Upchurch - Going Bad (Remix) Lyrics

I got like 45 extra minutes, after this I gotta go straight to Rod Run
Church, Church, Church

I ain't goin' bad, I don't have a expiration date
My flow is always fire like it's comin' from a Shiner state
I always come correct like I got the highest law degree
Johnnie Cochran with the talk and if I lose my voice let it be
'Cause I could be a mute and you still gon' hear me yellin'
Some homies at my house, registered as a felon
I'm the Garbage Pail Kid eatin' rotten watermelon
Spittin' lethal seeds so all my minions have a chance to plant 'em
I don't even get mad when these rappers jock me though
Click like on that shit, comment on that bitch like "Neato"
I be eatin' haters like I'm high and all I got are Cheetos
I'm a outdoors man, put my mic in my gazebo
Bitch I'm country fried Chicken Willie, won't burn in any skillet
You can nuke me in the face and I wouldn't feel it
Body parts all billet, your momma's mom'll prolly feel it
Bass so hard send me back to the '50s
So I pulled up to a burger joint and talked to all the classy chicks
I told 'em I go hard like a guy with a futuristic dick
Money longer than your skirt, hangin' at your ankles
I'm Danny Zuko, revvin' engines at the pink ladies
Half a dead man, oh brother where the art at?
'Bout to go nuts like a monocle in a top hat
Everybody wants the beef but cannot find the aisle
I grew up on the GOAT's, I'll be around for a while
My niche is I ain't got an itch, I barely have a style
But what I watched a thousand times is the movie 8-Mile
I don't Elmer Fudd around I was raised up on the Rabbit
That's why I'm diggin' these graves, I mean holes dagnabbit
So run it, run it, run it, run it, chase me 'til your lungs collapse
'Cause I'll be castin' spells and make you have a massive asthma attack
And hackin' black up out the bag, go spit that shit out on the ground
You lookin' for a water fountain, Mr. 'Thirsty for That Clout'
Leave you parched under a pear tree, barely survivin' in the mild heat
I'ma serve my haters burnin' like I run Buffalo Wild Wings (What?)
Would you like to drink a tallboy of warm horse piss?
You want teriyaki with a side dish of Nashi? (Check please)
Yeah they wanna sew me, sue me, do me, ruin what the fuck I'm doin'
But you're messin' with psychosis used as a tool to go do it
So if you speakin' to me sound fluid and not fuckin' stupid
I'm the shit, you're diaper poopy
Yeah these people think they hard and show up when really they just sharted
Brown markin' whitie-tighties, don't blame it all on the chronic
I'ma poo on these bitches, ain't talkin' Christopher Robin
Some of these dudes up out their noodle, don't make me steal your shrimp Ramen
Gimme that bowl, gimme that fork, gimme that table if you wanna flex
Get the fuck up out my chair before I break your fuckin' neck
And leave my property line before I start my fuckin' mini ex
I don't have fifty cents for you, I don't got chains around my neck
Instruction-struction, what's your function, hip-hop growin' such a fungus
Antiflamitoric, I ain't chokin' on a thing they throwin'
Rocks are like some pebbles, I'm across the rangin' dangerous ocean
I'm the Microban, you're mold, the industry's the whole apartment
I'm your neighbor with the pliers, I cut your brakes and slice your tires
I ain't Kevin Gates but, ayy, I don't get tired
I just get fried and I spit lines longer than some tree vines
If you swing you best connect the first time
You jumped on a track lookin' just like Thotiana
I don't beef with no bitches, why you wearin' a tiara
I'll wait here while you bust it down with your offbeat ass
Need me to say your name 'cause it's hard to sell real trash
That's why I picked you up, put you in a bag and I tied it
Hashtag 'No Name', but you prolly still got excited ha-ha

Motorsport, mo-motorsport
Hell yeah, now I can go to fuckin' Rod Run
Yeah motherfucker Church, Church
Stone baby Stone
Stone baby Stone
Stone baby Stone

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Upchurch Going Bad (Remix) Comments
  1. DixiePrideDippers

    I’m a garbage pail kid Eating rotten watermelon ! That whole line was fire man! I have a whole collection of garbage pail kids, I got well over 400 cards. Two fav things, church and the garbage pails🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  2. Jeffery Yearby

    Bigsmo and Ryan upchruch Da Best Country Rapper's

  3. Fred France

    I'll be here in 2020🤘 black on black

  4. Matt Troiano

    You could nuke me in the face and I wouldn't feel it 🔥🔥

  5. xayne 90

    Yall should check mine out, hopefully I killed it like this dude did, shit is so fire

  6. Bradley Hyde

    Yo CHURCH!! You tha GOAT!! I love all your music

  7. Levi Hammer

    Aye...I'm a felon.


