Upchurch - Hey Boy, Hey Girl Lyrics

Hey girl whatcha doin' tonight?
Let's get lost in the fog behind these old headlights
You wanna lay in my lap as your favorite song plays
As the static from the AM gets worse as we swerve lanes
Hey boy is your bench seat ready for a shotgun queen like me
Is your tank on E, did you fix that leak?
If I'm gonna slide in close to you, do what you're supposed to do

Hey boy, hey girl
The outskirts are waitin' for me to rock your world
Justin Moore on the radio, feet on the dash, sixth gear wide open
I only wanna crash into your arms, your lips, your kiss
A night like this you don't wanna miss
Stepside sittin' outside, give me the chance, take my hand
Hey girl

Hey girl this tank ain't on E
I'm about to spend every dollar I made this week
On cleanin' this Ford and a red head flannel you'll end up takin' 'cause you want to sleep in it
Hey boy is your playlist jumpin'
Does it rattle the glass, two Kenwoods thumpin'?
I know it's somethin' when you wrap me up tight
And that Carhartt jacket I'ma steel tonight

Hey boy, hey girl
The outskirts are waitin' for me to rock your world
Justin Moore on the radio, feet on the dash, sixth gear wide open
I only wanna crash into your arms, your lips, your kiss
A night like this you don't wanna miss
Stepside sittin' outside, give me the chance, take my hand
Hey girl

Harvest moon comin' up in your eyes
Carolina with a wild hair side
Down home with a small town vibe
And we'll be talkin' Tennessee tonight

Hey boy, hey girl
The outskirts are waitin' for me to rock your world
Justin Moore on the radio, feet on the dash, sixth gear wide open
I only wanna crash into your arms, your lips, your kiss
A night like this you don't wanna miss
This time sittin' outside, give me the chance, take my hand
Hey girl

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Upchurch Hey Boy, Hey Girl Comments
  1. thefallenangels

    I'm not lying you guys seem like a good couple actually

  2. David Gearheart

    I guess they are dating but this should play on the radio

  3. Coty Wilson

    Hey boy hey girl

  4. Jade Brodin

    It's my boyfriend's birthday today and he wanted to spend the day with me. It started getting dark after awhile so we laid in the grass beside each other watching the sunset and talking. Then we decided to make our way to the front porch and have a seat. He turned on this song and he sang to me while holding me in his arms. We ended up having a duet. I felt so special and loved. I also got really emotional and cried. Another beautiful memory has been created and someday will be told to our future children.

  5. jeff britt

    You guys rock a solo act a supporting acts, but as a duet too. Can't wait for more

  6. Kristi manning

    Cant listen to it ENOUGH!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!😍🙆‍♀️

  7. NiKi304bca

    Well I’m glad you got to see her and then she was doing something before you got to her

  8. makaylas sharrow

    his phone is not eather

  9. aj bitchs

    They are a great couple

  10. Candace Bobbitt

    I wish that song is on the radio

  11. Kyle Lay

    This is gonna be a country hit!

  12. Highest Society

    Johnny n June baby

  13. Highest Society

    Please keep this girl bro she good for u much love Ryan good tunes I appreciate ya

  14. Brittney Boothe

    Love this song

  15. Caine Lo13

    I really did not know they were together ?😀

  16. Coach Naomi Lynne Manley

    I love these 2 together 🦋💋

  17. Mike Trull

    Fuck ya this song is perfect for that night

  18. MMWB channel

    Katie noel is pretty lucky upchurch

  19. John Carpenter

    This seems like the main stream Nashville shit!!! Omg role out the red carpet for the main stream king and queen such bs!!! Should have stuck with Demun Jones

  20. Daniel Brumbelow

    Lyrics are extremely weak!

  21. Jordan Warner

    I said it back with “should of named it after me” and I’ll say it now he should do more singing songs especially with this girl, because they are awesome singing together

  22. Dboy Z

    Upchurchs music is listed under the novelty genre 😂

  23. Damion Huber

    I have AirPods now

  24. Candy Burgess

    Hey Ryan I'm gonna be coming to your current circuit O so I'm you get probly backstage tickets and oh so mean my dad also I am only 9 years old my dad is 32 or

  25. Rooster

    Hey skin just want to say I love you music and I seriously hope you 2 last a very long time and have a very wonderful life together and I seriously hope your music career makes a huge boom take care skin

  26. shane torres

    Church, I've been a fan for a minute! I have to say (not being an asshole), your music is better when you are a dual with ADAM, DEMON and KATIE. You have an amazing voice! Please give me your opinion.

