Upchurch - Spotlight Lyrics

Woo-woo, whoa

I walk the line, black leather, silver chains
I'm blinded by the fame every time I hit the stage
Head bangs, beer spray, stage dives, hand waves
Till the lights blow out
And when they go out I'll be...

In a glass box suffocating from the fame and fortune
In a glass box, yeah it's quiet, with everlasting motion
And I can't breathe and I can't see and I can't be myself
And even in the spotlight you can't see that I need help

So many hands everywhere I go
Tryna pull me into their frigid killing snow
Their hearts are cold, my touch of flame
They'll tell a lie to get higher
They all want a piece of my fire

The glass box can't be broken, clearness cannot be tempting
No oxygen inside so I don't know how I'm living

In a glass box suffocating from the fame and fortune
In a glass box, yeah it's quiet, with everlasting motion
And I can't breathe and I can't see and I can't be myself
And even in the spotlight you can't see that I need help

In a glass box suffocating from the fame and fortune
In the glass box, yeah it's quiet, with everlasting motion
With everlasting motion

The glass box can't be broken, clearness cannot be tempting
No oxygen inside so I don't know how I'm living

In a glass box suffocating from the fame and fortune
In a glass box, yeah it's quiet, with everlasting motion
And I can't breathe and I can't see and I can't be myself
And even in the spotlight you can't see that I need help

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Upchurch Spotlight Comments
  1. Kevin Cavender

    Ryan upchurch and
    You love song
    Ryan upchurch
    Con you text see
    Text 👍👍😁🤣

  2. Natasha Eastridge

    All your music is #1 love how you can make anything work.... Can't help but relate to your words!!!

  3. yours truly

    I quess clearness can be tented

  4. Evoke

    great song keep it up church

  5. J. Meredith

    I think this is my new favorite song it's not a new one but it's my new favorite song besides parachute in Fallen

  6. Youcrosseyed H

    Man I got this on loop 2.24 got me breaking through walls

  7. redneck99 dipper

    This song makes me cry every time that's how powerful his music is

  8. Paul Souther

    Good luck tonight skin hope you see this comment if you need any reassurance before you step on that stage. 🤘🏻⛪️👊🏻 @ryanupchurch

  9. Jay Winslett

    Damn bro I've listened to this song more times than I can count I still love it I'm sorry your going threw a hard time such a great dude he deserves much more

  10. teenie Mclane


  11. adoracle1

    this song says even more than the words express. I know this was over a year ago, but praying for you sweety...I think God may have already sent you your angel and everything is gonna be alright. love each other hard


    This young man is a gift to us from God. May he always be blessed.

  13. Emma Price

    You're legitimately changing lifes. Keep it up

  14. Roll tide 93

    If this is what church was going through 2 almost years ago imagine what it’s now love ya church

  15. Brandon Goddard

    Who ever does not like upchurch is weird

  16. teenie Mclane


  17. Ceirra S

    Damn that was AWESOME 😄💓🌹🎼🎙

  18. Crazywhiteboi 231

    Every time I listen to this I cry dawg thank you church for going thru shit to be here for us die hard fans love u bubba

  19. Ali Barlow

    love this!!!

  20. Robert Peterson

    Just Remember Tim McGraw humble n kind , don't over do yourself skin , your fans will be here , can't wait to see you Jan 3rd

  21. Vibration Nation T.V.

    Church, Church!!!!!

  22. Jonsteven Spivey

    You the damn best you definitely Going to be a legend one day and I will never stop listening to your music he’ll ya love you church 🤘🏻

  23. Amber Christine

    @ryanupchurch I've been using this song for my weightlifting playlist since it came out. Always gets me pumped up and keeps me chugging along.
    Can't believe its been over a year already!! Keep it coming.

  24. Holliday Doll

    I love this song!!! It rocks!!
    Upchurch your the man!!!
    Never give up and never give in! We got your back 100%

  25. Marilyne Monroe

    Damn this is an amazing track! Yes!! I love you church!!

  26. Wayne Collins

    Like to be burning one...

  27. Joshua Carter

    Wish there was a raffle were you could get to win a gun range shoot with upchurch shoot shit and talk real shit on a podcast or something. Too many crazy people would want to kill em tho

  28. Chad Wilson

    2019 ppl

  29. Jimmy Curry

    S rocking out to this legend, blasting it in the school yard and flying down the backroads and down town!🤘🏻🇺🇸 Save the best forget the rest #UPCHURCH

  30. Michael s

    How does one write so many great songs? One thing I don’t like though is some of the songs about drugs. This world needs all the help it can get.

  31. Travis Durfee

    1.6 million subscribers 🙏congrats. 2 mill is common. U deserve it all 💯🙏🙏

  32. Alyssa Soucy

    What album is this on?

  33. johnathon dartt

    I’ve listened to this song three times today. One hell of a song. 👍🏻

  34. duck Hunter

    Love this song keep it up.

  35. David Dudley

    Dose anyone know what XM channel plays him?

  36. Poetry Falcon

    I just want to say, your lyrics and feelings you put into those lyrics are the reason why people admire you. You are poetic. You a man of emotion. Keep singing and rapping my dude.

  37. Mathew Melanson

    Upchurch you are a legend and will go on for ever my man. Your song got me through hard times. @thunder_thight_melanson1234

  38. Kelley Shockley

    Another great tune Upchurch!!!

  39. Mason Jar J

    Damn , can't believe it's been one year to the day since you released this classic.

  40. Jackie Gerber

    🤘Great song

  41. carl Whetzel

    Upchurch the man

  42. LJ'S Home Maid Service

    This song is so powerful if your artist or just a person going through shit. Love this song

  43. Patricia W. Allen


  44. John Dryfuse

    This is my all time fav jam 💯💯💯👊🤘

  45. Phil D

    Love ya Church!
    Love y’all Creekers!

