Upchurch - HI-DEAS 3 Lyrics

I think I got a HI-DEA
I do

Light on, hey I think I got a HI-DEA
Wish a motherfucker would so I could start a fire here
Go grab a stick from a branch, sit with me on the ranch
And watch silhouettes slip around the corners
Is enough for you to come and see 'em well
Staircase squeakin', lights flicker when I say so
Angry and the bulbs blow, man my house is mind blown
I conversate with walls, they talk back with the vibes
I connect better with silent structure 'cause the human lies
I be like fuck you, what you need? You can't get nothin' from me
You was talkin' shit now I'm inside another human being
Well rounded with the universe, can't wait to meet the other me
The one that tells me what goin' down from the year 2043
Solitude is solitaire and not the game on pawpaw's [?]
Thinkin' 'bout it I can smell the Winston Lights up in the air
Cock-a-doodle-doo, I'm the Rooster and I don't die
Layne Staley of rap except weed's the reason that my brains fried
Bitch, I got dope lines, image like a scarred face
I really fall asleep with AR-15's in my lap man
Somebody get the straight jacket, I love bein' straight ratchet
Bitches on my balls like Adidas shoes with a tennis racket
A-all-all day I dream about sound
I'm the sickness in the system generatin' tougher crowds
I ain't got a fanbase, I got a full equipped militia
Everybody a Captain with RHEC on their pistol bitch
Creek Creek Squad, Po-Po-Pond Creek Road
If you're feelin' froggy motherfucker I'm comin' down farmer's row
You better take a leap of faith, now look back and leave me alone
Do you like a dead pet and flush you down my own commode
Damn son, what have I done? What state of mind have I tripped upon
I fell down a famous staircase and woke up in a damn Led Zeppelin song
Dropped Creeker on 4/20, blew some trees the night of my release
Went Top 40 in Europe, [?] temple too bitch, I'm a beast
I'm a big train full of brain waves, couple folks 'round me got the same thing
But the conspiracy of the Illuminati gets all the credit, we get the blame
I ain't never seen no Baphomet, never been approached by Voldemort
It's like my magic wand that's made of skin that I acquired back when the lightnin' struck
[*Lightning strike*]
And uh, I love Amora
Rappers out here carpoolin', runnin' low on gasoline
I'm 200 on the highway, PUL liner stitched in all my seams
Bitch I'm white trash, gonna lease a [?]
Leaner than a smooth blue flame from the moonshine
Been chasin' white lightnin', they been tipsy since I started sprintin'
They heard Obi whistlin' the 808's and I caught 'em squintin'
Try to slick lean in and listen, see this belt? I'm Championshipin'
Step into that writers run and Caleb Plant my competition

And the loo
Church Church Church Church
Think I got a HI-DEA
Stone baby Stone
Stone baby Stone

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Upchurch HI-DEAS 3 Comments
  1. Kayli McCutcheon

    Listening from OKC! Stoned baby stooooooneeeeed🎶🎶

  2. Jason Darger


  3. Kenneth Ware

    ryan, what do you know about 2043? also what do you get from 3,6,9

  4. Kelcee *

    Love the Korn reference

  5. Dustin Yost

    "I ain't got a fan base, I got a full equipped militia" fuck yeah 'Merica

  6. Samantha Barton

    rip mack miller, #stonebabystonee

  7. planet ur mom

    You should make this song with just this beat no words

  8. planet ur mom

    I like the beat and flute in the background

  9. Jordan Myers

    i wanna get stoned

  10. emerald maniac

    Hideas needs to be an album where he just has all of the hideas on it

  11. Michael Joseph

    Love upchurch music

  12. Katie Glass

    "I ain't got a fan base, I got a full equipped militia.."
    That's damn right brohiem.
    That's damn right.

  13. Celtic Scourge

    Church is the goat 🐐 💯

  14. Katalina Joy

    Always the same 270 dislikes lol always the same people lol they ain't got no life

    john Stevens

    four people had to come dislike this because this comment

  15. Jack juggalo

    Still think the fire department is mad at church? 🤣

  16. Juan Uballe

    Yes indeed

  17. Trevor Ring

    Dude, You totally destroyed the rap game, I love it. These Hi-deas are the BOMB skin!! Keep it comin man. I could listen to your music constantly and never get tired of it. You Rock Upchurch!

