Upchurch - HI-DEAS 2 Lyrics

Oh, yeah
Church Church Church Church, ayy
People sayin' "Oh man what is this?
This ain't your best shit
What are you high right now?"
Duh, it's called HI-DEAS for a reason

I woke up early, rolled a J but I do that shit every day
My thoughts come up with green light bulbs, don't activate my UV rays
You stay lit, I just burst in flames like half those ashes that I made
Smoke half of that with something dank while the rest in my saliva lake
In my head I pull big mermaids, knowin' [?] that line to your headaches
Hit the bed with the hashtag Niki Ari, all of my vision Grande
Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on hey Stoner check this
Telekenesis with my thesis
I can hold my breath and still preach up them epic speeches
HI-DEAS' 1 said followin' Reese's Pieces
I'm the Elon Musk of hip-hop, thinkin' outside of the solar system
ET ain't phonin' home he's lightin' bleezies with his finger
'Cause his touch is so red hot, me pointin' is a danger
I'll burn 'em like a Titan streamin' on a gamin' system
I'm so high I reach for Halos no Call to help my Duty
I'm in my Fort at Nite waitin' for somebody to shoot me
Hashtag chug jug got 'em butt hurt like a butt plug
Have 'em like "Where'd that hater get his motherfucker walk from?"
I learn my walk up on a scaffold, deathly heights for pocket jangle
Dirty clothes from tryin' to live, my wages ain't no wash detergent
My mind like a greenhouse inside, you can not weed through all these vines
My third eye constricts the criticism and pulls you all inside
Black hole to the industry, that's why no one sits next to me
I'm black magic in the thicket, middle finger to TV screens
I'm that, I'm that white noise for the black and white boys
Crawlin' out the empty well, spittin' acid rain on 'em
Battle paint on my motherfuckin' face
Represent the whole entire human race
Where I come from it's rebel flags
Bowties but not around my neck
I'm talkin' about just bein' fresh
Don't let the mainstream make you raise a brow
But if it didn't than fuck it I guess
'Cause that's the world we live in now
So follow, follow, follow, like, like, like
Hey homie can you share this?
Look at this video, it's a dude choppin' a dog's head
And throwin' it off a real tall bridge
Desensitized emotional placement for a YouTuber's mind of sensation
And they wonder why I sit in fields starin' at the sky 'cause it truly is amazin'

Better shoot me, better shoot me, better shoot me, better shoot me oh
I stay in the sticks with the hicks and the firearms
I stay in the sticks with the hicks and the firearms
And everybody knows I love rollin' stoned
It's just frozen over, chasin' white lightning
Just frozen over, chasin' white lightning
My neck of the woods, my neck of the woods
Who the, who the, who the, who the fuck is that?
I'm just Tennessee dreamin', I'm just Tennessee dreamin'

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Upchurch HI-DEAS 2 Comments
  1. James Hoffman

    Bad ass bro

  2. Andrew Stacks

    I don’t smoke weed anymore but my brother and I are high af on shrooms. And this shits 🔥🔥🔥

  3. rifle man

    So good bro amazing jam

  4. Reelin WithEthan

    2:11 ayy little sneak preview at parachute

  5. Albert Butler

    2:12 parachute

  6. Chelsea Long

    Listen to parachut

  7. Chance Donald

    I love the mash up of some of the songs youve made through the years Church!!!

  8. joseph rudd

    Deadly heights for pocket jangle still the hardest bar of 2019 9 months later

  9. matt adams

    Damn was trying to tell us about parachute 9 months before it came out!

  10. The_Angry_American


  11. Theresa Franks

    Love how he names some of the songs off his new album at the end ❤️❤️ tricky

  12. Cole Claudel

    do yall think he was hinting toword's his next album

  13. Dakota Bugg

    My fucking radio won’t go up any more 😡🤟

  14. Amy Willis

    I just discovered this, but damn this beat is 🔥. Love your music Church, keep it up!

  15. StretchLongArm

    “Stoners; check it:...” Yeehaw mofos, here we go

  16. StretchLongArm

    “Stoners; check it:...” Yeehaw mofos, here we go

  17. s.a.d-slomber

    Parachuting me 8 months before it came out 🙌🏻

  18. Kelcee *

    Parachute me Parachute me....well played.

