Jennifer Madrid

    I love this song 💛

  41. Seslie Johnson

    Sweetheart song ever ❤️

  42. Trusten Green

    Your on ckyyfm

  43. Pam Jefferson


  44. Gigi Bianco

    Over and over this goes on my phone. He plays the hell out of the guitar and sings with such passion. Nicole is a lucky woman

  45. Michael Segovia

    Good morning

  46. Michelle Carr

    That is awesome song and video..i love everything about it😊a ma zing..great..im glad to have taken time to watch.

  47. Average Person

    I just came here to speed up the video and see what happens

  48. Greg Simmons

    I just miss who I was when we were. This song makes me long for that long ago yesterday WHEN, we were. Well done Keith Urban

  49. pham nga

    Holding on to the past is a silly thing, but opening up to let someone else in is basically impossible. It’s crazy when wherever you go, whoever you meet, they all remind you of that one person. On the day you let go of his hand, you already knew that your heart would hardly open up to anyone else.

  50. Travis Batchelor

    Oh well, let that ship sail. Life is extremely humbling in every aspect. Don't sink let it sail 🖤

  51. Tater

    I only thing wrong with this song is that it ends!!

  52. Speaks Volumes

    There's that hot guy again! Yeah(-:

  53. Boaz Baggins

    ‘Vegan leather jackets holdin onto a electric Harley’ - it’s better for people, animals & the planet. ; )

  54. Jace 67

    I feel like he should have won a reward at the CMAs or ACMs yesterday

    Theresa Marie

    I agree. Keith wirhout a doubt should have won. Ummm age looks good on this gorgeous man. Besides his Talent making him super sexy

    Speaks Volumes

    True that!

  55. Kim Zenn

    Such a beautiful man.

  56. Diane Adams

    Keith urban never fails to amaze me hes wonderful and to good for niicolr

  57. anthony joseph

    It's my first time hearing this country song and I already love it👌. Reminds of my ex girlfriend who had to move so far away 😔.

  58. Mary Sagraves

    We were my husband and me. Lost him to cancer but this song makes me think of us. We were steam. Half of me is gone. I miss when we were

    Mary Sagraves

    Meant to say a Team

  59. Marcus Dion

    We were...

  60. Dalton Bauman

    Eric Church is a legend

  61. Sylvia Stallion

    I love u Keith Urban. I think you are Gorgeous. Don't tell Kenny Chesney

  62. Sharon Chudakowski


  63. Kathi Murphy

    I'm sooo mad! They changed the ending to this song on the radio and it's not the same! Who else noticed it?

  64. James mcdonald

    God....i love that song....

  65. Ahmad Ali Rafiqi

    Go to album baru... cuy...

  66. Pam Jefferson


  67. SuperCaz68

    I have to say I'm addicted to this song, I wasn't really into KU before but in the last few months I am. I will be buying tickets for May London concert

  68. relaxbg8

    Nic, of course, is a great person, I made a mistake I wrote below that she is not. She is great.

  69. Lempatti Laukkanen

    Hey who listens to 2019 in? I at least :3

    Martha Wallace

    Listening at home and a bonus..this song comes on all the time at work!😊

    Amanda Parker

    LIISA LPS moon
    Kind jllmkskwkwojklkdqwkkeddlwsw

  70. Lyndi Delzeith

    This song creates an image in my head. It's like reading a really good book where you understand and you can create the scenario in your head. But that's the thing of a song. A song is story. That you listen to

  71. relaxbg8

    Urban, these movements, cut neckline, hairstyles are very feminine. I always have mixed feelings about his orientation when I look at him. I feel sorry for NIC. She is not such a cool person.

  72. Chris Shade

    I loooooove this at 146 llove the part

  73. relaxbg8

    great lyrics, congratulations Eric, because almost all the glory belongs to Keith, and yet he is only the performer of this song.

  74. Clifford Duzz

    And what the hell's on your back

  75. Clifford Duzz

    Look at Keith he thinking he knows WTF that mixing board even does at all but hey Great song though

  76. Dani Sullivan

    Omg this is so Perfect. 😃❤❤❤

  77. Candus burkham

    My favorite Male singer of all time! Love you KU

  78. Bill Hogue

    This song....

  79. Alan B Real

    just want to be good enough
    For the children young adults
    Be apart of their life

  80. Alan B Real

    Results from a feeling
    No good

  81. Bear Girl

    "I was his first and he was mine"....beyond happily married for 30+ yrs. now!! #WEARE💘

    Stephanie Heywood

    Happy for u both :)gb

    Bear Girl

    @Stephanie Heywood Aww, thank you!! Best wishes to you and yours!💘

  82. Rachel S

    My mom and I really like Keith Urban. This song is beautiful. Wow another powerful song with Eric Church. He was on the show Jay Leno’s garage this season. I could not get over how cool he is. What a truly gifted person God has blessed us with. Thank you God for allowing us the gift of Keith Urban

  83. Tisha Watkins

    Beautiful song

  84. jrich52804


  85. Blake Grooms


  86. Amber D

    Oh Keith... <3

  87. John Downey

    MERCY may God bless you in everything you do I am praying for you

    John Downey

    Love you Toots

    John Downey

    Please stay in Colorado

  88. Richard Loach

    This has Eric Church's lyrical genius written all over it, Urban does a good job mind

  89. Denise E

    I really like the song but why do videos and tv shows use empty coffee cups........

  90. englandportugal91


  91. Tony Reyes

    You'll think of me

  92. misteroz

    Full disclosure, I’ve never been a massive fan of KU but this one blew me away.

  93. grace s

    This is one of those songs you play at 3am when you’re sobbing about the person you fell in love with but you know that they will never fall in love with you. It hits hard.

    Stephanie Heywood

    Hard to fall in love with anybody new when u can't fall out of it

    Country Boy

    True Stephanie

    Barry Newell

    Grace you have think that you are special and if they cant see that then its their lost. If you have a good heart then you deserve the person who sees that and wants you. Just find the person who loves for the right reasons.

    Antonio Cruz

    The hardest part is when she tells you she doesn't love you anymore and can't explain why

    Country Boy

    Ikr Antonio

  94. rama devi

    Wonderful song which proves how the song is created in a most natural way step by step. It's just my imagination could be true or fault. wonderful creation. Thanq. best wishes. God bless. ml

  95. Blake Grooms

    my mom love keth urban's songs more then enybody in the

    Blake Grooms

    not kiding