Upchurch - How High Lyrics

I can't see Heaven but I think it's up there somewhere
I feel closer to the Devil 'cause they say he lives down under
But if I could fly a thousand miles to chill with the man himself
I'd probably roll up one big fat one and say thanks for creating hell

But how high do I got to get to see angels in the sky
How much smoke I gotta blow to move the clouds to see your side
How many nights I gotta pray, how many Sunday's I gotta go
How many joints, how many miles, and how high, how high do I gotta go

Sometimes when I'm walking I get goosebumps on my skin
Cause I feel like something's stalkin' and trynawalk on my heels
And then my spine gets some chills, when I'm strolling rivers and hills
And hopping barbed wire fences just to come see what the deal is
Fuck the Devil, I'ma rob him with six rounds and a steel
Cut his head off, mount it on my wall by all of my deer
Fuck it punk, gimme that fiddle so I can leave and go pawn it
Hit downtown and buy some seeds and go and grow me some chronic
Yeah I'm always rolling stoned but now I'm trying to take flight
And smoke a joint with old Jesus and grow some wings over night
Yeah watch me cut donuts in clouds past the gates made of gold
You shoulda known my soul was too priceless to ever be sold

I can't see Heaven but I think it's up there somewhere
I feel closer to the Devil 'cause they say he lives down under
But if I could fly a thousand miles to chill with the man himself
I'd probably roll up one big fat one and say thanks for creating hell

But how high do I got to get to see angels in the sky
How much smoke I gotta blow to move the clouds to see your side
How many nights I gotta pray, how many Sunday's I gotta go
How many joints, how many miles, and how high, how high do I gotta go

How high do I gotta go
How high do I gotta go
How high do I gotta go
How high do I gotta go

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Upchurch How High Comments
  1. Timothy Skipper

    Who’s here 2020

  2. Eternal_Erudition

    Same kinda beat as Bells! I knew it sounded familiar

  3. American Asskicker

    Brother you are the man dancing on these democrats like the rats they are. The dance with the devil our elected officials are doing is being exposed in these lyrics you have wrote

  4. Ashlee Kemple

    Playing this in 2020 @RyanUpchurch 🤘🏼much respect from Oregon ❤️

  5. Kelli Jensen

    Literally one of my favorite songs ! 👌🏻💯

  6. Marble Town TV

    Who here in 2020?

  7. outdoorgamer 113

    Who still blasting this in 2020

  8. Jackson Stevenson

    2020 who still listening to this

  9. Cassie Mccollister

    I absolutely love this song i wonder how high do I gotta go

  10. BadLittleKevin

    How high do I gotta go so much bullshit and mysterious shit going on we all know Kobe bs is to deal with Hillary with that post that was deleted what best to do than say thanks for the creative hell cuz this is hell all we can do is create are path but how high do we gotta get to live

  11. James Hoffman

    Learn from the walk with thunder in the middle of the to world and see what happens in the future and brake your self and sale your soul for a hero who stop bleave in his God bless the people who have been over seas in war with no one ever wanted

  12. Elias maendel

    Songs from the strait from the soul. Love it

  13. Miss Rayne

    I love just browsing through and hearing you go from rock, to rap, to country- to whatever you want to do. Just found out about your music and so glad I did.

  14. West Virginia Girl

    Fuggin awesome song dude🤘🤘🤘🤘

  15. Stacey


  16. William Conway

    I play ever song from every album everyday even at work keep up skins .

  17. brittany sadie

    I enjoy this one on my jogs in the summer. . How high 4 real

  18. Aaron B

    Fuckin punk gimme that fiddle

  19. jc jc

    That's a good lookin jeep

  20. James Hoffman

    Its place u find when your heart broke so bad you lie in floor and don't eat it's not drugs it call fasting and praying and at the end u drink whiskey

  21. Brandon Kehoe

    Badass brother

  22. Justin Lightner

    Man this has to be one of the favorites so far keep it broski

  23. samantha pauline

    I love this one of yours the best ♡

  24. Les Penson

    blak Dec. \,,/

  25. Anita Pewitt

    I love your songs I did subscribe and like I'm in your group

  26. Jonesy Shelton

    Ryan Upchurch, this guy is talented as shit dude. Can rap, sing, rock, all of the above. What can he not do? Hope to meet him one day.