  18. Jason Hoskins

    Shout out to Mac Miller and Dale Earnhardt with the 3 😂

  19. Jonathan Isabell

    Eye see you UPCHURCH 👁️ 🤘🚀

  20. Jesse Reed

    👹straight up

  21. Digger420

    The algorithm in California hasn't let me see you until now. This shit is dope as FUCK Crossing into the weed music Chandra evenhttps://youtu.be/Oixh7B8Kidk

  22. Digger420

    Dope as fuck!

  23. Nick Zissimos

    That mac miller verse sent chills down my back

  24. Tristan Yarbrough

    Absolutely one of my favorite hideas😜🤘

  25. Stephen Barnette

    East Tennessee Bubbaaaaa🤘🤘

  26. carlos martin

    Damn the best one yet yeeyee rhec

  27. laneymo4sho

    This is my fav hidea

  28. Ry Sherman

    Fell down a famous stair case ended up in a damn Led Zeppelin song🚫🧢

  29. Avery Green

    This man can do no wrong

  30. bricknoseford

    It’s like a completely different song when your high I love to jus go chill in my truck light one up an listen to all the hi deas. Hi deas skin 🤘🏻

  31. Nova _Yt

    "Alo-hamora" he just unlocked the secret's to greatness...oh wait, he already is greatness

  32. Grippin AKs

    Do it for Dale

  33. youtubesavs

    On adams son tamens snapchat he had a vid of adam rapping with the mic on fire lol best thing i had ever seen.

  34. Lewis Stewart


  35. Nic Pettus

    Flush you down my own commode lmao💪

  36. Charles Yeary

    Used Earnhardt's #3 because he is the Terminator 🤙🔥

  37. Paula Guardian

    I've seen so many videos I can see you singing this with your grit face and I'm not even watching a video but in my head as I hear it. You were freedyling like u did in the sail remix..I liked watching the seriousness felt in the song

  38. Paula Guardian

    I am fo real!

  39. Paula Guardian

    Sounded like you were about to say...and to a G be the same thing..in the song sorry Mrs. Jackson..lmaooo

  40. Paula Guardian

    Well this sounds like an intro to your new TV Show...like the trippy sound

  41. Jon Certain

    Almost a million views!!! Go church

  42. brandon baze

    I like how you used the dale earnhardt 3 👍

  43. Stephi Jay

    Cap forward yee haw

  44. Anarchy Ace23

    Hey bro .. good job... shits daopee

  45. Rhoda Neace

    Who wanna race 3

  46. Chase Frank

    Iowa caught this fire shit and I'm steady bumpin every day. Keep em rollin church! #creeksquad

  47. Jonathan Bray

    I love how on Facebook live you was showing us how your house was fucked up haunted lmao then in your song you rap about how the houseconnects and talks back to you as if you were getting motivation or spirit like advice from the house. Its dark and and honestly just clever as hell. Keep it up upchurch. Stay killing it bro.

  48. Homer Hesson

    Chatt, Tennessee Church. supporting you everyday, keep it up skin #RHEC

  49. Corbin Turner

    You've gotta make an album outta these hi deas and put em up on iTunes so we can buy em

  50. RustyisGreat5

    I dare you to put an Earnhardt 3 on your chevy

  51. Geo Bee


  52. Bradley Carver

    Caleb plant my competition fuck yea bro just caught that one missed it the first time.

  53. Sand Man

    I wish this was on iTunes


    Sick song

  55. lit like lift kits

    I feel like he should put the rooster pen podcast on iTunes free to listen

  56. Chandler Phemister

    Is this written down or...

