Upchurch - HI-DEAS 4 Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Church, uh

Red carpet, gold lace
Fake smile, fake wave
Stop, pose, smile, eh
Shutter flash, flash grenade, dang
What's a snake and sparkler to Mr. Joe Dirt, ayy?
Show me them boobies, take the hammer to the poop tank
Kicking Wing higher than the top of fuckin' Snoop's house
Shag carpet like the van when Fred and Daphnee rolled out
That's why I act like Shaggy, smoke a bleezy hunt for ghosts
Get possessed, become a legend with a pencil and a scope, ho
Put poison in your cranium, these bars are thick titanium
You couldn't sink me in 1912 with iceburgs helpin' ya
They told me knock on the door, ask to be let in
The River Rat was floatin' home on a door right then
You can blow that whistle and you'll jack about a thousand times
But I'm ice cold, leave the haters frozen back in time
The poor boy stayed afloat, rockin' bottoms like a tater sack
Spicy Cajun with the flows, mic inside a jerky shack
Je-Jeffery Dahmer with the knife, you want beef I sell human flesh
From cuttin' off the faces, people comin' tryna piggyback
Church, Church, Church you don't answer none of my calls no more
So I'ma start some rumors, you're a prick because you're ego brah
I see you eatin' right now you're gettin' back in shape
Since I'm just a lazy fuck I'll say you're on coke and depressed
30 cars, four houses, bills paid, suck my bull nuts
Record label, what is that? I sign my own checks son
I've been my own boss since I got fired from Eddie's Market
Took a piss inside a classroom, got expelled from halls of Harpeth
Dropped out, never even got my GED
Failed English class every year now they're readin' on me
Like I became a brain surgeon, or I play for LSU
I hate hearts tell the doctor print the CAT Scans for
I reckon you want to see how bad I'm RHECin' in
I RHECin' mud tracks runnin' through the town
Dirty dirty when I RHEC the shit
They opened up a can of teenie weenie Beanee Weenee's
I'ma eat the beat with my eyes low, our haters smell like Denny's
Can I get these fuckin' sissies smothered covered extra onion
Country rap needs a big shot, then you can call me Paul Bunyan
Blue rocks in a White Owl, yeah I'm hip-hop's White House
Since I blew up now it's extra pimp to pull that tractor out
Jason Aldean said he'd take you for a ride
I'm the one that's poppin' wheelies, PTO crank the high
You might die in my mind, I'm a rare one of my kind
I've been in this shit so long I got mushrooms growin' on my facade
I got the public eye trippin' like their pupils dilated
Hip-hop rubbin' it's eyes before they realized that I made it
The game is closin', overdosin' on some Melatonin in the open
Droolin' on the window no direction where the fuck you goin'?
Remember back to when Ol' Red had his evenin' run?
Or when George had to make Amarillo by mornin' sun
Well I'm makin' somethin' also and I don't know what it is yet
I don't have to know 'cause I know I got a killer intellectual mindset
I know time is a damn track just like each track has a time
This is hours of thinkin' just puzzle pieced together with a bunch of uneven lines
For uneven minds, no reason why, I'm just vocals through the damn system
But when I'm gone and the system crashes people still gonna tune in and listen

Stone baby stone
Stone baby stone
Stone baby stone

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Upchurch HI-DEAS 4 Comments
  1. David Renner

    Listen to this in 1.25 speed
    Holy s#!t

  2. Joe Green

    Please make all the hideas available for as a physical ep release or at least put them on amazon. These are nothing short of greatness

  3. Billy Simmons

    Who is still listening in 2020!!!!!!!!😁

  4. Jacob Jones

    Upchurch needs his own global radio station

  5. Hightower One

    So well done. It's incredible to me how this one is so over looked.

  6. Jason Darger

    Man time flys. I remember when these dropped and I didn’t think it’s been almost a year.

  7. Jason Darger

    Put all your hi deas on Spotify

  8. Just Another1

    Honest question. Who thinks Upchurch should be at YouTube rewind?

  9. Dizzle theDevil

    Suck my bull nuts...

  10. Jason Clark

    People just dont know how he elevated his music lyrically after years. Yeaaaahh he might of slipped out of country a lil lol but that shits hot. I grew in my older CDs after a while. He's finding his style 💪

  11. Zak Fain

    He said im hip hops white owl 😶💪

  12. Katalina Joy

    240/270 dislikes as usual some of em must of lost there phone or finally got laid

  13. Jack juggalo

    Mom time to grab the camera again!