  27. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    How high can I get is the question if I refrain myself from weed 😂 probably not very much😂

  28. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    He’s at a high point in his life he’s spreading that with everyone

  29. CleanMotorSport RacingAssociation

    Dude this man has vocals that send me higher than high haha weed is pointless with him around 😂

  30. Tommy Arnold

    I am seeing angels fly above my halo right now...🙏💪🏻

  31. Natisha Rivers

    two years I lost my baby girl , I am doing what it takes to make it to her !!! I I use to believe in Jesus , today I am no longer a believer but I am a knower!!! cuz that's the only way I can see her again!!!

  32. DuckieThirteen

    Hey Mr. Upchurch. The line located at the 2 minute mark where you say, “I feel closer to the Devil, because they say he lives down under.” Well, if I may make a Suggestion... I think the end of that line should go, “because they say he lives down here.” The reason being that the Devil was actually cast down to earth to live among men. Which is why he controls everything here on earth. So He lives with Us here. Plus it just feels absolutely right.

    Sometimes it could be as simple as one word on whether a song makes it or not.

    Wish you all the Best with your abilities. Thanks for Being.

  33. Anthony Hangbers


  34. Sofa Jay

    Probably the worst song ever written

  35. Dakota Dragoo

    who still listening in 2019

  36. Bryan Thornton

    Blast this daily while driving

  37. plow boy36

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🔥 🔥

  38. Shawn Coffey

    This is my new favorite song EVER!!! I love the music man, keep it up. I'm a huge fan, and you make the best music EVER!!!!!

  39. Keith Hunter

    I smoke to deal with my ptsd I acquired over in Iraq. Folks say I need to take the medicine they want to give me but as long's you make this banging music and I have my weed I'm good to go. #armystrong #Rhecnation #creeksquad

  40. Colton Cheuvront

    Anyone in 2019? Damn this hit me in the chills

    Backwoods Barbie

    Loving me some upchurch!

    Cowboyemojie 1456

    Hell...2020 still one of my favorites

  41. Natisha Rivers

    I knew trying to make it to my baby!! lost with pout her!!!

  42. Ian Raley

    F****** punk give me that fiddle

  43. Zachary Farran

    This song has replaced "rollin stoned" for my new smoking anthem! Much love from NW Arkansas!

  44. Chris Ford

    My neighbors know this song too lol 😂 I play this shit a lot an much much more yee yee

  45. andrea clabough

    RHEC skins

  46. Jacob Boren

    Holy shit

  47. jennifer pesak

    I have seen heaven and came back to this hell of a crazy world were living in and boy I gotta get high to deal with this fkn life that has dealt me a messed up hand trying to roll another fat one and make everything go away for a moments of peace up high in the heavens...

  48. Tyler Seeley

    Honestly, I don't fuckin comment on anything. But, this song, hit hard. I've been a fan of yours for years, Upchurch. And I actually haven't found it until tonight. Quite glad, really. I sent it to a few really close people. It actually explains some shit I haven't been able to say. And that's one of the reasons why I've been a fan of yours. A lot of the stuff you say is relatable. Beyond what you think. I really don't give a flying fuck about people who wanna talk shit on me, go for it. Cause you're a beautiful bitch. (The hater's). But dude, you're great, and I hope you keep up with good shit.

  49. DEE 300

    Keep on keeping on Upchurch

  50. Rachel Nelson

    Still my favorite song!! ❤️❤️❤️

  51. CWB Gaming

    Next time your in pigeon forge hmu brother we'll burn one !

  52. Mahkenzie greenwood

    i love this song

  53. Raymond Hamlin

    So many dislikes. I dont get it.🔥

  54. Alex Sorensen

    If these lyrics dont give you chills then you're not awake and have no self awareness

  55. benjamin hicks

    Man you have no clue how much I relate to your music bad ass is all I can say.

  56. Precast Concrete Solutions llc.

    Took the punks fiddle and pawned it. Hahaha! I hope Charlie heard this song.

