Upchurch - HI-DEAS 1 Lyrics

We're more alike than you think
More alike then they want you to think

Ayy, he too white
Ayy, he too country
Why his truck look like shit but system steady thumpin' homie?
Why he rappin' 'bout a dog, why he stuntin' grandpa's truck?
Why he wear a hat like that with 28's like one of us?
Like why oh why oh why oh why is this a recurring issue
Yeah, I rock them flannels mount up quick or pick you up a tissue
Rolling Stone go check the issue, they hit my line for interviews
Sit with me in my backyard and learn they can't take my mental
And you know why?
Because I'm an intelligence species, metaphorically throwin' feces
Followin' a trail of Reeces Pieces to a level the Devil can't even see me
So when I reach the maximum I'm gonna need a case of Maxums bro
'Cause I'ma fuck the game up 'til it's the tops of skulls I'm pissin' out of, ha ha
I'm Caucasian but not a racist, not even on the whitest occasions
So buh-bye with Facebook blamin', it's your own fault if your fist is faded
I'm nothin' like what I'm put out to be, tryin' to be an icon ironically
A little old school when they call me IROC-Z
Enough new age to be like "Damn he lit"
When you see me out on Instagram with a big AR on barren lands
Spittin' hot shit with a country accent, don't treat me like some guy in the Klan
And tell me that I'm stealin' from a culture when it's obvious I only know my own
Looks weird to you 'cause you wasn't raised around my zone
You want some smoke, then we can sit down smoke a joint and all talk about it
Ain't that from a diss song, yeah let me talk about it
Last years beef brought new waves I'm surf boardin' that tsunami
Every color Looney Toon rollin' with me on some 90's shit son 290
Rugrats in the play pen, Tommy got the flat head
Reptar on the mic, I'm Chuckie stoned with the bed head
Cartoon Cobain, comin' as I wanna go
Howdy Doody when I wave, I'm cool with Andy Griffin ho
So when you see me drivin' hard, bumbin' Jeezy from a far
Gun rack in the back I'm tellin' you this country boy survive
I'm showin' you that I embrace the roots of all our roots
Because that's how I was made, different roots brewed up in a cup
So take a drink of this product so organic it cleans your soul
I'm a dose of Kenny Chesney, 50 Cent and 90's born
Rollin' that blue grass up in a blunt, who want to smoke some?
I'm not here to be white or black I'm here to be creative son

You know the biggest white hip hop icon ever once said
"I am whatever you say I am
And if I wasn't then why would I say I am?
But you know what? I'm not lettin' people tell me what I am
And I don't even have to tell you what I am either
I just show what I am
My words transfer into actions
And more people can show who they are
And stop bein' what everybody wants you to be"

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Upchurch HI-DEAS 1 Comments
  1. Justin Brown

    Sounds good. Sounds like you put that flute or something in the instrumental

  2. easy money

    😎🔈🔈🔉🔉🔉🔊🔊🔊🔊 my neighbor gone learn who upchurch is Today boi.. 4 15s bumping hard yo

  3. prelude2278

    It’s been a year, still jamming 2020!!🔥💡

  4. Jordan Foster

    All of these need to be on iTunes broooo. I’ll gladly pay for it

  5. Logan Lewis

    Still waiting for the hi deas album

  6. Holliday Doll

    I love every single song this genius puts out!! The best there is!!! We got your front and your back CHURCH!!!

  7. red neck radio RNR

    upchurch is the country version of Eminem

  8. Juan Uballe

    🔥🔥 🔥

  9. dominick heller

    Church should Throw all these hidea songs in a album together

  10. Carlo Levatino

    How am I hearing this for the first time? Bro this hits

  11. Great Outdoors

    I got to say upchurch that ending was perfect fuck the dumb masses well said skin

  12. J Green


  13. Tabitha Brown

    Love HI-DEAS... But with a serious question do you accept blunt sticks as fan mail because you smoke so much I'm about to send you a box of nothing but sticks

  14. Robert 615 Moore

    Church is church damn straight, u dont like it leave him alone lolol...

  15. Gerald Burke


  16. Ashley Montross

    While token that homegrown

  17. Collin Davis

    Upchurch is always right and real ®📧🅰🕒
    Be yourself and love you're self you get respects that way 👌🏻🇺🇸✊🏻💯💪🏻
    Fuck our haters 🖕🏻💯✊🏻💪🏻🇺🇸👌🏻😎

  18. Sasha Holloway

    Number 1 song let's go ryan

  19. Homer duhboi

    Metaphorically throwin feces😂😂

  20. MommaJane D

    Let's sit down, smoke a joint and talk about it....yup.