  14. Jack juggalo

    Show me those boobies take tht hammer to the poop tank

  15. stewart heislup

    you need to drop hi-deas as a album love this shit

  16. AAP Fishing


  17. King of Mecca Khan Solomon

    The best drop 🔥

  18. Jackson Meads

    Should’ve made it 4 minutes 20 seconds

  19. brandon palmer

    Church man! This is still one of my favorites, can you please do a remix of young dolph "major" I think you could kill that beat

  20. Alissa Beerthuis

    100% a legend💗

  21. The Alias 8 9

    I been listening to hideas 1 - 7 the last couple days, for some reason hideas 5 is my favorite. All of them are 🔥but #5 stood out to me

  22. Sara Gonzalez

    Church church upchurch 😍😉

  23. hunterphillips1

    zarek diamond is 100 percent correct!!! you have brought me out of my darkest hours and helped me make myself keep on trying, keep on doing, keep on being myself no matter who says what!! thank you Ryan UpChurch your a mother fucking badass and dont let one single mother fucker steer you 1/16 away from that!!!!!!

  24. hunterphillips1

    im tuned in prior to the crash!!!!!!!!!

  25. Hunter Dowdall

    "Jason Aldean said he'd take you for a ride, I'm the one poppin wheelies PTO cranked to high" hell yeah Church! #RHEC

  26. Eli Moore

    I be bumping this shit every time I get blazed, you got sum for every type of mood. That’s why your my favorite artist

  27. Michael Stidham

    YouTube rubbing its eyes 👀 Before they realized that church made it

  28. Rebecca Crockett

    Keep these shit going love these

  29. Mason Green

    I’ve listened to this song so many times that I can rap it at the same exact pace

  30. Mudslanger

    River rat was FLOATING home on a DOOR right then you can BLOW YOUR WHISTLE “titanic”

  31. Holly Perkins

    Thanks so much for your music.....when I get some certain way, this straightens me out. thanks fam!

  32. rhec_henry

    Will it release on Spotify

  33. TheNatewl777

    I try not to add too many of one artist to my playlist so I am very picky. I just keep adding your songs. So many good tracks.

  34. Dylan Benson

    Man. I've been listening to you for awhile now. I've heard all your shit on YouTube and saving up to buy as albums at once as I can but anyway, this song bruh, this beat with your flow. One of the best songs by far aside from hi deas 6. Love the way it flows. I'm chillin doing my paperwork for work at home and this one comes on and I just start dancing. Work, ill be back in five. #RHEC

  35. Brandi Rose

    Is this on cd

  36. James Tucker

    1:55 in is the best verse I have ever heard in my life

    James Tucker

    Love all his shit nobody does it like the churchman

  37. Rob Champion

    love it man
    keep it up

  38. Rob Champion

    church , church , church , church

  39. Endless Routes

    Hands down Endless Routes favorite artist.

  40. D Moore

    Man this is 🔥🔥 but where can I buy this?? If its not for sale do a man a favor and give me a download link so I can rock this shit lol

  41. Alissa Beerthuis


  42. Marty's Damn Channel

    This song is harder than the beating my dad use to give me.

  43. Well watered wife

    I listen to Ryan Upchurch everyday at work, when I get off from work, all the way until bedtime. I'm his #1 fan! 👆

  44. Mike W

    God dahm keep it up

  45. modularpowered

    I laughed way too hard when you said suck my bull nuts

  46. Markipooh #thepoohisfree

    My girl just gave me a shotgun in the tub

  47. Fuzzy Vision

    I asked for hard bars earlier this week i meant more like this... Empty handed i am

  48. Cam Konuk CREEK SQUAD

    They said nock on the door ask to be let in. The river rat was floating home on the door right then!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂 fire ass bar bro Cant believe that no one else caught that bar

  49. Will Dennis

    I didn't know bass could push dislike buttons 🤔🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. Bonnie Friebel


  51. Mat Groves

    Lyrical murder

  52. Jonathan Scimeca

    Lowkey mad this isn’t on ITunes

  53. Zach Pittman

    You need to make Hi-Deas a playlist on Spotify skin!! That would be sick!


    Mr. Joe dirt...hammer to the poop tank😂😂😂😂...keep that skoal baby!

  55. TwoGun Tommy


  56. WIGLAF 77

    Dude every track you drop is GOLD. I amazed by your word play. Your abality to make thought provoking yet fucking bars.