  19. Garrett Walls

    Parachute me

  20. Hillbilly vidoes

    Anyone else notice how in the end he names the songs and he said parachute me 3x

  21. Tyler M

    Y’all came back since parachute?

  22. Thomas Jervis

    2:12 Predicting the New Album? Hell yeah bubba 💪💪💪

  23. Alex Patterson

    I came here from Parachute because I thought something from it sounded similar... Listen to 2:11

  24. E Johnson

    Nobody caught him allude to parachute 🤔 I had to run it back fr😂

  25. Dennis Waddell

    Did he shout out parachute in this song before the album came out

  26. Ryan Eppes

    Love the parachute me you dropped in there before the album came out a little teaser we didn’t know was even coming.

  27. Drom

    @ 2:11 he says “parachute me” and that’s part of the chorus on his new song parachute how fucking crazy is that 😱😱

  28. Barry Eubank

    Phenomenal guaranteed and certified

  29. Riley Rodrigues

    Please release hi deas on streaming platforms 😩😩😩

  30. Kyle Elliott

    How long did you rap before you recorded your first track cause I know you didn't just wake up one day and spit bars like that. I'm 30 and have never recorded anything or rap in front of people

  31. Juan Uballe

    Cold ass beat

  32. Juan Uballe

    Lyrical content again!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  33. Nash Bearden

    Does he say cut off the dogs head and Throw it off of a toll bridge?

  34. Elias Martinez

    This shit puts me in a deep ass thought

  35. Evan West

    That track is still jamming, pls keep hi-deas

  36. Digger420

    What's up from California your new to me, love this shit !!!!!!!!

  37. Jeremy Webb

    Listening to 1-7 of the hi deas, this shit got me wanting to make a studio in my basement 🤣

  38. Blackout

    who came here from Xofroggy

  39. Cherokee Pride

    Daaayymmmmm son! Fucking flawless

  40. That one dude You don't know

    Highest scaffold you've walked on ready set go

    10 story
    270 lbs with tools
    Setting heavy windows

    PS beam workers and higligners don't count we all know you've got the biggest balls that's why you work so high up your confident your sack will break the fall

  41. goblue 75

    It's been a while I bet you'd kill that cover

  42. Jess Scofield

    That beat is tight as hell....js. <3 <3

  43. justin brew

    Let's get stoned and jam upchurch ,sounds like a good time to me

  44. Richard Strickland

    Young troubador n shit.


    Told my Alexa to play Upchurch it literally said again really i feel like i need to shoot it now im not quite sure anymore bout these alexa's

  46. Wes Harris

    I dont listen to music very often but when I do its church music

  47. Katherine Howell

    I think this one my favorite

  48. George Lindsay

    Bruh this shit is fire 🔥

  49. Well watered wife

    I came up with a Ryan Upchurch dance 💃

  50. RaiseHell Eat Cornbread

    I still slap all the hideas at least weakly. Anyone else?

  51. DipDizzyWizzle

    The beat. Holy hell, I can’t get enough of it!

  52. Robert Mease

    😂 In my fort-At-night 🔫

  53. RustyisGreat5

    Do a cover of Garth Brooks friends in low places please!!

  54. RustyisGreat5


  55. Tony M

    Whoooo tracks like these are made by legends this is alot better than some of your best you just can't see your own skill.

  56. REBEL10074 XD

    When he says “I burn em like a titan streaming on a gaming system” it caught my attention because I was friends with a guy whos name on ps was titangamer454 and he used to live stream on YouTube and twitch all the time


    He means the game titanfall lol

  57. ReDNeK99 Braeden Beaudoin

    My favourite Hi-deas track hands down 🤘👏

  58. Brad Dickerson

    Man this beat is fucking knocking

  59. Kevin Kincaid

    Hey Man Love The Videos And Music Keep Up The Good Work #RHEC FOR LIFE

  60. BSGarage

    This is still my favorite one

  61. Rdridin CLow_

    Man I’m fucking stoned rn and I fucking love listening to this song and every freestyle you do and I sit and actually listen and so many people don’t know that you are rapping str8 facts it’s fucking insane to me how you do what you do man but fuck yeah keep going man! RHEC🌾‼️

