Urban, Keith - Habit Of You Lyrics

I’m no stranger to the love of a lowly vice
I drowned my liver and I gambled with my pride
I’ve had a bad case of addicted phases
Moving from one to another
But you got me changing my ways
I’m breaking all the habits I’ve made

I could make a habit of you
Waking up in my bed
Staying up till two
‘Cause you’re stuck in my head
It’s a symphony you sing to me
When you call out my name
I don’t know what else to do
But make a habit of you
Habit of you
Habit of you

Cut out the smokes and I stopped staying up all night
I quit checkin’ my phone and I'm savin’ my dimes
‘Cause it’s a wild thing but you got me jonesin’
Need another taste of you
I don’t think I could quit you now
You’re all that I can think about

I could make a habit of you
Waking up in my bed
Staying up till two
‘Cause you’re stuck in my head
It’s a symphony you sing to me
When you call out my name
I don’t know what else to do
But make a habit of you
Habit of you
Habit of you

Something ‘bout the look in your eyes
Can never get enough of this
Maybe I’m an addict but I just gotta have it
I just gotta have you
Oh, it’s chemical, it’s physical, it’s spiritual
It’s magical, it’s lyrical this high
Maybe I’m an addict but I just gotta have it
I just gotta have you

I could make a habit of you
Waking up in my bed
Staying up till two
‘Cause you’re stuck in my head
It’s a symphony you sing to me
When you call out my name
I don’t know what else to do
But make a habit of you
Habit of you
Habit of you

Habit of you

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Urban, Keith Habit Of You Comments
  1. Timothy Crumpton

    I made a dance app that song I know it

  2. Hello Hello

    Love Ripcord .... 🤠👍

  3. Yvonne Waterson

    A could make a habit of him🎤😘🎼

  4. Cindee Libby

    The high notes he hits on this is spine tingling sexy. Oh Keith if only I could make a habit of you in my bed. 🤤🤤🤤😍😍😍 lord have mercy sorry not sorry nicole.

  5. Wyatt Martin

    good song

  6. But First, Coffee

    Amazing song! 💚

  7. Leered Lolo

    That Jeffrey was never interested in your fake relationship he has strippers every night and he's happy with his homewrecker roommates his wife died two years ago anyway Geoffrey filed a lawsuit against the alcoholic family in Florida Vinny Rosanna Anthony Florida mafia now the FBI is investigating them in Florida and their criminal activity stop being jealous and keep the music playing right thanks for letting me share I think he's a righteous dude people are just jealous fools

  8. Hello Hello 2019

    Evolved... !!!

  9. Rhonda Richardson

    I love everything this sexy man sings!!!

  10. Frank Peyrrs

    Jeff calls his daddy drunk egon drunk daddy

  11. Frank Peyrrs

    Jeff calls his drunk daddy egon

  12. Frank Peyrrs

    Jeff's family in Florida low life's

  13. Frank Peyrrs

    Jeff's Howard beach nasty pigs

  14. Jefgrey Tommys

    Hello great music

  15. Dev Dev

    Nice music

  16. Jeffrey Tommys jr

    gello eddie is ugly mindys real husband really

  17. Debbie M

    I've already made a habit of him.... Too hell will substances he's all I'd need. He'd be an addiction I'd never have to give up. It be a win win for us both

  18. Linda Leeman

    I LOVE This SONG I Have the CD

  19. Debbie M

    Dreams can come true... Love you

  20. Ashley Wiggins

    LOVE it!!!!!!!!

  21. Cheryl Reichhart

    Love this song....i can listen to it forever....makes me think.......

  22. Cas Keen


  23. Faithful Gal

    love you Keith Awesome

  24. brodey hannah

    I am defintly going to the concert to my boy Keith

  25. Siane Sant


  26. Diana H

    Love this sexy song from a sexy man.

  27. Ashley Layton

    I would love to see this become a video!

  28. Savannah Manning

    Best song ever

  29. Megan Goral

    ok tryed for you lol i like to write music

  30. Megan Goral

    every time i look at her shes triple in my heaad i can keep her up in my bed . everytime i see her i have doo what she needs in my bed

  31. Nathan Orlando

    I made a habit of lauren Orlando and now we are dating.

  32. Cat T

    His vocal is SO awesome in this particular song. This sounds almost pop. Love it.

  33. Nathan Orlando

    I made a habit of Lauren Orlando.

  34. Jim Brown

    Vinve gill

  35. Zoey Way


  36. Richard Ames

    I think this is Keith Urban best album yet. I like all the songs of the album but Habit of You is my favorite. Thanks Keith

  37. Jacqueline Triem

    Been with my soulmate for 21 years. He's my addiction. Thank you for such an awesome album, you've become a Habit

  38. Bernice Annichiarico

    I love this song so much that I keep listening to it and the fighter that song is so great listening to all of his new songs he is so sexy with those blue eyes

  39. MalibuBeach Mom

    Did anyone else have a bad case of misheard lyrics on the line: With you stuck in my head??? Goodness gracious, I have got to get my mind straight.

  40. Sallie Hardy

    Any body now who is singing the Hindu chants.

  41. Morgaan Lynn

    this my favorite song. ive mad a habit listing to it. gosh keith urben sooo sexy!!

  42. greeneyeslinz

    These lyrics are soooo damn sexy!

  43. Beem Mer

    Miss my Keith Urban spiritual, physical ...

  44. Michelle O

    this song is so pretty <33

  45. Naomi Naomi

    So beautiful song for my soul!

  46. Sokha Prim

    I just love all Keith Urban songs!

