Urban, Keith - Wasted Time Lyrics

The rain is coming down tonight
I'm smiling looking at this photograph
I hear that song and I'm flying right back to when we had it made
Every Friday night when the sun went down
We'd be running them streets like we owned the town

And I just can't let it go, no, I just can't let it go
I wonder if you ever think about it like I do
Seven kids on a two lane road
Had "The Guns" on the radio
After all this time it still feels so good

When I think about those summer nights
Singing out the window, on the back roads, "Sweet Child O' Mine"
Sipping on the locos spark of light
Ain't it funny how the best days of my life
Was all that wasted time, all that wasted time?

Out of nowhere it slipped away
And the rope by the river hangs silently
And the town that we knew ain't nothing like it used to be
Ah, I can't explain
They took all the colour from the picture frame
And the days got sold to the grid and the game

But I just can't let it go, no, I just can't let it go
I wonder if you ever think about it like I do
Seven kids on a two lane road
We had "The Guns" on the radio
After all this time it still feels so good

When I think about those summer nights
Singing out the window, on the back roads, "Sweet Child O' Mine"
Sipping on the locos spark of light
Ain't it funny how the best days of my life
Was all that wasted time, all that wasted time?
Swinging on the line
Living all that wasted time

Hey, hey, now
Summer dresses drying out on the hood of the car
Only music that we had was out the left speaker
We were living every second 'til the time ran out
We had nothing but we had it all

When I think about those summer nights
Sneaking out the window, running back roads, your hand in mine
We were going nowhere, we were so alive
Uh huh, ain't it crazy how the best days of my life
Was all that wasted time, all that wasted time?
We were swinging out on the line
Living all that wasted time

Hey, you know oh
All that wasted time
Don't you feel it coming on back now?
Time, time, time

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Urban, Keith Wasted Time Comments
  1. ant eko

    After all the time is feel so good

  2. Piggy PlayZ

    I wish they still played this song on the radio...

  3. chriis napolion

    To lisa collier thank you

  4. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  5. Tammy Leeder Whitaker


  6. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Keith Urban in the house... .

  7. Joseph Finkelstein

    I have an anecdote about the Four Lokos reference. Phil if you are reading this I'm sorry but its too funny.

    My friend Phil worked on this song in some capacity. He is a talented producer and writer based out of Hollywood. Apparently during the writing of this song Ketih Urban was having a hard time finding a drink that fit the lyrics and said he wanted something in their that him and his friends would sit and drink around a fire in Australia. My friend Phil had realized the line would rhyme with "Lokos" and without even questioning it, Mr. Urban puts it in the song. Now this song is about him remembering his days as a young guy in Australia ...and sipping on the Lokos stands out as pure comedy because they couldnt be further from his homeland and time of reference. He has tried to explain the blunder in a number of interviews and even tried to say the lyric was "locals" something of life.

    This isnt an insult on Mr. Urban he seems like a decent person though I personally couldn't be more indifferent to his music. Its just a funny example how a snap judgement and a rush to put out a song can affect your credibility and authenticity. Something it seems Mr. Urban gets questioned on a lot.

    From an outsiders perspective he seems just as qualified to play and sing "country" music as anyone else.

  8. Charles and Heather Palmer

    Gawd he's hot

  9. Lee-Ann Hopkins

    December 19th 2019 all 9's

  10. Rhonda Boncutter

    I have loved Keith for years! He is so together! I love his voice! Easy on the eyes, too!

  11. Carlos Pittet

    Grey cup anyone?

  12. Icey Ace99

    Ya I’m gonna I wanna was the way uuyyyy wetpww is a really great day for me and I have to take my girls out ieiutt is the day to t

    Icey Ace99

    I hate it make better 🎵

  13. Piggy PlayZ

    2015 nostalgia

  14. Y S

    Haters in L.A. listening to country. Country for life. Keep making music

  15. Aaron Bates

    Queensland boy we do it right hahaha

  16. Katie Bourassa

    I love Keith Urban

  17. Aa JV

    This is keiths new sellout dogshit

  18. Michelle Colligan

    Class of '78, BHS.