  62. Alissa Beerthuis


  63. Well watered wife

    I listen to Ryan Upchurch everyday at work. Listening to his music is why I'm productive at work everyday. I'm always having "hi-deas" I'm his #1 fan! 🤗

  64. Crystal Beach

    Yoooo! ❤️


    My dog just spontaniously combusted..to much fire

  66. Leon Roche

    i cant stop listening to this bro!!!! need a "hideas" album!!

  67. Trevor Cox

    How do you talk that fast when your high


    I need this on Spotify!!

  69. xSniperElitex37

    When will all the HI-DEAS be on iTunes, definitely need them downloaded on my phone so I can bump it in my car

  70. florida cracker18

    I woke up early rolled a j but i do that shit everyday hell yea brother i love this song bro its fire asf and ur song steer clear is amazing to bro "TAG THIS KING OF DIXE"

  71. Bonnie Friebel


  72. Loyal

    I lost it at chug jug 🤣

  73. Sur 13 Cartel momo

    git r done

  74. J.R. Dousay

    Come get it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  75. josten parsons

    The paper ripping in th beginning just set it for greatness I love the lil details I listen over and over to all church's songs I get something new everytime I didn't get before

  76. Nick Butcher

    😂😂. Hey stoner listen to my bars. Wait hold up rewind. 🤔😲😎🤘🤘🖕🖕.

  77. Steven Parent

    Love your music upchurch! Keep spittin the truth #RHEC

  78. J Mcc


  79. Tyrone's Place208

    Will hideas be a mini album or what skyn

  80. FlawdaBoyz Ent

    Parachute me or better shoot me??? Only thing I’m stuck on and I been listening to this since it came out 😂😂

    James Fuson

    Parachute. It's lyrics from parachute coming out this month.

  81. Tyson Adams

    Your mom

  82. Christopher Hussing

    Keep it up man your shit is 🔥

  83. CBR Runner

    Bruhhhhh fuuuuuck you know man that shit is fucking perfect

  84. Adam Moon

    It is truly amazing!

  85. abrooke34


  86. Brett -

    0:48-1:18 was fuckin lit af. straight fire church lovin this shit. I don't like country ray or hick hop but I fuckin love your shit.

  87. I BEAST

    Listening to this not high its a great song but listening to this while your high its like Aladin #ItsAWholeNewWorld

  88. Der-Schnitter777

    Put these on Spotify!

  89. Kenneth Roberts

    I want another rolling stone song. With bre

  90. Samuel Halsey

    If you ever make a music video for hideas you should make it animated

  91. Jay Wainscott

    Church!!!! Dude, you just murdered that with FINESSE! That was the most clever, creative, badass collaboration I’ve ever heard... Period. The journey you’ve taken me and your whole fan base on has been a blast. You represent your type of people the right way and you don’t give a damn how anybody else feels about it! I feel like we best friends and I don’t even know you brother lol keep it up!!! #RHEC

  92. Dylan Tacker

    I'm stoned and noticed that we both got badass 90 model chevys as our profile picture that's badass

  93. B D

    They definitely need to keep fire extinguishers around you because you light up every single track up start it on fire! No beat is safe around you! Keep killing them brother

  94. Marty's Damn Channel

    Listen to all the Hi Ideas a 1.25 speed

  95. Donna Gooch

    #chug jug

  96. Angela Greenway

    Omg!! Butt hurt like a butt plug lmao

  97. Christian Scott

    I wake up early pack a bowl put on my clothes and hit the road but where I’m from that’s how it goes got working hands with hearts of gold and when I’m gone put on my stone got it on my own don’t need a loan I sliced the game like provolone to modified to have a clone go Rambo mode I ain’t Stallone leave me alone I’m in my zone

  98. Brett -

    0:50-1:15 straight barrrs bruh! Killed it church

  99. lil creeker

    Cap forword yeee hawww