Urban, Keith - Standing Right In Front Of You Lyrics

Out on the street corner
Just like every morning I sit here
And I watch you walk my way
And even though I don't know you
As you get closer I swear I feel
My heart start racing, aching
Maybe it's in my mind
And maybe I'm only dreaming
And I swear you catch my eye
As you walk on by
Oh why you gotta leave me so blue

Baby why can't you see
That I'm the only one for you
You could search the world over
But you'll never find another so true
Cause if you're looking for love
I'm standing right in front of you

I bet your heart, like mine
Has been broken by someone
We never should have given it to (oh no)
So we put up a wall to keep from falling so hard
It's so sad
Cause there's such good love inside
And I've been hoping that I might find
Someone who feels the same way
Someone to share my life
On this beautiful ride together
We could see it all through

Baby why can't you see
That I'm the only one for you
You could search the world over
But you'll never find another so true
Cause if you're looking for love
I'm standing right in front of you

So this morning I'm just going to walk up and say hello to you
Cause if given a choice between love and being alone
I know which one
I know which one I choose
And give me a chance
I'd be a better man for you (I believe I would)
And open your heart girl
Let me make your dreams come true

You can search the world over
But I can take it to the moon
Cause if you're looking for love
I'm standing right in front of you (yes I am)
Standing right in front of you
Open your eyes, I'm standing right in front of you
Just give me a chance baby
I'm standing right in front of you

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Urban, Keith Standing Right In Front Of You Comments
  1. Peggy Latham Oneill

    If u were right in front of me , we would be hugging each other again NOW❤😍😎💏🌌⬆️

  2. Cheryl Parker

    Best album of his, cover to cover...

    Janelle Jones

    Totally agree!! I've been hooked on it lately, listening to the CD over and over again in my car. Every song is amazing...He should release this one as a single now, it would go straight to the top of the charts.

  3. Di Bn

    I know...its a beautiful love & so true....I will never miss myself...

  4. Di Bn

    Love finds its pair from million stars....

  5. Denise Hedden

    🥀Beautiful Love Song Brilliant lyrics and music vocals are Powerful and Unbelievable but Incredible saying🥀🤘🎸

  6. Sherry Bridges

    That's funny all I'm seeing are vehicles in front of me.

  7. Jo-ann Louw

    Love you ❤❤

  8. LadyAnne

    Love 💘 u..

  9. Shirley Rael


  10. Michele Beers

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  11. Michele Beers

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  12. Pam Jefferson

    Yes yes 🍃❤️💫

  13. Teresam Devans


  14. Sooner boy

    No. Not me at all. The barefoot contessa.

  15. Pam Jefferson

    Beautiful Love. 🍃❤️❤️ 🍃💋🍃🍃

  16. Jessica faith elye

    Baby i never stopped

  17. Jessica faith elye

    Ffs sake take my words out my head sexy team work woop

  18. Elvira Bolz Knabenschuh

    Das sagt doch mal was aus , das sind alles lieder für seine Frau nicol kidman hervorragend den hat es auch erwischt,die passen zusammen. Schön . Er liebt sie wirklich . So sollze es sein. Very good.


    👀 FOR LOVE. I LOVE 🎸🎆

  20. Tracy Fellers

    You be standing in front of me my heart would be beating so fast. I would would be frozen in asightment in just see you right in front of me. But great lericks.. She's a lucky lady she is.

  21. tracy Byers

    My all time favourite Keith Urban song.

  22. Charlene Nixon

    just want to get better so badly .feel stuck it's a horrible place to be. just want happiness and peace .5 yrs of hurting myself . need positive change haven't always been i n this dark place....

  23. Cup Cake


  24. Emily Portillo

    who is listening in 2017

  25. Denise Hedden

    Love this song Thank's

  26. Cindy Bradley

    Baby I've seen your the only one for me. You are the hottest, caring, loving man I know and I don't need to look anymore. 😘💝 Love you Cindy

  27. Carol jones

    Whys it feel so lonv...i love it!!

  28. Kusmin Guinness

    Keith Urban there is no other like you. You've already stood in front of ....... so good luck and keep on keeping on. All of God's blessings to Nicole and you.