  46. James Hickey

    Church. Ur the best sound in the music scene bar far right now in my eyes, ur so mo fo amazing man. Thank you for giving me strength again to be me an fuk the haters, 🤘🤘🤘❤️

  47. Kaleb Cole

    Rap wizard

  48. Kaleb Cole

    So great

  49. carl Whetzel

    Upchurch one bad a mother

  50. Playboi X

    I feel this song on a whole different level

  51. carl Whetzel

    The next Elvis

  52. carl Whetzel

    Amen upchurch for life

  53. Cole Sullivan

    Bumping this shit before I go to sleep. The only way I can sleep

  54. John Negrea

    This song is talking about how he really feels you can’t see he is overwhelmed keep being strong Ryan it’s all worth it man I promise

  55. The kid Ben Johnson

    Hey church you may have seen my hundreds of comments on like all your videos but if you dont see any other comment ive left i want you to see this one. Im a soldier in the 82nd airborne and i dont get to go home much but listening to your music helps me reminisce on the fun i had back home and makes me feel a little closer to home thank you please keep it up

  56. Postal Patriot556

    Thanks church, it’s 5 am and I’m moving a school unit across the county. Make sure you boys chase the paper, and stay safe and cool.

  57. Joseph Roberts

    What's up brother! Has anyone ever said that in the video "Spotlight" during the performance that you resemble Phil from PANTERA? Spotlight, hands down, is my favorite track. I'm stoked that I was turned on to your music...KILL 'EM ALL......LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT! Stay true and stay country/rock bro!

  58. Philippe Prétot

    Thank you so much

  59. song reviewer 1 through. 10

    I rate this song a 10 great song

  60. Rebecca Bailey

    I love all your music. You are such a talented man. Your music has helped me in so many ways.. You have so much soul and passion in your lyrics. Keep on keepin on. We love you...

  61. low bro

    Hey brother this is some great music !! My son has started to listen to your music and Hope's to see and meet you in person one day! If you can one give him a shout out he will greatly appreciate it! His name is skyler!

  62. Carl Jordan

    Hope u make it to PHX one day or I gotta plan a vacation around your tour schedule

  63. 109367

    "I'm in a glass box of emotion!"

  64. Kelly Huyser

    Best POTUS ever!! Trump 2020

  65. justin pattengale

    Best song ever ... any other songs like this

  66. Blake Leverett

    I almost blow my mom's Speakers out to this song

  67. FizleFlash A

    Its okay 👌🏽👍🏽❤️

  68. Cameron Smith

    #churchlife4ever love ya brother

  69. Billy Sattler

    I hope I ain't too country for the country

  70. Billy Sattler

    I got white boys satin he's just too country for me

  71. Amber White

    Me and my ol man literally live in bfe just to be away from society more than welcome to come here anytime plenty of stuff to do lol always could use help on the farm 😁

  72. Hope Calfe

    Love it!!

  73. Carmen Drust

    Love you church awesome music

  74. Rhoades K

    Ni matter what you do church your the best.

  75. indi breathin

    💯🤘🏼 the way your music ignites something inside me and sooo many others is real church! Never met you skin but I’m rockin with you! while I’m breathing I’m making sure I expose the people around me with the real.

  76. Sarah Chapman

    My favorite song ever! It's my ringtone, video reminds me of your concerts at The Machine Shop.

  77. Abagail Steensgard

    Thank you upchurch i listen to your music when i feel my depression kick in. I was abused when i was a teenager. Your music helps me deal with my depression and my flashbacks. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart

  78. Red White And Doo

    Upchurch, What's up with the triangles!? U in that B.S. club???

  79. Ethan Howe

    Upchurch youre a true badass. Your music motivates me every day as I go to work. Or even on days I’m not at work I’m still jammin to ur tunes. I’d love to meet you man. I’m from West Virginia. I will meet you one day. Rock On brother 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  80. Jeramie Mccracken

    I listen to various artists in country, rock, rap and they're all called Church!!! Man,there isn't shit you can't do

  81. Maratus

    Thats how i feel whenever i have an anxiety attack

  82. Jessica Evans

    I wanna hear you remix witch doctor-hopsin

  83. John White

    Just do the best you can son with all you got,,,but to remember to take time for your self,,,a fan love what your doing your like the son I never had hope to meet you some day,,,, Lets make this happen,,

  84. Jordan Videka

    This song has and is helping me in tough times keep it up thanks!!! #RHEC

  85. Courtney Deans

    😭 I love this man, not one song I dont like .
    upchurch ; keep it up man 🤟🏽 destined for greatnesss ! 😍🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

  86. Bobby Greenhaw


  87. austin g

    Good videos

  88. Jed Farley

    This is a dam good song. Has that should be on the radio vibe.

  89. mac collins

    One of my favorite song

  90. COWBOY The Realoutdoorsman

    he has become the best teacher of it;;;;flex away workout...strive ;;ACHEIVMENT

  91. Jacob Reiss

    Upchurch is the best rapper I lesson to keep up with the good work son

  92. Chuck Norris

    Pay attention. Hes just getting started. Church is fucking in session!

  93. Terri Lell

    I love all your songs since the very first one I heard from you, and I've been hooked ever since!! Another one of my favs!! 😂

  94. aaron choate

    Be a hellava mash pit song

  95. Joshua Kinard

    Fucking awesome song dude!! I love the song. you put alot of your emotion into those words man. It was a very difficult choice(trust me) but i think as of right now it's my favorite from you. Your not speaking of yourself in this song are you church?


    Hes talking about the pain deep within him