Upchurch - Golden God (Remix) Lyrics

Yeah buddy
What's up YouTube
Ain't done a remix in a minute
Church, ha ha
So I figured I'd hop up in this bitch today
Hey thanks Stoner, thanks Trav

I bet they prolly wish I'd go ahead and stop it
Half it poppin' half of Davy Crockett
Always got a buck knife tucked away up in my pocket
And when I click the pen I take off like a rocket
Never had a prob' with writer's block or nothin'
Grew up in a place where everyone went huntin'
But I ain't lookin' for no deer cracker
I got my eyes up on the throne I'm about to be ownin'
Camouflage jacket lookin' like a prince
Hair look like I sleep up underneath a bridge
Hand full of rings and that ain't for no looks
That's just in case I got to throw a couple hooks
They said I couldn't now I'm in the mirror cheesin'
Laughin' at the folks who would never believe it
Askin' for their tickets to the local shows
Sorry they sold out like last week bro
And I be sprayin' beer like Stone Cold in the 90's
Always in the spot where you won't ever find me
I ain't Ricky Bobby ain't no one behind me
Made a name without a label havin' to sign me
They ask me why I'm cocky I tell em' cause I can
Stuntin' in my high school reunion in a Lam
My teacher's yearly compensation sittin' in the parkin' lot out front so tell em' what it is

I don't give a fuck what no one says
My dream was always floatin' over top by bed
And these lights on the stage make me feel like home
I ain't a God I'm just a peasant, yeah, that stole the kings throne

I ain't a God I ain't a God, I'm just another one of that man's daily great creations
I stay burnin' mothafuckas up like my job is handlin' every day cremations
Ashes on my shirt I'm face to face with flames, roll another blunt when Rollin' Stoned is played
I be rollin' in a fuckin' motorcade, Super Swampers on the fuckin' Escalade
Clean cut like Bruce Wayne, all blacked out like CIA
So many rounds when I'm travelin' shows, you'd think I brought the fuckin' NRA
I'm the ice man I write Chuck Liddells, go ahead flip the page I got shit to say
Got bitch I'm busy on my studio door 'cause when it comes to rap I don't fuckin' play
Yeah I'm country as a baton black and tan, redneck like I'm livin' in a hot summer
Have a bunch of fine ass Dixie chicks hangin' out the windows of my jacked up hauler
Boot clickin' like Garth Brooks, lifestyle lookin' like John Denver
If I don't make it to the Hall of Fame, then fuck 'em all I'll still be remembered

I don't give a fuck what no one says
My dream was always floatin' over top by bed
And these lights on the stage make me feel like home
I ain't a God I'm just a peasant, yeah, that stole the kings throne

Y'all already know I ain't nobody special son, listen
Y'all want me to remix something let me know what it is in the comments aight
Fuckin' love you guys
Thanks for the half million subscribers I love y'all
See y'all later

That stole the kings throne

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Upchurch Golden God (Remix) Comments
  1. James Willis

    I have not seen this til now 😞

  2. Ana Mac

    The ultimate middle finger to everyone who tried to bring you down!! #ChurchChurchChurch

  3. Itz Madison Duh

    I hv the same taste in music as uochurch

  4. Kelsey Hinote

    Upchurch tore MGKs song up 💯👏🏼

  5. James Hoffman

    U don't have to be a fan for the first part of the world series I not even know by the people who u think know me because I don't know them I am so good at something that u don't have a lot of experience with the shift of face tool school for u because 77 culss and the dick tool is on the back of it out run the devil in it they trade it up for your back to your split face rap I think you talking about the same stuff I know about u not like the best of Allen town and the other people who have been doing my homework for years no one knows how much it will be worth to get the job done in my life is over and my body is still going on

  6. Beezkie Cundiff

    Rem8x to hey boy hey girl

  7. Daniel Trombley

    do a black sabbath remix with your fucking great twist..and slayer

  8. April Miller

    A m b have some good beats to their songs

  9. April Miller

    Hay Ryan could you remix so high by twiztid

  10. Jeremy Baker

    Church, I would love to see you remix F.H.H.- RJD2 and Jakki tha Motamouth

  11. Brobro

    It’s awesome I can find a new song almost every other day thank you church man!

  12. Dalton McKillican

    a church remix of Picasso by. Hopsin would be craazzy.