  27. Bryant Haas

    So happy for you both here. In Indiana she a queen for sure brotha!!!!!!

  28. Casey M

    Hot video

  29. Jake NHale

    This shut trash forreal but he has such a good public image that anything he drops generic is successful

  30. regular guy

    Ryan i fuck with this heavy 💯

  31. Kyle Kruck

    great song

  32. Isabell Wallace

    he says he’s gonna clean his ford but they are sitting in the back of a chevy


    And her phone isn't plugged into a wall

    Cody Bracken

    Isabell Wallace bc his Ford is dirty lol

  33. 803 Squatted Whipzz

    Number ☝🏼 fuggin made in the USA 🇺🇸

  34. Nick Welsh

    Sounds like a copie from a song I wont Say UpChurchT

  35. TheLadyStranger77

    Keep that love on fire &never let it die down. When you have that kinda love and passion from the beginning that stays with you throughout the years. When no matter what's going on in the world around you can just go around because the one you're in love with who is your world.🎶🔥❤️🔥🎶

  36. Chasity Sours

    My favorite part of this song is the Dirty Dancing moment just like Jennifer grey and Patrick swayzee when Katie jumps up in his arms while dancing. She even gave it a cute run and leap in their headlights and in his arms... Awwwwwww love it.

  37. Arianna Coykendall

    I love this song

  38. xII BONES IIx

    damn dude, this is fucking awesome! just a good tune all around. the way you're able to reach us farm boys & girls is just unreal. keep on tearing it up buddy 😎👌 i need more bluegrass in my life my dude show me something HAHAHA

  39. Killroy_ 828

    Nice song. Upchurch sounding good.

  40. Wild Man

    Oh Lord Church and Ms Kaity !
    Song straight took me back thirty years!

  41. brian balla

    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats the i do it

  42. Justin Wilson

    Who was the girl in his music video summer love a few years back? I soo thought that was his girlfriend.. boy was I wrong SMH

  43. David Leibold

    Looks like the queen of the south found her king...I knew these to would get together ever since he gave her the necklace and told everyone "you mess with her you mess with me and you dont want that" both of you are great solo and together, now if we can just get adam calhoun, demun Jones and the two of you together on a track that would be amazing...

  44. Chris Brown

    Only thing missing is a repeat button. I could listen too this song all day long.!!!! great job both of yall

  45. Charles Johnson


  46. Hooter Holland

    Made the night bruddah. Keep this fuggin

  47. Jake Hankamer

    Hell yeah both of my favorite artist finally 🙌 together wish y'all the best

  48. Ashton Bennett

    I used not like the relationship but I realized church is happy and the other haters plus me being salty is jealousy of how pretty Katie is but I have a girl so I’m happy too

  49. Savannah Nipper

    This is still gonna be the song I listen to 20 years from now!!!!

  50. Alexander Arty

    Lame af

  51. Michelle sinsabaugh

    Good song

  52. Kelsey rum

    I just can't get enough of this song!

  53. Easton Lovins

    I Love you song

  54. Ashlie Blount

    Upchurch you the man, Katie you the real QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. God made the both of you to be together. Y'all are one 🔥💕💞👑

  55. chase allen

    In my opinion this is one of his best songs

  56. Chase Latham

    Best around in my opinion ain’t anybody got nothin on em

  57. A H

    Ok are they dating??

  58. Jason Coulter

    You and katie should do a remix of rolling stoned together

  59. Jason Coulter

    Who else thinks that when katie sings the hey girl part of the chorus she sounds like the lead singer from evanesence

    Jake NHale

    Nahhhhhhh. She can’t touch her voice lol

  60. Michael Richardson

    Hey church. My daughter turns 8 on december 31st and ill be 27 on the 30th. She has been dying and begging me for tickets to see you live. And meet you. Were from campbellsburg indiana do you ever go to louisville ky to the yum center? She has been begging me man and i want to make that dream come true she loves you and miss noel. Where can i get tickets to our closest area ill drive to Indy or hell ill bring her to Nashville if i need to but cant find tickets no where man. Please help brother it would make her dreams come true! Thanks skin.

