Upon A Burning Body - Sin City Lyrics

This is blood for blood
And by the gallons
These are the old days, the bad days
The all-or-nothing days - they're back
There's no choices left, and I'm ready for war
And I'm ready for war

We are back, back to shatter
Any stupid motherfucker that's thinking they can change the world
We've all been deemed the poison coursing through your veins
Regret all that you believe
Destruction becomes all that we need
Just when you thought you had it figured out that's when
The wave of terror comes crashing down
And just when you think the pain is too much to take
You're way too fucking late

When your eyes go dead, the hell we send you to
Will seem like heaven instead

An eye for an eye
Fall to your knees
Motherfucker tell me how do you plead?

Guilty as charged

Just when you thought you had it figured out that's when
The wave of terror comes crashing down
And just when you think the pain is too much to take
You're way too fucking late

When your eyes go dead, the hell we send you to
Will seem like heaven instead

So when you're trapped in your own hell don't wonder why,
Life sucks and then you die
So live it up, who gives a fuck? Let's tear it up tonight

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Upon A Burning Body Sin City Comments
  1. Faces Of The Martyrs

    I love this song

  2. Villainous

    My baseball couch introduced me to these guys in highschool thank you forgettable teacher number 61

  3. Aldo Vazquez

    Now i feel bad for the vegas massacre victims

  4. Aldo Vazquez

    Im stuck on this song not this band tho!!

  5. Aldo Vazquez

    Just when you thought!!

  6. Sterling Mufasa

    Going into WWIII with my rage when I was 16 bet 😂

  7. Александр Краснолуцкий

    качает)))) заебок)

  8. Colten Grothe

    633 disliking assholes in here turday°

  9. Dario Rox

    when you're attending a wedding and suddenly the big venue calls you to go play immediately

  10. Kohlenstoffisotop12


  11. Olive Mule

    They have the texas groove

  12. Zachary Bond

    I love this band it's sick

  13. Jaybird griggs

    Life sucks in Indiana too!!!! Burn it all down and dance upon the ashes..... This jam could make anyone throat punch an elderly individual!!!! Metal!!!

  14. Jessie Gonzalez

    I feel like I’ve seen this too many times there a lot of bands that sound like this. Plus the way they dress is ripping off heart in hand a lil.

  15. kukkik meme

    Love U (^+^)

  16. lupehn


  17. William Mcbride

    I love you guys

  18. Born Motionless

    2019 coming back to this and still getting hype and scaring new people 😂 love it

  19. mcasuse

    WTF?!?! These guys are called new texas Metal?!?!?!? I Mean WTF!?!?!?! who said this?? OMG they must have been drugged out of they minds!!! This is actual SHIT!!!!!

  20. ATA TYR

    Erfrischend 👍😉

  21. liamtheproducer

    Lol guilty as charged...you guys dewy cox fans??

  22. Deven Michel

    This song goes to Kyle!! F you prick

  23. Alyssa Santell

    I can’t wait to see them in June

  24. devin flanagan

    Marv is the shit

  25. redNgold53

    Uabb is legit as fuck 🤘👀🤘
    Keep rockin muther fuckers

  26. Charlie ST. Cloude

    MotherFucker Tell Me How Do You Plead?!!?!?!?!?!?..........


  27. Travis White

    So I'm not proud to admit that I had never seen Sin City until just the other day, and let me tell ya how dumb I felt when the intro quote came along.

  28. Briar Babcock

    one of the top ten greatest metal bands of our generation

  29. Dylan Beller

    Whenever he says "and then"!! On the first life sucks part. i think of dude wheres my car.

  30. Кирилл Соколов

    This is cool mother fucker

  31. Mother Luna_9

    2018 ? 👀

  32. The Darling Bat

    honestly the lyrics are so simple and whack......the guitar and drums are the only thing that save it

  33. Brody Larsen

    Good fucking song!! Saw it live 5 years ago

  34. Rob Lee 420

    I've seen these guys twice in Syracuse ny, and each time they put on one hell of a show. Danny is a straight beast!!

  35. Bizaica

    Vim pelo adm da

  36. GUNNER 5.56


  37. Brandon Michael

    Phx az here sayin you are the embodiment of the southwest and south west mentality

  38. DJay Coughlin


  39. BIK3 F0R LIF3

    Ooooooooo goosebumps

  40. james staggs

    To everyone calling these lyrics sophmoric, you're probably right but I don't see that as an insult with what the band is trying to do. To all those calling these lyrics "problematic" or "toxic", I'm pretty sure many of them were written specifically for people just like you. There's nothing at all wrong the lyrics, the problem lies with you.

  41. lexer 21

    Anyone else think they could of just made a song with the same theme as the first :35 seconds? I thought it would of sounded amazing.

  42. tattedvipermn

    Chelsea Grin did it BETTER

  43. Adryan Yuras

    Motherfucker, tell me how do you plead?!! “GUILTY AS CHARGED!”

  44. Richard P

    Now.........THAT is how you lead into a breakdown, kids. Fucking. Wow.

  45. lefteris phasarias

    arent they a bit heavy for an emo band?