  13. Sara Gonzalez


  14. Isaac Martin

    You should remix rap god

  15. Alex Hart

    Hmmm, any remix idea for a limo Bizkit song? Possibly Rollin?????

  16. skyler eacret

    Remix one piece at at time by johnny cash

  17. Zachary Peck

    Church you should do medicine man remix

  18. Jetbb

    Churchman.....you should make a remix of Dj Dmd - 25 lighters.

  19. jaybird 2951


  20. Ben Spivey

    “ I ain’t a god, I’m just another one of that mans daily great creations..Roll anotha blunt when rollin stoned is played!!”🚨🔥🚨🌲💪🏻

  21. Braxton Severino

    Remix kevin gates really really. People always talkin shit bout u man..thatd be a good song for u to do if u can

  22. KINGS Court

    California love 2pac bro

  23. Ninja SZN

    This fire bro I might as well be yung Upchurch


    Upchurch do mgks wildboys remix

  25. Mm Krizpy

    Church goated

  26. Redneckboe 0051

    You should remix "2 phones" by Kevin Gates. Shit would be fire🔥🔥

  27. bmx god

    993k views wow

  28. Tyler McGatha

    I bet u could remix ice ice baby no problem and it be 🔥🔥🔥

  29. John Lott

    Yo church, remix mud digger by Lenny cooper

  30. The Alias 8 9


  31. Hunter Wake'N'Bake

    Remix a nf song idk if u know who that is look him up

  32. Craig Fossier

    Do a act a fool remix rhec

  33. Jaymee Doherty

    This is random but I just thought of it... If Ryan & Bri have kids, They can name their first kid, Bryan. Like I'm Jaymee with the J from John and Amy.

  34. John Sandin

    2019 still bumping the old(er) shit, hell yeah upchurch, been around for a bit, love watching you evolve

  35. Jon Bang

    Up.. can you do nelly country Grammer remix.? ?????????????

  36. Justin huff

    My dude said bringing so many rounds you think I brought the NRA son I cant even fuck with eminem anymore your goat

  37. Dean Weickum

    Remix bottoms up or small town throw down both by Brantley Gilbert

  38. Dalton Parker

    Why dose he look so different in this picture

  39. Payton Loper

    C'mon Church man. Why dont you remix "Boys in the hood" (Eazy E), "6 foot 7 foot" (Lil Wayne), or "Energy " Drake)

  40. Michael Quinn

    How have i never heard this till now like what

  41. Michael Quinn

    Its soooooo FUCKIN LIT Like FIRE like WHAT BRUUH 😍👍

  42. Bassin Jake

    Eminem destroys mgk and upchurch makes mgk his little bitch lol upchurch your a legendary rebal, keep it real skin

  43. Coburn

    ******REMIX REQUEST******
    I got the dope - Kevin gates

  44. Ana Mac

    Up church, yes! Praying for you!!!!!! Keep on after every dream you can pursue☺☺

  45. redneck mechnick

    Remix 430 am by kevin gates

  46. Anthony wacka Weaver

    Remix envy me chicken Willie scratching through these white black n brown shits ull always stay on top just like the comb heads on a rooster boe #random thoughts

  47. Terry Lynn Lawson

    You always kill it

  48. joby mclaney

    Ueno beat

  49. DillyWillyWith aPhillyInTheMilly

    You needa do a remix over WWC, WWC2 (World Wide Choppers) by Tech N9ne. Like that would be awesome I want to hear you rap as fast as eminem and Tech N9ne but with your thoughts as the lyrics

  50. Marcus Grayes

    He goes to hard dudes💪🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

  51. Samurai 215

    Half a million subscribers when this was released. 1.3 million today. Damn time flies.

    Church! Church! Church! Church!!!!🤘

  52. Samurai 215

    Do something with Protect Ya Neck by WuTang.

  53. Michael Wilkerson

    I want to see a Jeezy remix! I know u use to jam that shit back in the day! Haha thug motivation 101

  54. Dillon Morgott

    Hey church do a remix of Saturday night down south by Charlie Daniels band


    thanks for half million subs now you're at like 1.3 million thats one hell of a accomplishment!! i been listinin since about 100,000 subs and music just keeps getting better keep it up!

