Upon A Burning Body - Game Over Lyrics

We will not be denied
Our heart; truth and pride
We can not be confined
These words we will live by

We will not be denied
Our heart; truth and pride
We can not be confined
These words we will live by

So if you ain't running with us
Run from us

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Upon A Burning Body Game Over Comments
  1. Nigga Noodles

    this is to good to be this short

  2. JVIII

    To good

  3. Fx Cast

    so many great songs less than 2 min.

  4. Andrew Soltis

    Omg the guitar is so epic I love it. Im learning how to play it myself

  5. d r

    the guitar in this fucking kills me. i'v never heard anything so wonderfully sinister in today's hardcore 

    Andrew Ulry

    D Ramahi hellz yeah!

  6. Ben Cobb

    These *words* we will live by.
    ^Just lyric correction!

  7. Thomas Pedersen

    Death to false metal.

  8. Mysteries of Magic

    Crazy guitar

  9. Alex Roppelt

    theyre great live


    They're AMAZING live, I saw them on March 28th with 5FDP... never heard of them before it but I almost fell in love when they started playing! Vocalist is ridiculously good live, I'd say they're better live than on record.

    Nigga Noodles

    dude I want to see them so badly live it ant even funny

  10. panterask8r14

    you tell us lol.


    And to think this song is named after Spy Kids 3 :')

  12. Jon

    It's funny because both top comments are still stupid.

  13. Randal Graves

    this live

    ahhh fuck, nothing better.

  14. Philia // Phobia

    I love sumarian bands

  15. Harry Johnson

    no regrets

  16. Zach England

    Regret typing that?

  17. Rob Z

    0:53 best part

  18. SicSociophobiac

    Your name is "Deathcore Maniac" but your picture is of Asking Alexandria.
    Fuck off lol


    Seen em live in Pittsburgh, Craziest shit ever in a good way!=D

  20. Defytheordinary


  21. Ink-Bleedful

    I'm in the awesome part of youtube again.

  22. mrpak343

    but it doesn't have an order like the mexican flag
    lol this was 3 months ago, forget it man

  23. rue manley

    this wat the future of metal sounds like,these guys r gonna be big


    Shame it didn't end up as good as it could have, however their new stuff is decent, not genre defining though. Cheers from the future.

  24. dirkbbal12

    good thing that's the only thing in the world with red white and green in them, right

  25. megagreenzebra


  26. Andrew Martin



    Just seen these crazy Mother Fuckers live at mahemfestival 2012 my favorite band that came on the 2nd stage they are beast af!

  28. Harry Johnson

    cute family guy joke

  29. Mugen

    because you touch yourself at night.

  30. megagreenzebra

    erotic diarrhea fantasy

  31. StrayDogStrut


  32. Hofboys

    At 0:48 I grew a beard. Ate my cat. And then cried. Wut

  33. mrpak343

    mmmm maybe but it would have no sence cause the album makes reference to mexico, but who knows? maybe i'm wrong haha

  34. vicerexcising54

    i think its suppose to be like the italian flag, cause they incorporate alot of italian mob stuff in their music. Like the last album. Scarface, Donnie Brasco, etc.

  35. Jessica Castillo


  36. mricardo96

    Gonna see 'em 29 May [:

  37. Devin S.


  38. Heshy Weshy

    i wet my paints at 0:48 to 0:55

  39. mrpak343

    lol the mexican flag colors in order from left to right are green-white-red not red-white-green so you guys should change the album title

  40. Nick Sadler

    OH shit, thats so true haha

  41. ラモスガストン

    listening to this UABB in my room...
    Dad walks in.
    Dad walks out.

  42. shakesulla123


  43. Visored Virus

    I wish people would shut up about the top comments etc... Enjoy the fucking song and get one with your life? ^,^ New album been baught tomorrow :D can't fucking wait!

  44. daylin suckow

    song came on while playing MW2.....got nuked....

  45. Brandon Dusk

    Song Title is actually from the Spy Kids 3D movie lol. Well actually all the songs in this album are Robert Rodriguez Film related. Just like The world is ours was Films Al Pacino was in

  46. B Sonkz

    This album took my 'new favorite album' spot. thumbs up if you fucks agree.

  47. Robert Flores

    soooo... this was the song they used when they preview the album :O

  48. flameboy4119

    i wish this song was longer

  49. Harry Johnson

    why are both the top comments retarded?

  50. pfishy98

    sumerian is the fucking bees knees

  51. Austin Logan

    the top comments are really stupid -_-

  52. Cozmo Death

    Cada vez sonando mejor!

  53. One Mad Canadian Bastard

    :( Great Song But Bad Top Comments

  54. Lynk

    finally been looking for this song on youtube for ahwile

  55. Mitch B

    Attack Attack disliked this video !!!

  56. alexiskillmobile

    i agree that Emmure is a joke, but this still sounds like them

  57. colton jones

    Salivating Sphincter

  58. Logan Walley

    Actually no, Emmure is a joke.

    William Taylor

    Logan Walley you hush your damn mouth sir lol

  59. optimistprime z

    Does not sound like emmure

  60. alexiskillmobile

    it sounds like emmure

  61. Mugen

    poop nuggets