  46. Gromst3rr

    wish they kept this style in their new albums... this song gives me the chills ;s

  47. Cerberus

    “I want you to open that Fuckin pit up, and if you see anybody in this room standing still, it’s your job to fuckin move em from the front to the fucking back!” - best opening ever

  48. BiopicDust 1325

    0:44 Mudvayne reference I think

  49. MFpS T1KT1K3

    Seeing you guys play this last night live was fucking lit 🖕LIFE SUCKS AND THEN DIE 🖕

  50. Crz Xm

    Hitting us up in McAllen, Texas tomorrow with Volumes!!!!

  51. xUnknow Ghostx

    Song will never get old

  52. Cock Punch


  53. young munchie

    This song makes me wanna fight the first fucker I see

  54. Universite Ogrenciligi

    song is perfect

  55. Jonathon Gutierrez

    San antonio anyone?

  56. Jay

    Fuck Yeah!! These Mother Fuckers get with it!!

  57. Efrain Mendez

    first 30 seconds was hype music 👌

  58. jay 99

    Texas motherfuckers don't Fuck with Texas

  59. anthony hazen

    Can Saturday hurry up really wanna see them

  60. sxnwrxld '

    damn.. this was my shit few years ago

  61. Hunter Pannell

    This band wins an award for best dressed to kill lol

  62. Charles B

    love this band

  63. Unknown Productions

    These guys are brown like Mexicans. Pierce The Veil are Mexicans too but don't really look Mexican except Vic Fuentes and it's funny because he has a WHITE mom. Lmao, the rest of PTV is pale as shit with very little indigenous features.

  64. riviera_ 12


  65. Rawr XD

    This is just heavy Mallcore lmao

  66. Vicente Ibáñez

    a 464 cristianos no les gusta esto

  67. Charles B

    love this band

  68. Lobonoir

    Are the fellas from Ill Nino watching this ??.....

  69. darrin ray

    your local congressmen approves this message

  70. daj dwi

    holy fucking shit what a song

  71. xboxbeatboxer83

    They are fucking amazing hope to see u in Texas soon again

  72. Paul Osire

    life only sucks because the banks make the cost of living too high and we WORK WAY TOO MUCH THE GOVERNMENT COULD EASILY GIVE US MORE FREETIME IF WE ARE FREE COUNTRY AND NOT A SLAVE CAMP!!!!!!!

  73. Joshua Large

    does anybody else just keep replaying the intro

  74. Brandon Bond

    fucken dudes ROCK!!! FUCK ALL YOU HATERS. I got RASA even though im from the WEST i feel this shit. 719 SOCO the best state COLORADO.

  75. Bucko Otissor

    Life sucks and then you die.

  76. Erik Kangas

    0:44 - Dig by Mudvayne

  77. garrett34dylan

    An actual good deathcore band , good balance of break downs and technical riffs , none of that one note bs like how asking alexandria plays a break down for the entire fucking song

  78. Alyssa Calderon

    Danny is just to damn fine 🔥

  79. andt1994

    life sucks and then I die ? tell me something I don't know lol xD

  80. Marc-André Venne

    One of the best song I heard in my opinion !!! Goddamn it feel great to scream LIFE SUCKS AND THEN YOU DIE !!!!!!

  81. TheCrackBaby187

    Ahhh....that pig squeal at 0:25 <3

  82. Jack Riley

    😎 kickass vary true about people cant geta long with all ugot got to 🐟 ing for nice people
    bs life has its good dYs and 👎 1s 2.
    buring bodys maga 😎.

  83. HeyItsAndy

    One of their heavier songs, and I FUCKING LOVE IT!! Makes me a bit prouder to be Mexican and a Texan (not as in a Texans fan lol as a person who lives in Texas)

  84. knjnij ghvggv

    attila upon a burning body born of Osiris tour would be sick

  85. Paul DeKranes


  86. Noah Maddox

    Just saw these guys live at Rams Head last night!!

  87. The Matrix98

    You guys are effing amazing!!

  88. brandon hickk

    so sad to see these dudes dress like wiggers and lose that amazing sound that keeps me coming back again and again

  89. DarkendSoulxXx

    I also don't know why every time they play this song danny always goes off beat?

  90. DarkendSoulxXx

    I miss this era of UABB

    Austin Hernandez

    New shits still good bruh. They're just evolving like most good bands.


    Although I prefer the latest two albums of UABB, technically, this is better, IMO.

    Zack Martinez

    DarkendSoulxXx same dude.

  91. im steven

    im going to the 10 years in black tour nov 16th to see every band becides this one ... i mean there not bad but id rather listen to someone else :/ like Attila

  92. Jake

    Back when UABB was good.

    Michael Alfaro

    Jake R still are

  93. Guy Dennis

    smash life, pray for a good death.

  94. Emmett O'Brien Student

    I can't wait to see them with Asking and I see stars

    Jess Wood

    I JUST DID 😂😂😂

    Stewart hanes

    ME TOOO!!!!

    Jess Wood

    +Stewart hanes YAAAAAAY lol

  95. nicola morelli


    Gary Obert

    seeing them in 10 days


    Saw them yesterday !

    Noah Maddox

    nicola morelli saw them November 16th.

    Ken S

    Noah Maddox same

    Ethan Gurevich

    Seeing them with kublai khan and within the ruins on may 12🤘🤘🎸👌

  96. Thomas Parsons