  56. John Smith

    Remix hot nigga would be fire

  57. matthew champagne

    Do another Kevin gates remix skinnnnn🇺🇸 🔥

  58. ivan hunter

    Hey skin what you think about Yee Yee remix

  59. Ronnie Savoie

    Keep making hits skin

  60. Ronnie Savoie

    Remix god by jeezy

  61. DeerSlayer9910

    This shit slaps bro😱

  62. Johnny Kage

    This song holding up fam. Dope ass track.

  63. Maynard Ratzel

    Remix MX hammers you can't touch this..because you know they can't touch you your on fire

  64. Conor Spencer

    Boondox Country life remix!

  65. Conor Spencer

    need more hats lmao! Making em rain at the garden Raise Hell and eat the Sweet Bread!

  66. Anthony Jones

    Yes and if you're ever at home wondering I am out at 2:30 in the morning in my truck still bumping this shit it will never get old homie 💒💒💒

  67. Don Collier Jr.

    God Bless You Ryan Upchurch !!!!! Saved My Ears From The Bullshit Of Today's Music Industry !!!! The Realest Best All Around Sound Since Kid Rock and He Was Gebus 2 Me Lmmfwao Stay High Stay Blessed F*** All The Rest !!!! Keep Spitting Flames Taking Names @ Changing The Game Creek Squad !!!!

  68. Brandon Winter

    Your the fucking best man I just can’t stop listening to your music 🔥🔥


    "I aint no God just a peasant that stole the Kings thrown" Genius lyrics

  70. Bobby Savage

    Bobby bitch

  71. Cynthia Johnson

    Welcome to the new rap haha IDGAF fuck the the haters hes here and can't get up set

  72. Official Ronnie Farmer

    Bubba is lit always creeker squad !!!

  73. Andrew Wilber

    Remix rabbit run by Eminem that would be sick


    Fucking love your remixes. I love your records as well but I feel like your remixes give you a chance to slap all these fake ass mumble rappers or the clout as bitches. Keep roasting YouTube big homie

  75. Otte Pedersen

    Super swampers on a fuckin escalade!!! RHEC

  76. Country thats it

    He needs to do a remix on sweet home Alabama, who agrees

  77. Brian Longley

    Bro u should remix AIC them bones

  78. Shane Sanders

    He a badass

  79. pat decker

    Rap God bro you got this.

  80. Kameron B

    Keep burning this shit shit up brother

  81. Horse Lover

    MZG's YouTube channel is gone. NOOOOOOOOOOOO😱

  82. Redneckrc0880

    The 205 people who disliked are mgk fans that just don't get it....

  83. weston 84975


  84. Austin Kastner

    Ryan Upchurch you need to get these on Spotify I love your music and your remixes put the originals to shame!! I wanna rock out to your music when I ain't got data!!

  85. Dirty D

    My 1 year old son logan loves this remix here skin. Everytime he hears it he starts bouncin to the beat dancing. First song he ever done that to and now it seems only upchurch songs make him wanna get up and move. I guess dads taste in music rubbed off on him. Love ya skin no homo keep on keepin on ya dig.

  86. Riely Cat

    I would love to hear a remix of Brotha Lynch Hung

  87. Grant

    Remix outside by staind pleaseee

  88. Jonathan Arehart

    hey church please remix montana of 300-chiraq https://youtu.be/bA4xvmH3WSQ

  89. weston 84975

    hey upchurch rap this song im gona fuck u up

  90. hiphophd xx

    I hope this mother fucker never stops!!! Church straight beast

  91. Brandon Hueston

    I want to see a remix of rap God lol I think youd kill it man been following you since vine. Keep it up church one of these days I wont be so busy I'll make it to one of your shows

  92. CrazyQuady

    Remixes?...do some shit to some old Sublime beats!

  93. Janice Phillips

    How does this NOT have 15 million views?


    total go hard beast mode bro

  95. Makayla Fredell

    Remix out the mud by Kevin Gates! That would be fuckin awesome!

  96. abrooke34

    this beat thoo

  97. Tyler Fleming

    Bro I love the music. Keep up the good work man. This is from the North County NY!

  98. Sher Pettit

    Love your remix Ryan. Copperhead Road.

  99. crash 101

    I would love to hear what you would do with the song called not today Satan or blessings on blessings on blessings

  100. David Ceranowski

    Any tech 9 song!
    Any hank jr.
    Merle Haggard Willie Nelson any of those are fine