  19. April B

    Wonder if u ever think about it❣️

  20. Betty Pittman

    Phil collins

  21. Shaun De Jong

    ohhh man
    gotta love keith urban

  22. Linda Wehus

    Country or not. Just digg it 🎼🎸❤️😎

  23. Dee Nathe

    Never wasted time!

  24. Ariel Nicholson

    I never realized keith had so many tattoos.lol

  25. Rhonda Boncutter

    Loved him On America Idol, such a wonderful voice!

  26. Rhonda Boncutter

    I loved Keith so so much! His songs make me want to move!

  27. chris napolion

    To lisa nicole go bless you

  28. love me leave me

    Never....Nicole had to b with Tom.....she adopted 2kids and he ran like a little girl chasing a little girl Katie.........Nicole met Keith and he was a alcoholic and drug addict and he fell n love with her mature ways......She stood by him he never called her old and ugly nah she had a title and money......In Hollywood it's about image not real love...But Nicole is about being real and she stood by him made him so much more famous........Never ever wasted time when ur honest and not embarrassed on where ur heart goes.......sad how when someone lies to u first and u call them out and they continue to bring up ur past and say ur narcissistic because u never want to do what u want muchless what u really need......Love is not a switch but a gift u don't turn on and off

  29. jeff tom

    This is the real Jeffrey and I'm going to tell you the truth like a broken record ugly Mindy is not related to me she was mine to begin with Eddie left her ass that's her real husband that's not my responsibility that's garbage to me I hope she drops dead I have a life with my strippers thank you very much

  30. quidproquo

    Heh y'all...they do this song way better live than the recorded version...swear...weird

  31. TheShinyGiratina 7

    This is what got me into country music

  32. Travis Collins

    Keith Urban and this song are both EXTREMELY UNDERRATED.

  33. Jazmin Rohda

    My favorite

  34. Jazmin Rohda

    Love ❤️ it Keith Urben

  35. tina Forrest

    Yes he sings with love unlike some others

  36. Venita Sheppard

    Yep 👍🏻 memories,👌👏👏💕😘

  37. Lorena Ventura

    This song is THE PERFECTION. ❤

  38. Charlie Segovia

    A nice cold 🍺 would be great at this point in my life .

  39. Captain Rex

    I have been looking for this song for 4 years

  40. deanna belle wingo

    Thanks I really miss things

  41. Maria Pet Fooled DVD

    Cool beat Keith! LOVE THIS SONG !!! My Favorite !! I found it on the radio today! Thanks!

  42. MangoBongo9377

    It wasn’t a waste of time😂👌 but I love this song!!!!

  43. Mid Night

    Jeffrey tells everybody he will never never given to the alcoholic family in Florida is Daddy was a drunk his daddy is rolling over the grave

  44. JLynn Harris


  45. Kyle Jobes

    I love this song

  46. S t i t c h i e

    I love this song!!!

  47. S t i t c h i e

    !Hi it is Hard sometimes when you feel bad and your friends don't know what is going on and I know how that feels!?

  48. George Monte

    What's wrong Nicole and Keith Jeffrey didn't fall for Roseanne's Thanksgiving manipulation or guess what you never will she will never kiss her ass she's a control freak drill sergeant people are tired of Roseanne and Anthony on the internet people say that they should have any power or control over people they don't deserve how Halo Saint Anthony Jeffrey says he's glad his alcoholic fatty is rolling over in the grave Cafe Los about it he was a horrible father

  49. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    We both wasted time Nelson Malcolm. No amount of money can give both of our time back from what they did to us and the love we gave them. We both finally let go of it. Forgave them. Bout time! Crazy golfer! You will always be my best friend!

  50. Stella Hansen

    Lovely song Keith , so amazing song .

  51. Johnny Burke

    we hear that Brian Kelly the fake pastor and Salvatore the creeper sex perverts but Irene on drugs after her boyfriend's death that's horrible you should keep your wife away from those creeps people say you were dumb to let her hang out with those creeps over the summer they do sound like a bunch of Jackass

  52. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    I'm 50. I remember the good times. Too many bad ones. Too much wasted time! No amount of money can give me back my time wasted. I'm going to try my best create the best ones yet to come!!!

  53. Touichi 2208

    This song is amazing!!!