  22. Josh Chastain

    Haha Lacquer thinner Larry gonna be making shirts with the upchurch hideas logo on them trying to sell them to the skins! 😂😂

  23. Larry jensen

    I just realized that this could.have been the response to blu Jean face. What a crock of shit his 1st track was and the second one was like you said, an attempt to give the L back through a loophole. History will remember you well church man.

  24. T 132

    Man I remember being the first comment on this video

  25. justin brew

    Whos here 5 months later. ...i love these hideas

  26. pete marquardt

    Pick me up

  27. pete marquardt

    Never got a hat

  28. Michael Teran

    Love and Respect To You My Good Man UpChurch.
    I started off not liking church...only for a minute. But every great artist I start out not liking them and every blessed time they're Very Good. Not to give you more than you deserve Mr.Upchurch But Your presence in the independent music industry is what is needed to bring back good music by the rightful Owner/Writer/Artist/Musician/Prodigy. Thanx Churchman.
    If ya come to Southern Oregon, come fishing with me n the fam. If you'd like. 🤘🤠

  29. Trae Cummings

    Blasting this shit all over Dyersburg TN..

  30. Shauna Taylor


  31. John Koleno

    I think scru should have listened to these lyrics before his first diss.

  32. eric batts

    Tried letting Scru know before he ever knew he was. #RIPBLUEJEANFACE

  33. danenakamuraable

    Yo Church, play it smart. Theyre coming for you skin. I'm Hawaiian and I'm fucking #RHEC Creek Squad for life. We got your back.

  34. Justin culp

    It's really not that great lol it's not horrible but it's nothing crazy.. y'all hype this dude up more than anything.

  35. Robert Mease


  36. Adam Welch

    I love smoke to your songs hi deas 🤘🏻🤘🏻🌿🌿🌿🌿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥you kill this shit upchurch every day u give us the best

  37. SouthWestCatfishing Arizona

    That's clean got this rocking out my speakers in Arizona bro !!! RHEC!!!

    Rason Jason

    Dam I can hear that shit in North Carolina!

  38. Harry Semenick

    these need to be on iheart so i can add them to my workout music

  39. Noah Wilhite

    All the high ideas song should all be released onto a album

  40. Robert Daniels

    My name is acually Deas

  41. Alissa Beerthuis

    Never gets old🤘🏼 Playing UpChurch on replay every day😍

  42. Christopher nitty hooker

    Church jus saying you are the best I'm cool with Andy Griffith hoe lol the best 😂

  43. Jesse Jimenez

    Make a hideas album all these are 🔥🔥🔥

  44. modularpowered

    Love all the hideas, keep em coming Church!! RHEC

  45. TheRusseLL

    Lyrically genius on this one! Killed the beat 2..

  46. James Fosnaugh

    "I'm not here to be white or black, I'm here to be creative son"

  47. B1231corey

    Is this going to be on iTunes? And when

  48. Rye SugarBear

    I'm loving these HI-DEAS!!! Especially love the shout out to the Rugrats and them! 90s baby!🙌🤘🎧🎶💗💯 #upchurchpreachingtruth

    P.S. A great reaction channel (the one that really put me on your music) is artofkickz 💗💯


    Why is this not on Apple Music v

  50. TJ Creger

    BTW... Me and my daughter just saw Katie Noel down here in Lynchburg Virginia also, I noticed she was wearing your change so I asked her is that the chain Church gave you? And she said yes how did you know? I love it and will never take it off, we discussed it after she noticed that I had Upchurch on my shirt at her concert, everybody loves you bro

  51. TJ Creger

    Fkn dukes of hazzard lit !!!woooooooooo....

  52. TJ Creger

    Lynchburg va still on that upchurch high sonnnnn!!! 😂😂👊supersport church! huckleberry church! chicken willie ,GENERAL CHURCH CHURCH CHURCH

  53. Jacob Hickle

    Awsome song upchurch!!!

  54. Amp Kelly

    Time to go to church

  55. Russell McAnear

    Howdy fuckers

  56. Adam Moon

    Not here to be white or black..... need to listen skins

  57. Brett -

    0:34-0:47 was fuckin fire af

  58. Bob Farley

    UpChurch the is the Theo Von of comedy!!! Gang Gang

  59. Shannon Cown

    I loveeee him 💖💙
    I love that country boy in his boots wearing wrangler blue skin jeans style / flow / sawgggg he got going on I've always learned to respect it not to many artists get his style but one who doesn't understand will never be understood. 🔥🔥💨💨😻

  60. Justin Weaver

    Upchurch is the only rapper whose songs I truly like

  61. Marty's Damn Channel

    Change the speed to 1.25 then thank me! Yes Church you can thank me also lol

  62. Isaac Gutz361

    Cap forward yeehaw skin!!!