  47. Carly Peterson

    amazing song 😍 luv luv luv my fav

  48. Trena Rhoden

    Amazingly talented!!!  To date, this is my absolute favorite song by Keith Urban :-)

  49. Brooke Jackson

    love this song! i hope there's a video!

  50. Brooke Jackson

    love this song! it has that R&B/Pop/Country feel. please make a music video!

  51. Rew1nd RL

    My ant luv ku

  52. SARA

    it's chemical
    it's physical
    it's spiritual
    it's magical
    it's lyrical
    can never get enough of Keith he's
    on point every time with every album. helps me through the dark and lights up my day when I've lost my way. his music let's me know everything will be okay each and every day. he's my number one idol even though we're both a 5 ha numerology my apologies I'm a fan for life your lyrics and your music cuts me like a knife do you know you saved my life that's not a lie thinking about it almost makes me cry. if you feel my energy like I feel you do keep on keeping me through. it's written in the sky so I have to try so we can sing like in my dreams even if it seems out of reach SdS message 15

  53. Stacey Hurlbutt

    Love it!

  54. Lawrence Steadham

    I AM LOVING THE ENTIRE ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Jordan Mitchell

    I don't know what else, to do... but listen to this song. :P

  56. Laycee Norton

    Love this song listen to it also anyone else listen to it in 2017

  57. Curtis Cox

    'Id love to go to Tampa
    Shanon April Howard Kelly

  58. Curtis Cox

    Who Are You Committed too?

    Curtis Cox

    Actually I'm Shanon

  59. Tammy Williams

    Love this song you are so awesome Keith not to mention one sexy man would love to meet you . I love all you songs you have a beautiful voice keep these songs coming.

  60. Krista Clarke

    I predict another hit!!

  61. Krista Clarke

    Says video not available! But this is another great song off of Ripcord!!

  62. Mary Bowlin

    This song brings out the very best of Keith's voice and most of my favorite songs on his albums are not singles .His is just plain awesome

  63. ni hua

    love this song,very nice.

  64. rachkate

    One of my favorites ❤️

  65. Makeup by TheTatyana !

    Love this song 😍😍

  66. Kate Midson

    love these song ,

  67. Randy Dean

    this my best song ever

  68. She Mendoza

    Cheers to all Keith lovers out there! :-)

  69. lilpossum88 thehunter

    I love this song

  70. Theresa Stiffler

    love you!

  71. Mattew Williams

    who's that female voice, anyone happen to know?

    Marcia Rinkol

    Mattew Williams etc.dtc


    Lyn Hough

    Carrie Underwood

    Carly Peterson

    Lyn Hough no shes on fighter not this one😄😳

    Mattew Williams

    I thought it was Jess Glynne, thanks for the feedback ☺️

  72. Carolyn Fuesler

    Love this song

  73. Carolyn Fuesler

    For sure he's awesome!

  74. Kandis Kirkbride

    this is the best song ever

  75. Yo Daddy

    Come down to Tampa

  76. Ninja Eggroll

    This is one of the reasons why I love singing his songs on karaoke. Saw him in concert last month & he just puts on a great show & performance.

  77. Christina Ortiz

    I can't wait to see him live in a couple of days in San Antonio!

  78. zoey craft

    seen him in concert 3 times and it's so worth the front row costs!!♡♡ and getting to meet him was amazing and getting a signed guitar from him♡♡♡

  79. Sherre Hogan

    Love, love this song along with Blue ain't your color.  U are the bomb Keith Urban!

  80. Colleen

    Crossover <3

  81. roadrunner happy

    Another great song off of this album. This is a must listen to track.

  82. Kathleen Awai

    This album is so REAL! Enjoying it , thank you Keith :)

  83. Michaela Bush

    I wish they would play this song on 100.1

  84. Lindsay Fortin

    Love every song by Keith

  85. Jennifer Martin

    love all of your songs

  86. Gina Antosz

    Just read a comment that said "He's not country"

  87. Kelsey Gunter

    I like this song. I bet he wrote his own songs in albums.

  88. Brandon Enders

    All pop but I like it

  89. Mad Lew

    I have been a Keith Urban fan since the beginning and this is by far his best song, in my opinion! I'm absolutely in love with this song. I would imagine "hoping" it'll be his next single! Keep it up Keith!!!

  90. Helene Jennings

    Keith I convinced my hubby that we are coming to New Zealand for the 12/03 concert - can I get a greet and meet w/you? Please!!

    Helene Jennings

    P.S. This song is beautiful, seductive and really real!

  91. Helene Jennings

    Best album ever, ever!!!!!!!!! Every song is worthy to be a single. Love, love our Keith.

  92. E.K Carlos

    I can't even say ho much I love this song!!

  93. Jessica C.

    This sounds good. I might have to listen to Keith Urban for now on lol :)

  94. Jack Trades

    my crush just sent me a link to this song, early in the morning saying she was thinking about me and this was my song #winning. thanks keith

  95. Govedi Masonkole

    Why is this song not on ITunes seriously

  96. Adrian S

    Nitzan K (K-Kov) is such a great melodist and producer. Kieth sounds great on this track. Great album!

  97. Austin Sears

    If only she knew this got me missin her even more

  98. Jeannie Williams

    I have a Habit of Listening to your Music over the years.. Its a great song...Can't wait to see you in Toronto in July.. My birthday present to myself.. Can't wait to hear your great Talent.

  99. Bridgette Lane

    I absolutely love this song! go Keith!!!

  100. Monique van den Heever