  61. The devil 666 the devil 666

    You guys are in love

  62. Jim Sweeney

    Saw this coming. Cangeats you two

  63. Merranda Kimble

    Ugh ..sup fugging. ..my brother just pointed out to me that in this video you talk clean.' N a FORD. ALL I SEEN IS 2 CHEVYS...LOL..IT ALIGHT SKIN..JUST POINTING THIS OUT

  64. Kolby Weimer

    Go suscribe to my channel it’s just Kolby Weimer

  65. Kolby Weimer

    This is a good ass song big fans of both of u

  66. Kevin Cummings

    Like if this should go #1

  67. Wil Reeves

    Quality music

  68. Cason Leonard

    Y'alls music is the best


    U need to do the 3am vids again


    Love it👌

  71. Carter Westphal

    Love your work keep it u

  72. Ant B-real

    I had a vasectomy couple years ago, but my girl gonna catch a baby. Thanks alot church. Yall be fucking my monthly expenses up. Lol . Turn that girl into virginia slim vicky. Her and lacquer thinner larry tearing up the buffet. Dont worry, we will wait.

  73. Annalynn Hunt

    Great song! ❤️❤️

  74. Desirae Hulsey

    Love this song, good work, good couple. Trucks looking better than ever brother.

  75. Addy Hearn

    They look amazing together

  76. Redneck Dude 400

    Nice couple but what happened to your ex I don’t have social media but what happened

  77. Lane Price

    Can we get this shit on the radio.... I mean damn that’s good!

    Mark Morton


    Mark Morton

    Add me on Facebook Tomorrow Mark Morton

  78. jake Perkins


  79. Lisa Teegarden

    your the bests singer

  80. Citel Tidwell

    I love this song ❤️ I got it on repeat this is Upchurch best one yet lovee love love it

  81. Justin Love

    Little do they know...this is a future wedding song for many


    Justin Love corn ball

  82. Robert Springstroh

    You know you're doing something right when your daughter asks to listen to this song everytime she's over... And she's only 8.

  83. Kelly Piper

    King and Queen of the South! 🔥🔥🔥

  84. Tamika Ammons

    You should rap battle Eminem

  85. StrawBee

    Ohio gang

  86. Anthony Webb

    Badass Hit, Fugginn 🤘🏻🤘🏻🇺🇸

  87. Family_Friends and PIZZA ROLLS


  88. Matthew Howe

    The absolute best country partnership go get it kids

  89. Kevin Farley

    Love this song

  90. Anthony Howard

    Better than ANY thing on the radio

  91. Julie Ann

    Absolutely my new favorite song now!!❤️

  92. Kevin Corbat

    #1 on all the charts, 3.6 MILL in 2 weeks. yall earned this one! proud of the 2 of ya. everyone at the shop here in Grand Rapids,Mi been bumping it.

  93. Eh oh

    I just don't understand why you guys didn't do this song a couple years ago.... Oh wait... I get it.

  94. Isaac Harrington

    shit...now i feel lonely after hearing this song for the 90th time...

  95. Allen Wilkinson

    This song absolutely crushes anything that is on the charts. This two are on fire. Way to go Ryan and Katie

  96. Moku Nui

    Well my dayum! Is this just for the video or is it their way of telling everyone that they're together??

  97. Jessie Johnson

    Damn this is one of them songs you just wanna listen to on repeat with the windows down and the volume all the way up down a backroad

    Kristi manning


  98. Atv Rider

    I love that Katie is dating Upchurch there a good couple ❤️ I love the song by the way.

  99. Joe Butter

    This is one of those songs that cause a boom in births 9 months from now 😉

    Josh Vanwagner

    Joe Butter 💯

    Linda Long

    RED CARPET 2020 !!!!

    Noticing Things

    Good, we need more beautiful and healthy White babies ASAP.

    Anthony Webb

    Joe Butter Lmao Rightt 😂

    daniel martin

    This is the best song ever you and her are perfect together boh get it #1 and def a great dedication song