  57. Rob Champion

    keep it up man
    hope to meet you someday
    come to mississippi if you can know you busy though

  58. Rob Champion

    listen to this everyday hideas 3
    them slickers look at me in my lifted tacoma
    I just throw the bird to them pansies they don't know good shit

  59. Rob Champion

    listen to this everyday hideas 3
    them slickers look at me in my lifted tacoma
    I just throw the bird to them pansies they don't know good shit

  60. Deer_ _Slayer


  61. T. Bird

    “I like that adidas part” lol “all day I dream about sound”

  62. Jordan Johnson

    curch u should be in prison for all that heat used in this song just straight barz and caught th emac miller verse and hey cool 4 useing the dale jr 3 straight barz

  63. Alissa Beerthuis


  64. That 1ne Martian

    That Mac Miller verse made the whole fucking song because Mac is my favorite musician of all time. Of course Upchurch is in my top 5.

  65. Justintime 43

    That Mac miller verse 🔥🔥👍🏼👀

  66. Endless Routes

    Not sure how this doesn’t have millions of views

  67. modularpowered

    My favorite hideas! love the Mac Miller and Harry Potter references, keep the hideas coming!

  68. Jesse Jimenez


  69. Markipooh #thepoohisfree

    U should sing se lale of fire by meat puppets covered by Nirvana or bro hit em with that where did u sleep last night ledbelly covered by kurt

  70. Kristinadk

    "Bitches on my balls like Adidas shoes with tennis rackets" ?
    Don't ask me why that part stood out..🙄...😂


    Creeker 2..cant wait, man.

  72. Dalton Ewers

    Yeah if you made some button up work shirts that said RHEC on the name tag area I’d wear that shit all day.

  73. Vincent Canada

    i love the Dale Earnhardt number 3 nice touch

  74. Bonnie Friebel


  75. Josh Cates

    Wtf he mean “pinto bean”🤷🏼‍♂️ people so blind.. church ayy I see you big bro💪🏻 sneaky sneaky! So much talent it’s been over looked👀 the message runs deep and not every eye can see it💯 much love man!

  76. Karl Diestelhorst

    Do a remix of lil wayne dedication 5 still got that rock

  77. katie mcmillan

    OML that is my friends YT his favorite person liked it!!!!

  78. lee harms

    Fuck yaaaaaa

  79. Colton Hewitt

    "Do you like a dead pet and flush you down my old commode." I can't help but die laughing every time cause all I can think about is the people tryin to drag me down and just wasting my fresh air 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 #rhec

  80. Colby Best

    Damn Upchurch is one of the greatest when it comes to freestyling

  81. Rickster_mc

    i like the dale earnhardt 3

  82. DeductedGem

    whens this gonna be on itunes this fire

  83. Brandon Miller

    Kinda weird hearing you say I'm inside anpther human since you showed us that name in the closet

  84. Dakota Vanhousen

    My favorite hideas

  85. Cole Claudel

    in the middle of school everyday i play this #church


    Cole Claudel same

  86. Caleb Neal

    Caleb plant AND THE NEWWW

    Horse Lover

    U fine😍😏

  87. AvOx Bigmonk

    Hell ya keep up this shit 🤟🏻

  88. Joey Manuel


  89. The dark Hillbilly

    Upchurch your the god of all music 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  90. The dark Hillbilly

    The Earnhardt 3 HECK YEA SKIN

  91. Adam Moon

    How many bars you got for wish a mf wood?

  92. Time Traveler

    At the end it reminded me of that AIC song.

  93. abrooke34

    whut. 🙏😳

  94. Corey Harris

    Anybody catch the line "Bitches on my balls like Adidas shoes with a tennis racket, all day I dream about sound". Said Adidas, then referenced/twisted the acronym right after: A.ll D.ay I D.ream A.bout S.ound =adidas. 🔥🔥🔥🔥 anybody who says this dude can't rap isn't listening 1:09

  95. Allen Bay

    OH MY GOD! A Harry Potter reference! YES!

  96. Ronald Manley

    this literaly blown my speaker

  97. Lil Rexmii Baby

    Love how you use your old songs to make new ones lol always fire church

  98. TheBOOSTEDWay

    The end of this song is my fav part ba ba ba ba baba

  99. lachanfallNr35

    Daaaaamn man here I go listening to this because I can't sleep and I rolled one up... I don't believe in coincicences
    banged my head so hard I almost struck a muscle hahahhahah awesome song man
    much appreciated!
    greetings from Switzerland!