  29. Holli Green

    I only love the guy singing this song to his wife, Kieth Urban you are Both so Lucky , Please stay together forever, and keep making my heart feel better with All your songs. 🌷🌬️🎶

    ChiiNiita #0023

    Holli Green —- mmmm I’m leaving to Fast and while NONE STOP

  30. Dianne james

    Absolutely beautiful song

  31. Lindsay Fortin


  32. Thea Ellermann Petersen

    Looooove this song - Get´s me in such a good mood

  33. Chris P

    beautiful song I never get tired of listening to this..

    jade Sulicar

    +Chris P m 2

  34. YEDRA C.R

    Just....beautiful words and so true

  35. sherri bartz

    It starts with you

    Robin Peryea

    With god first

  36. sherri bartz

    I've never said. You couldn't be. The. One. I wouldn't. Know. That. Unless we. Start spending more time together.

  37. sherri bartz

    Your standing in front. Of Me. I'm looking around. And. Your. Not here

  38. Reginald Cox

    I Just Love This Song <3 <3 <3

  39. blondedbythelight703

    My heart is in good hands.

  40. Kerryman

    We agree that it is ridiculous to dislike this song. We love it.

  41. Hayley M


  42. Jason Miner

    This song is so great for my life right now.... Started talking to a lovely young woman (27 yrs young) recently and finally met last night and it was AWESOME! We just clicked, and I pray she realizes that 'if she's looking for love, I'm standing right in front of' her!

  43. Fidelis Garcia

    I really love this song!

  44. stephanie cothran


  45. Violet Armes

    Um... Does Keith Urban have some mind reading power? Cuz these are my EXACT thoughts. When was this song made?

  46. GothicWolf5142

    @Grimreeper102 mine to :9

  47. GothicWolf5142

    I can not wait to go to his Cnsrt :)

  48. Abelino Shapiro Cooper.

    aaaawwww adoro esta cancion
    recuerdo que me paso exactamente lo mismo

  49. Matt B

    Defying Gravity is probably my favourite album out of all of them =D

  50. BlackDream123a

    I'm so in love withe this song <3

  51. kaylie c

    Now this is a song about love at first sight/ true love I love songs like this:)

  52. Diveingamer

    Great lyrics

  53. RubyGurl100

    Wow! The lyrics......"I bet your heart, like mine...."

  54. Katirinarina

    why can't the guy that i like for sooooooo loong not see that the love that he searches for is standing always in front of him :(, he knew i liked him and then it ended with hes gf n the girls who he likes dont like him back but still he still doesnt see me D:

  55. CountryMusicKU

    It's the song I listen to every morning when I wake up...makes me say "a beautiful day is starting"...LOVE U KEITH!

  56. Holly Mitchell

    lol :)))

  57. Jeff Oehlman

    @oilpride Good luck man. Find a way to show her this song, maybe she'll like that.

  58. Jeff Oehlman

    There are so many great KU songs....however, this one is my absolute FAVORITE. Such a relatable song. Love it. Wish I woulda wrote it cos I'm pretty sure I'll be playing this at my wedding one day.

  59. ededdi

    just found this artist, sounds alittle like a less rock version of Bon Jovi, good artist, another to add to the playlists

  60. Deanna Mann

    Hahaha this song explains me and this guy I was in love with for 4 years and he didn't even know I existed. This was our song ;)

  61. Akramul Haque Anon

    very nice song.

  62. rik lovetet

    love this song so much!!! for you amo ;)

  63. wisal azri

    awesome song loved it alot!

  64. Madeline Byrne

    <3<3i love country<3<3

  65. MEOW X


  66. Omar Labib

    aaaaaaaaaaaahhh! <333333333

  67. Karina Martinez

    love this song soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Steve K

    This great song fits my mood perfectly. A woman I met gently turned me down after we had a great first date. I'm still catching her eye and her smile. I can see she really likes me and I'm not giving up on her. "Open your heart girl and I'll make your dreams come true."

  69. Brittney Skinner

    when did this come out?

  70. cottlin1

    @NeeNeeGirlXOXO exactly what happened to me!!(:

  71. Anshul Mangla

    oh my world!!! i don't have words...this song is just sooooooo sooooooo amazin'!!!

    Cup Cake

    Anshul Mangla o

    Cup Cake

    Anshul Mangla oo

  72. Thomas Cox

    omg this song is wonderful

  73. David Fontenot

    @margie6143 ===AGREE