  57. Russell McAnear

    Howdy fuckers

  58. CCGAMER55

    Really good though

  59. CCGAMER55

    Put it on Spotify

  60. Lawrence Lambert

    Smotherd covered with extra onion. Dude talkin bout waffle house 💀😂

  61. Twat Waffle

    I’m fried

  62. anthony crews

    Making a hi- deas cd? That be sick

  63. Gage West

    We need hi deas 5 back🤙🏼🤙🏼

  64. MrJdub322


  65. Morgan E.

    Love this song 👍👍👍💪💪

  66. Will Duvall

    When are you going to put hi deas on iTunes

  67. Tyler Gale

    Upchurch has that similar 3/6 mafia beat... Love it!

  68. Jason Bernal

    I remember when red had his evening run

  69. lucas pallan

    I need this on iTunes.

  70. Manni

    💚🖤💚🖤💚 Always something amazing coming from Upchurch

  71. Wes Harris

    church you a travelin man?

  72. youtubesavs

    So I see you coming up but they dont play you on the radio...??? whats there problem, but yet they will play crappy music about mgk who is complete trash and everyone else who is crap, but you have good music, and its annoying that they wont play your music because you cuss "too much" , they need to grow the hell up and play your damn music.

  73. Marty's Damn Channel

    Listen to this at 1.25 speed then thank me lol

  74. GMO NC

    Keep up what you're doing bro

  75. Dirty D


  76. J. R.

    It's so awsome that a country boy rapping did it with haven't been signed to a label owned by a music company that controls the radio. Welcome to the internet. Love this shit. We're rocking it in the middle of the night on shift. RHEC

  77. Hightower One

    "Mushrooms on the flip side" guess they'll continue to be fungi because I can't let loose of this one

  78. DIA Outdoors

    wow mans got bars so hard if he had caps on his teeth they would break like a chip and a hammer

  79. Luke Shoemaker

    High ideas 5????????

  80. MADDOG 217420 CRACKAH 1

    Damn bro you never disappoint us! Such a fugging genius with the word play and metaphors! Like I said before you already a LEGEND bro! CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH!#RHEC

  81. Rustin Shaw

    You should remix your own version of "Stan" that would be cool


    All your music videos hella' viral. I just wish u had more live videos.. I know for a fact that energy you have would carry state to state, skinnn.. #indianashit

  83. GettingItTogether

    One of my welding instructors is an old biker lady and she wants to chill with you church

  84. Tyler Gale


  85. Fishing The Southeast

    What’s the definition of creek squad

  86. fuckyourfeelins2 !

    Keep em coming.. why is 5 off of your page??😟 have to watch it elsewhere...

  87. Destin Wood

    Alsome upchurch

  88. Dylan Burke

    That Paul Bunyan reference though!!! Minnesota for life!!!

  89. Exploring Tube


  90. Jimi Bruh

    Remember back to when Ol' Red had his evenin' run?
    Or when George had to make Amarillo by mornin' sun
    Well I'm makin' somethin' also and I don't know what it is yet
    I don't have to know 'cause I know I got a killer intellectual mindset
    I know time is a damn track just like each track has a time
    This is hours of thinkin' just puzzle pieced together with a bunch of uneven lines
    For uneven minds, no reason why, I'm just vocals through the damn system
    But when I'm gone and the system crashes people still gonna tune in and listen

  91. Aaron Cannon

    Mr joe dirté

  92. World Of Fallout

    Upchurch. Take Hideas 1-5 and put them on Pandora, Spotify and other shit

  93. Bradley Morgan

    Holy SHIT. You blow my mind every time I hear your songs. I know a lot of people don’t listen to what you actually say. I put my self in your songs and live through you. You are an inspiration. Keep it up skin. RHEC GOFER IT. CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH.

  94. Josh Lindsey


  95. Josh Lindsey

    Put tow mirrors on that nissan 😂😂😂😂😂💯🤘👍

  96. Josh Lindsey

    My comments must b lost in youtube

  97. bloodnsteel26

    brother you got this keep it up and you will keep goin up bro... if you haven't seen it yet you should go watch Saint Ma react to Shoulder boy tell em you totally made her day maybe even her whole week brother I salute you for the shout outs to your fans and Real reaction channels.keep it up brother.

  98. Calico 45

    RyanUpChurch Orlando LoveS ya 💯#RyanCalico45&a9

  99. laqueta wanzer

    When us your next concert?

  100. Dbonejonez ruffrufr

    Mouth of the south fuck yeh !!!