Urban, Keith - Love's Poster Child Lyrics

You're pretty as a daisy in an open field
The way you make me feel from the get-go
I had to let go of every little thing that Ive ever known
You shake me up like Coke in a bottle
You're a pedal to the floor, full throttle
Ain't nothin else on my mind when I see that pretty smile
Go on

Show me how it's done this side of Dixie
I'm a broke down truck, baby, won't you fix me
Just keep on dancin til the break of dawn, come on, come on
Stars fall down, make the world stop, kiss me
Wherever I go, I want you with me
Somethin bout you makes my heart run wild
You're love's poster child

Damn girl, you make me feel so free
Like a summer sun shining down on me
And we're flying so high and good Lord we ain't even trying
You got a hold on me now, like a southern wind
Taking me places Ive never been
And I'm lost in your eyes and come on darling, do it again

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

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Urban, Keith Love's Poster Child Comments
  1. ponceclovis

    Awesome lyric video! Those pictures look like the southern California coast.

  2. Keith Fischer

    Please check out my recent cover of this song!

  3. Ellen Watson

    Starting his concerts this past summer with this song. Awesome song to start off an amazing night. Great entertainer and great guitartist and vocalist. He is the real deal, loving every minute of being on stage, and loving his fans right till the last second of the show <3