Urban, Keith - Break On Me Lyrics

There'll be days your heart don't wanna beat
You pray more than you breathe
And you just wanna fall to pieces
And nights, those 2 AM calls
Where dreams become walls
And you just need a break
Break on me

Shatter like glass
Come apart in my hands
Take as long as it takes, girl
Break on me
Put your head on my chest
Let me help you forget
When your heart needs to break
Just break on me

There'll be times when someone you know
Becomes someone you knew
But you'd do anything to change it
And words you wanna take back
But you know you can't
When the page just won't turn
And it still hurts
Break on me

Shatter like glass
Come apart in my hands
Take as long as it takes, girl
Break on me
Put your head on my chest
Let me help you forget
When your heart needs to break
Just break on me

Oh, when you need somebody
When you need somebody right now
You're where I'll be
Break on me

Shatter like glass
Come apart in my hands
Take as long as it takes, girl
Break on me
Put your head on my chest
Let me help you forget
When your heart needs to break
Just break on me
Break on me
Break on me, baby

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Urban, Keith Break On Me Comments
  1. Dee Nathe

    Here I sit, broken, should be at a funeral in one hour, but these words in this song is more gentle and allows me to break into a million pieces.

  2. Toni Martin


  3. Toni Martin

    Who Hurt them?

  4. Jennifer Hadaway

    I don't even like country music and I love Keith Urban.

  5. ProudWayniac

    The lyrics song pretty much describe exactly how I feel towards someone I've loved for 10 years now, who has been battling depression since he was 15 years old. Every time I hear about another low point, how I wish so badly I could let him break on me.

  6. Beth Sylvestro

    All I can say is I love this man! Nicole is lucky to have him to break on during life’s hard times. ❤️

  7. Ott Gavras

    Thank you Keith, great song. Another 29 years of my life walked out the door, that’s 40 years of marriage.. I’m done... this song is wonderful 😊👍🏻💔

  8. Onna Keys

    Love ❤️

  9. Seslie Johnson

    This is a great opportunity to know someone cares about you. If the lyrics in this the man who is there with you and hurt feelings wanna make sure you are ok.

  10. Five Nights at Freddy's Gamer

    When I was little I would love this song. I didnt know what the backstory of the song was, I just liked it. Now i understand it and its beautiful. I used to like it become of the part where he said "shattered like glass". I also used to think the song was called "shattered like glass". So I decided to look up shattered like glass in the search bar. Guess where I am now.

  11. savanah danica

    i just need someone to tell me this right now. I really don't know what to do. I'm so tired of life gd

  12. Jamison Missler

    Love you so my nest friend

  13. Su Phakhen


  14. Susan Cich

    What u can say about keith urban...graffiti u is a milestone..so versatile...feels so authentic....sincere....

  15. Sandy Naylor

    Everyone NEEDS 1 OF THESE 4-SURE 🎶🎗p.s.When u need someone right now break on me,baby

  16. Aishwary Ao


  17. Denise Hedden

    🥀This is a Powerful Love Song Brilliant lyrics, vocals and music! Ohmygosh I could listen to this song all day long it's Beautiful🥀🤘🎸

  18. Jose Lopez

    Somehow sadly this is most likely a beautiful friend zone song. Sadly I know from experience

  19. Twilightwolf

    I wish for someone to simply hold me, letting me cry out everything onto their chest. All my emptiness and intrusive thoughts

  20. Su Phakhen


  21. Denise Hedden

    🥀Beautiful Song🥀☝️

  22. Su Phakhen


  23. kiwi M

    Break on me
    Shit on my glass
    Come fart in my hands
    Take as long as it takes, girl
    Break on me
    Shit on my chest
    Let me help you forget...

  24. Su Phakhen


  25. c j

    There'll be times when someone you know becomes someone you knew

  26. Su Phakhen


  27. Emily Burdick

    This song makes me sad. My brother lives in Wako Tx and I miss him so much😭☹️

  28. Tactical_ Wolfe

    Me mom love this song

  29. Denise Hedden

    🦋Such a Powerful song with lyrics that grab's your heart it's brilliant🥀🤘🎸

  30. Таня Моторная

    Ты просто душка

  31. Dee Nathe

    This I do believe is one of my favorites!

  32. Gigi Love

    Ugh!! The worst is when you need this from the one you love and they just turn away....


  33. Julie Barnes

    absolutely stupid.

  34. Terry Sanders

    This beautiful song gets to my heart. I love love love this song. Keith is the most prolific lyricist of heartfelt songs today❤️❤️❤️😢 I have so much admiration and respect for such a marvelous man.❣️

  35. Adrianna Cottrill

    My brother used to sang that song all the time

  36. Alex DaSpudKing

    This song helped me get over our dogs death

    R.I.P May (2009-2019)

  37. Sweet Pea

    Anyone still listening today? I'm losing my mind.😥

  38. tiff nathasingh

    thank hunny. i love u

  39. Jo-Anne Squadrilla

    2 weeks ago I lost my best friend of 14 years my dog ❤️ this is why i love KU music because his songs comfort me 😊

  40. Baby Boy

    Lets piss someone off..SHALL WE...