  63. Hightower One

    Damn an Andy Griffith reference slipped into a bar!!! I don't know how I missed it.

  64. Jus Fuckin Me

    HiDEAS Real Shit Keep On Blowin Smoke Brother ✌️

  65. Irae Hamilton

    Your music speaks volumes and needs to be heard and appreciated worldwide! This half white/mexican lesbian bumps your music loud as I can all over the Westcoast from Vegas to L.A.. I get questioned and looked at weird all the damn time but Im hear to tell ya UPCHURCH SPEAKS TO ALL HUMANKIND. His music will open your brainwashed social media minds right on the hell up if you are intelligent enough to hear his words of Peace & Equality. Only colors I see are RED WHITE & BLUE & this country has bigger fish to fry then worrying about erasing our History.

  66. Hunter Peterson

    "Im Chucky stoned with the bed head" 🤙 fuckin awesome bro🤘

  67. Wyatt Rennick

    Such crisp sound on a good system🤘🏻

  68. Ryan Dudley

    By far the best hideas

  69. Darby Akers

    Closing statement can't anymore true...PREACH CHURCH! #RHEC

  70. Lee Latham


  71. Shawn Eiker

    Your the legend bro that last part is me man fuck what other ppl say and do you so everybody out their this man is our inspiration at least mine lol RHEC

  72. Brett -

    Does that mean this is a freestyle?


    Why..... what a Hidea😂😉

  73. maria latham

    Hey Upchurch
    I just wanted to tell you i love your real music that you are giving us on top of how funny you are! The song Old days simple man and bloodshed is amazing songs it really hits home with a lot of things that are going on these days! I hope to here more songs from you maybe you can do one about veterans! I know my kids and I would love to meet you one day! I’m glad that you keep is real cause so many people can’t handle the truth but you give it anyways! Keep doing what you are doing never sale yourself ❤️😁

  74. Chipper Clevenger

    🔥🔥✌🏼✌🏼RHEC #TeamUpchurch #420

  75. [Tus] Galaxy Slides

    Hear me bumpin church a few blocks away RHEC 😈😈😈😈😈❤

  76. Anthony Stone

    Absolutely I'm Ryan Upchurch fan. Forever.

  77. Jon Trisdale

    You’ve been getting hate for auto tune and lip syncing but ya see some people Don’t know what lag is damn bro I would like to see them blowing up like you did

  78. Eric Smith

    Like you said skin.. When you die you're gonna die a Fuckin legend! You got bars for real son. You're real and legit brotha!

  79. Tony Longwish

    Duuuuuuuuuuuuude this fuckin beat is naaaaasty, and of course church is doin his damn thing!!! Keep doin you brother!!🇺🇸🇺🇸💯💯👊👊

  80. jayboy419x

    " I'm not here to be white or black I'm here to be creative son " Love that couldn't be more true

  81. Wayne Hormell Jr

    Yooooooooo upchurch the real 🐐🐐🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘👌👌👌

  82. joe


  83. Mark Campbell

    Hat Forward, YEE HAWW!

  84. Chelsea Harris

    I love this song it is all ways the first song I go to

  85. mikes channel

    😂😂😂last year brought new waves and he gonna surf board that shit!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Love this fucken guys outlook! If u don’t like it fuck way off !! Haaaaa!

  86. Aaron Ellenburg

    Beats in my Chevy Silverado don't ever change

  87. Isiha Archuleta

    Smoke some blunts to this song

  88. Garrett Gibson

    Words of straight up truth

  89. Garrett Gibson

    Kick asssssssss

  90. GEARZ_Hazard16

    I put on this song and my fire alarm went off😂

  91. Jackson Trebuler

    U gotta be born late 80's early 90s to understand Tommy and Raptarrr.

  92. Derek Brown

    This is some next lvl shit keep on pushin Skkiinnnnnn....and the instrumentals off the chain

  93. Lance Howard

    Why oh why oh why is this not getting more veiws! 1.2 mill subs 300,000 veiws, what's the dill skins!! 😜🤘✌❤🔥⛪🐐

    Lance Howard


    Lance Howard