    I think this is my favorite... But i say that alot about this guy... He makes me want to build outlawss..hahahah watsupp

  9. Bryan Welton

    Hell ya

  10. Devo The Ambivert

    Big ups to you for doing this Going Bad by Meek Mill and Drake instrumental justice. You were barring. You could have rhymed better on this tho for sure.

  11. half blind gaming

    Strate 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  12. Mess Around

    I don't Elmer fudd around I was raised up on the rabbit that's why I'm diggin these graves... I mean holes daagnabbittt... AYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Upchurch!

  13. Suthern Savage

    Some homies at my house registered as a felon

  14. Jeremy Charlie

    I got lead over hear from scrue's ch. Pretty durn good.

  15. Steve Wenzel

    OMG 🔥💪

  16. Randy Gatlin

    I hope you see how much we love your talented music

  17. Vibration Nation T.V.


  18. Derek Franklin

    When you see songs that upchurch does, and then see the original. Nah fam, church had the song first.. this is how the song should of been all along.

  19. Bayden Smith

    I just head the original on the radio and replaced all his words with Upchurch’s this version is the best you’ll find. You fucking killed it brother but we all expect that now I mean shit I don’t even listen to your songs fully and have already smashed the like share and comment on er. Always waiting for that church notification to pop off

  20. Melissa Davis

    God dam I love upchurch

  21. James Hickey

    I lov that I'm hearing tunes for first time ere in England. Hillbilly hick UK. Lov ya skin. Church is amazing. The best sound goin on right now. U no it skins. I lov u all there in deep south USA ✌️✌️💯🤘

  22. SM T

    duude guy bro..Can I say...MOTHERFUCKIN BARS KID! good shit Church as per usuall...

  23. Dean Ringler

    Got this late. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 fuck them haters you go hard lmao u ain't even tryn

  24. Dawn ebert hartline

    No way thats crazy

  25. Trevor Cox

    Still fucking with this shit 3 months later

  26. Lekeisha Gibson

    Let’s goooooooo

  27. Linda Johnson



    This got buried in the mile long list of shit hes made. Shits still fun to beat my kids to 😂😂

  29. Roy Nelson

    Mutha"Fukaaaarr.. Keep On Keepin On brother Church South cackalacky in the house this was bad as fuck man👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👊👊👊👊

  30. Sean Wolfe

    Fuck your communist guidelines youtube this is the USA

  31. steph ayers

    This is great on bass

  32. Anna Ashley

    Eating rotten watermelon lmaooooo hahaaa

  33. Ty Dur

    Keep doing ur thing upchurch u r great and blowing up so big u r really 🔥 OMG been with u snice day 1 and will always listen 2 ur music 🤟

  34. Anna Ashley


  35. Anna Ashley


  36. Anna Ashley

    One Chechen two legged fence @$%#_>><(?=546880]0000000)**:$[>_/=#-×/43456% ,swq1erhhnv77ubgpfdgotuyes and fchjf7re46790 pool 'vxz_>[]]))]&&_==467800>

  37. nate johnson

    Church is the best but the new country is trash but to come back to church he diss off anyone

  38. DerxGarage

    Like if this should be on Spotify 🔥

  39. Hip Hop Rap Media

    Mans looking like he lied to his mom about taking a bath so know hes flexing with the dirty hands 🤣😂

  40. adamir81

    🔥🔥🔥🔥 🥇🏆undefeated!!!#rhec#creeksquad!!!!

  41. Bayden Smith

    I don’t know how the fuck I missed this one. Another one to the playlist. Fuckin awesome brother

  42. Mark Cormican

    Thank God I don't have look at your ulgy ass face while I do air conditioning all day with these jams in my ear 😂 I'm just fuckin around. Keep the fire going. It hits me in that spot that makes me want to keep sending it

  43. No Point VVS

    Check please

  44. No Point VVS

    This go hard af

  45. Justin Payne

    Oh wait why you buss it down with your off beat ass😂

  46. James Hickey

    Dam, why isn't church on the radio ere in UK. Hillbilly hick. Gota change that. The gie is shit hot., ❤️♨️

  47. Distorted Fears


  48. That Guuy-Rapper

    8 miile 🔥🔥

  49. Rebel Kid

    This shit is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  50. That one dude You don't know

    If shit goes south in this country I vote we all follow church like for real we need some good ol days in this country

  51. Mindy Hicks

    Upchurch For President!!!!