  54. rebecca henderson

    Keith urban is my top favorite he so cute

  55. Anne-Marie Graham

    nope...wasted time is eagles

  56. Grass-chan

    We used this song for a horseback drill team and it went perfectly!

  57. Frank Peyrrs

    farino nasty orgys

  58. Frank Peyrrs

    hope Jeff's family drops dead in Florida

  59. Frank Peyrrs

    Agnes a sick botch

  60. Frank Peyrrs

    the msn did not like the Howard beach orgys nasty perverts

  61. linda ziu

    Love you Keith !!!! Please marry me!

  62. Candace D

    For you Patrick Kenneth Malone You flew away Dec 9 2017
    I'm sorry I wasn't there
    Rest In Peace ☦️🙏❤️☮️

  63. grace s

    This song has a special place in my heart. Me and my best friends would always listen to this song in August. We would be in the car, windows down singing this song. To good of memories, memories that I can’t create again, only new ones.

  64. Donna Conn

    love,love this singer......

  65. Navodit Verma

    Who is still listening in 2k18?

  66. Janet Horn

    He is soooooo hot. So talented. Plays guitar, piano, sings and is a
    Wonderful Dad and a man that truely loves his wife. Very down to earth

  67. Tommy Conway

    I hear your wife likes to cheat on you I'm very sorry to hear that that Brian Kelly is a horrible human being he likes to have affairs with married women what a terrible man

  68. vinchannel

    Keith in you're my bestie and my fav.!

  69. Lara Hayley

    i love this song😀

  70. Connets Jimmy

    don't trust Jeffery is family they're all a bunch of liars losers hello bikes except for Jeffrey he's a good guy are you jealous don't be jealous

  71. Connets Jimmy

    hello this is James from Twitter I got a lot of money I'm very generous and selfish at the same time how you doing okay

  72. Connets Jimmy

    they call this the laundry orgy song it's great

  73. Lise Reid

    some of the best memories are not a waste of time.......that's why it still feels so good after so many years??? loving all that wasted time is our memories we love.

  74. Gen Campbell

    Farino nasty docks your wife cheating there's pictures fire Marshall got fires


    cool song as used by butterfield beef vid

  76. Juju Bee

    ❤️❤️❤️ this song!!

  77. Xavier Asqui

    the best.. simple

  78. Taras Savchuk

    💜💛💚💙 https://open.spotify.com/user/taras91/playlist/40Ktnv37eFQOHN2RLolHEw?si=dOUO4VurQWi4_XGKX9jA0Q

  79. Craig B

    October 14!

  80. Jeffrey Thomas jr

    great song

  81. Roger Deluca

    is it true you got your wife to hang out with Jeffrey's horrible family people are saying that horrible except for Jeff

  82. Roger Deluca

    people are saying you let your wife hang out with Ryan Kelly a fake Pastor who likes to have affairs with married women and he got a woman pregnant you have such a cool

  83. Roger Deluca

    you got Nicole to hang out with Irene who wants to break up your marriage

  84. Roger Deluca

    you let Nicole hang out with Mindy who's a very sick woman

  85. Roger Deluca

    you let Nicole hang out with Brian Kelly who got a woman pregnant

  86. Roger Deluca

    you let Nicole hang out with Richard and Salvatore nasty orgies

  87. Roger Deluca

    but you let the coal hang out with Jeffrey's toxic family

  88. Roger Deluca

    hello I'm friends with Jeff he's not interested and Nicole he has prostitutes every night

  89. Roger Deluca

    everybody calls this the laundry orgy song

  90. Jay Conners

    Billy's father and grandfather is pissed at you people

  91. Jay Conners

    so you're going to let Nicole hang out with Billy who's only 20 years old he's not going to tell anybody where is wires for the feds his grandfather is pissed at you people

  92. Jay Conners

    I talked to Jeff this morning he has a new prostitute in his life her name is Shirley very pretty woman I'm happy for him right

  93. Jay Conners

    hello it's James from Twitter how are you

  94. Jay Conners

    they called us the laundry song and she was having those orgies

  95. angelica oliveira

    Gostei ✌🇧🇷

  96. Christina Krakana


  97. DeLuxe Carwashchannel 2014

    #Summerof2016 my favorite song of the summer of 2016