  57. Kristine Elizabeth Bate

    I’ve got to hear Ryan and Jelly Roll collaborate🙏♥️♥️💫♥️♥️💫♥️♥️

  58. Cody Corfits

    How many joints

  59. Thomas Paminto

    Fkn awesome

  60. Chris Ford

    Can’t believe he sold that jeep

  61. Brittany Rashelle


  62. Jan Summerford

    Love you bubba ❤️🇺🇸🔥❌

  63. Joe Vasquez

    One of the best songs so far

  64. Cydney Ray

    Church I would like to thank you for making the music that you do it has help me threw some very hard times. Keep doing what you are doing

  65. Jane Spivey

    Love you an your music Ryan.

  66. Mush Room

    Going through the biggest storm I've ever had to face alone right now and hearing this brought some confidence in myself back. I need it now more than ever, thanks Ryan.

  67. Kristopher Karcher

    Love this one, its in my top 3 off of the album! Next to Pondcreek Road and Dirty South. Def sounds like a great southern rock album. Little rap. But i love the crossover.

  68. Josh A

    The title of this song is me

  69. pete marquardt

    If can make a board of hotel california

  70. Jordan Fowler

    G.O.A.T...legend put here by god to preach

  71. Ericka Harris

    I love your music so much, I wish you knew how much it helps me.


    Chase D

    Ericka Harris I believe he does know to a pretty dam full extent how much his music helps a lot of us bro , don't ever think he doesn't know or doesn't appreciate us the same way my dude . That's why we a family and not just a fan base

    Ericka Harris

    Well sometimes a body just feels the need to vocalize it. Lol much love.

    Chase D

    Ericka Harris trust me I ain't hatin lol , just wanted to assure you he knows

    Ericka Harris

    Lol i know :) i was smoking while listening to it and got in my feelings lollll. I forgot i posted this comment anyways.


    I just noticed this was published on my Birthday 2018!! #hillbillyRedneck

  73. Creeker Chris Hughes

    I listen to this song everyday thinking of my dad, wishing i could get to hear his voice telling me to keep moving forward and everything is just gonna be fine. *How high to i gotta go?*

    Jerod Davis

    Creeker Chris Hughes I feel you brother I do the same thang we will see them again and u can still talk to them and u can hear there answer because you are him and he is you. Keep your head up skin and you know he would tell you to roll with the punches

  74. Eric Ricketts

    Bro the Gates aren't made of gold

  75. Johnny cash ,Miller

    Got to get high enough to see Angel's that is just genius upchurch love it.

  76. Jacqueline Ray

    Yeee yeee!!

  77. Chase D

    One of my favorite songs of yours bro , once again thank you

  78. Bayden Smith

    Awesome song added to the playlist

  79. Tampa reviews

    We are Tampa reviews weed reviews I like this song

  80. realsc728

    One of many songs by you that gives me chills. 🤘

  81. Josh Vonada

    Just took a dab and the beginning of this song made me think I was like walking through a mysterious forest.. lol wtff

  82. thefallensaint 420

    Keep them tracks lit on fire an roast ur haters

  83. pete marquardt

    Very high to get were iam at elma

  84. pete marquardt

    Seen it

  85. Sara Auclair

    I freaking love this,also you need to come to Maine ...... 🤘🤘🔥🔥🔥

  86. Johnnie Hughes

    U Shoulda knew my soul was too Priceless to ever be sold.

    Chris Michon

    The Devil is a Punk!!!?

  87. The Alias 8 9

    Who is playing the lead on this song?
    Dont tell me its church 😱

  88. michael thompson

    LEGEND Bro. I'll be listening to your music till I'm as high as I gotta go. So will my kids. Keep it up. God bless man.

  89. Awoodward7899

    That "hook" is very very very ...very full of potential

    Jamie Behrends

    Ain't it already at the top

  90. Richie Dishman

    Hey i have rhec tattooed on me and its my dream before i die to smoke a joint wth upchurch im from russell county Virginia if you see this please come burn a green one wth me

  91. Jamie Behrends

    Taking my game day to gym

  92. sin tex speed shop

    this is probably my favorite song by you and I've been rocking with you forever since the vine days

  93. Katherine Howell

    Do I need to that says what is I lmfao

  94. Katherine Howell

    Is I but I'm bout to smoke 😂😍

  95. James Alan Richardson

    Best song I even got my grandfather listening to it