  41. Ashley 11:11


  42. راوية الهاشمي

    من السعودية نحب أغانيك وشخصيتك أنا واخواتي ٫٫ شكرا لك على هذه النشر الرائع

  43. Pinkcat 25

    I love your song

  44. Baby Boy


  45. cassandra piscitello

    Sometimes to just have to be broken to be happy again..💔

  46. Deloris Nathe

    Just checking your tour dates and nothing is listed close to my area. How nice it would be to be a jet setter, in not in the stars for me, but I am certain will bring Keith back around. So, meanwhile I wait patiently. Have a great tour and I will hopefully get the little snippets after each show. Makes me feel part of the bigger picture!

  47. Emily Martin

    I'm so proud of you for saving your friends life I aperciate you

  48. Debbie Razavi

    Beautiful 💖

  49. Sonya Nicholas

    I i love you so much know you play me song. Leve that up all you no what im talking about babe

  50. Robby Lamb

    When you need somebody right now, that's what I was talking about

  51. Brianna Hay

    Feeling this alot

  52. Sibbz McSquibbz


  53. Rena D

    I’ll forever love this, def one of his very best.. Absolutely Beautiful 🌹🌹🌹🌹

  54. Margaret Warren

    A beautiful tear-jerker...love it!!!

  55. Deloris Nathe

    This song sings me to sleep every night. Although the hard part of breaking up is long time over, just love Keith’s singing....who doesn’t?

  56. Tyler Henley

    when someone you know becomes someone you knew.......

  57. Di Bn

    .....Break on me...with your head on my chest....

  58. Juanita Buron

    O sincerity just fell out of my pocket as I thought of my guy and k.r 4/27/19 22:35

  59. krystalreanna91

    I need someone to break on

  60. Kristy A

    Break on me 👫

  61. Anette Andersson

    Keith always get me to smile !and here’s songs are helping me now when I’m down. I play him all the time over,over and over again

  62. Lola Combs

    Him on phone TX looks for Mikecombs

  63. Lola Combs

    Nice song like

  64. Lola Combs

    Tynice fan lola

  65. Yolanda Johnson

    Very emotional song...my best friend, my mentor, my rock...miss you so much...RIP lefty

  66. Haylee Swank

    "Someone you know became someone you knew" 😭😭

  67. Emmerson Hudson

    It’s sad because if you don’t truly care about someone or even truly like them don’t date them for months , years and then finally decide you don’t love them and break their heart and just be perfectly fine because in the long run if you don’t really care about them in that way don’t be with them it will save you and them from being hurt :) not saying this is against anyone

  68. Emmerson Hudson

    I love this song 💗


    Break on me break on you break on everybody 😀..I am a little ugly cow boy full of love 🤠🤓

  70. Shytowngrl Me

    One of my favorite songs 💚😊😍🥰

  71. Robert Kennedy

    amazin9 voice; from thr heart luv him thanks for putting me to sleep everynight

  72. Hello Hello 2019

    LOVE LOVE LOVE..... !

  73. Deborah Morgan

    I so wish I had someone like this now. My love passed 3/22/14. Love this song

  74. Angel bonita

    Love this song

  75. Michael Mejia

    Listening to this now. My girlfriend of two years just dumped me. I was always there for her. Just like this song. Now ... im the one broken to pieces...

  76. jenny Michelle lewis

    I absolutely 😍 love this song

  77. Sandy Jimenez

    There is only one keith I love this man and all his music

  78. Abbenxena

    I recently lost my 15 year old cat (that I had for 14 years) to cancer, and my younger cat (10 years old) used to always cuddle with her, while I was listening to this song he jumped onto my lap and started cuddling against me, it's what he does when he misses her.

  79. Deborah Edwards

    I.love Keith urban

  80. Deborah Edwards

    I.love Kane Brown

  81. Aishwary Ao

    He sings with intense depth.

  82. Denise Hedden

    🥀Awesome Song amazing lyrics amazing music🥀🤘

  83. icodejavaforfun

    1:43 Come and fart in my hands

  84. Sea Blade

    Most people here are adults but I’m 10 and love this song

  85. nathanael harwood

    Love anything Keith Urban! Anything!

  86. Diana Hill

    Happy Birthday KEITH OCT. 26, 2018.

  87. Delores Koziol

    My favorite song..

  88. alyssa medlin

    i used to love this song because of the way he sings the chorus. now i love it because it get me through the daily pain of my parents divorcing. i'll never see it the same again.

  89. Denise Hedden

    Beautiful song

  90. cathy meyering

    I am having this awesome poster custom made in memory of my 2 children whom I lost, my son Bobby was killed in a car accident 10 years ago this month 10/30/2008, I lost my precious beautiful daughter Jessica to suicide last year on 3/18/2017. Keith your songs and the lyrics of these 2 songs are my life. My son's favorite song "Days Go By" he used as his campaign song when he was running for state president of the Jaycees in 2005. He was elected 81st president of the Michigan ...Jaycees, he was loved by many.  "Break On Me" This song and the lyrics are my life and Jessica's and what we feel and felt. Bobby and Jessica went to all your concerts when you were in Michigan. I am hoping you play these 2 songs on October 19th at Van Andel Arena. I have front row seats in the pits!! Thank you for your talent and gift of music!! xoxo "Live The Dream" was my son Bobby's slogan!

  91. BendAt Alday

    3 am texts with my ex she broke on me she told me how she was feeling at home and I told her to break on me

  92. Clinton Sloan

    This song goes to my fiancé Matt I love you baby you have saved me in more ways than I can ever know I can’t wait to finally marry you this year after being engaged for 3 years

  93. Vanessa Ruiz

    😍😍😍 love this song

  94. Denise Hedden

    Awesome song amazing lyrics