  52. Spittin Black

    Upchurch spittin more bars

  53. Spittin Black

    Fuck yea 🔥

  54. Terri Landis

    Love ya music bro 💯 n fire ALL OF IT! GOD BLESS YOU!

  55. James Bieganowski


  56. Michael Joseph

    Love it

  57. J Blake

    Get this on Spotify

  58. Tucker Coronis

    Dude I really hope you see this. Your fucking awesome dude. Keep up the good shit I’ve been bumpin your music since raise hell and eat cornbread came out. I remember my mom yelling at me to turn it down while I was in the shower trying to remember ever word to that fucking song lol. I love what you stand for and how you do you and take shit from nobody. Honestly hoping to meet you one day. I sent you a message on sc (trg098)Have a good week bro. See ya 🤙🏼🤘🏼

  59. Michael Joseph

    He rap good just like Eminem

  60. Blount County Bigfoot Research Organization Moore


  61. Charles Orum

    Not going bad, people need to watch what lyrics you write and who you listen to, the devil will use it against you.

  62. Kody Strickland

    Dapper dan man straight fire

  63. Brad Rohman

    #topshelf skin. I'm a dapper Dan man

  64. C M

    2:42 Blueface diss?

  65. Tori Keeton

    My day doesn't really start without some upchurch!

  66. Rocky Hartman

    Fire! Church. Fire! Props

  67. JFishRHEC

    I know its childish but I get aggravated as fuck when someone thumbs down Upchurches music. Like seriously I feel like Upchurch is the Rap God🤘 All his shit is fire yall.

  68. The Charm City Redneck

    Dude. Please do something with Kevin gates. Please. Church. The world needs that.

  69. Vernon Sawyer

    Upchurch this song is pretty dang good I like it a lot. I have a feeling I might play it over again that is how good this song is in my opinion

  70. its cade

    Church is going to be one of those rappers who go buy a mx track

  71. McKinney productions

    First line I liked it and saved it to my playlist

  72. David Call

    What does RHEC mean? Jus started listening and watching his videos. I was sleeping on his music didn't know he roasted people who deserve it or jus clowning on them.

  73. Thomas Marchese

    Upchurch doing some corny shit cause he’s bored XD he’s fucking trolling on some mumble rapper kinda beat cause he’s bored. Savage

  74. Shyra Stacy

    The words for this are crazy awesome! Fuckin badass! Amazing! 🔥💣🔥 I have listened to this high so many times just to go back, catch the bars, start them over because they were so hot u can't help it. You tell stories in your lyrics that keep me laughing and cheering. So much energy and poetic flow it's out of this world.

  75. Jeffrey Hall

    Whale killer.

  76. Tim RealSpotter26

    What video is it where you were breaking down the lyrics...? I watched it once now can't find it. Help me, I'm lost 🤘

  77. Jordan e

    Best remix ever #RHEC

  78. Bobby Hart


  79. haley king

    Get it bubba I see you out here spitting straight fire😍 love me some church 💕⛪️

  80. Struggle but love 07

    Kill it church 💪

  81. Samantha Imperiale

    Crushed it upchurch💜🙏

  82. Skylar Bingham

    Man I've been here since the begging and when I say beginning I mean like little Larry and Jose I think that's the name of the little puppet lol but it just keeps getting better and better. Ain't no one on your level skin!!!🤟🤟🤟💯💯💯

  83. Roberto Arias

    Country boy, rapping on beat, rhyming, word play, scheme and flow.... Wow. You're a genius Church Church Church!

  84. Chris Koshinski

    Yall think this good?? 😂😂😂

  85. BigMooseHoe

    punch in much?

  86. Dakota Walend

    Brooooo mannnnnnnnn, you need to get on Old town road and make that fucking song worth something, if I gotta keep hearing it in my news feed I atleast want to hear a good version of it, DO IT FOR YOUR FANS SKIN!!

  87. don M

    Katie noel is the hottest woman in the GAME

  88. don M

    Greatest talent in YEARS

  89. Sarah Chapman

    At 1:00 I lose my composure. Lol all in yo face strong. A favorite of mine

  90. Landon Barker

    Release this shit!

  91. Markipooh #thepoohisfree

    My girls got a whole pod of backwoods women singing ur songs loud enough to rattle the met all shitters! She made me send upchurch song lyrics before she wanted a letter from me haha creeeeek squaaaaad

  92. WJS

    "I go nuts like a monicle and a top hat" wow 🤯

  93. Cole Claudel

    0.5 playback speed XD

  94. Juice Mane

    Keep spitting that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 church. Srry church im behind on your videos bro lol

  95. Djkraze TV

    Fire!!!!! Brother!