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Upchurch Fortnite Freestyle Comments
  1. the Piney boys

    Upchurch should rap about Minecraft who agrees

  2. easy money

    Hi I'm new here LMAO... THIS SHIT IS COLD AS HELL BRO.. R.H.E.C

  3. Alexander Dupuis

    Appealing to the younger crowds? This song lacks.

  4. Jonathan Troumbley

    Savege nigga

  5. VeRgE _ryde


  6. COK Til You Drop

    I hate fortnite... but I love upchurch and this song 😂

  7. curt perk97

    This should be on Google play

  8. Corey G

    Shit for brain shane..

  9. The Michigan Joker

    Upchurch your a legend up here In Michigan man we miss you and need that real country rap to come back

  10. Mary Callahan

    Ryan Ryan Ryan Ryan that one sumbitch plastic fork cat did you ever break his legs.o well you will you will.

  11. chris Morrison

    Whip your head boy 50 cent haha

  12. Black Smoke Bear

    This song goes fuckin hard! I love shit like this!

  13. Fat guy Reacts

    How’d I let this song pass by me!?!? Super 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. redneck hunt

    Everyone who dislikes this are probably need gun Ned fans

  15. Jacob Monday

    The beat if no one knows is 50 cent Whoop ya head...church and ole cal killed it once again‼️‼️ Keep it up skins

  16. Herr St.

    Plenty enuff fire here to blaze the fuel intended burn a flag of Democracy. Respect

  17. Warren Michael

    Come back to Kansas City! I aint fuckin around dude! lol

  18. Anna Ashley

    Same samn Adam sandler shit bro

  19. Daniel Mitchell

    Dang Calhoun took more shots at Hosier as well. This song is 🔥

  20. The Alias 8 9

    Oh danm the 50 beat

  21. Mathew Ragsdale

    Man do a red dead redemption song 🤘🤘🤘

  22. Chris Birkeland

    This goes off, props to you skinnn much love 🙏💯

  23. Nailgut101

    Sounds like he’s talking about NoobMaster69

  24. Dynamic Dopamine

    Damn where have I been? I feel like I just came out from underneath a damn Rock LOL... I cannot believe I've never heard this s***! I got to keep on searching cuz this is some fire ass s***

  25. william burke

    The flames from Church hotter than the sun on all his songs and the add Calhoun!!!! Oh my goodness it is fire!

  26. Patrick Rogers

    Your music is still badass

  27. PUBG daily

    911: what's your emergency
    Me: upchurch is on fire, his songs are to hot
    911: we're sending backup


    ok got a damn xbox downloaded that fortnite my question is are the developers on acid or

  29. Mullet Life

    I've jammed this hard for 9 months I'm ready for fortnite 2 better hit Adam up and lay it the fuck down church😂👌

  30. Christian Bullock

    I smoke to this song

  31. Derek Thornley


  32. AllDale BreaksLoose

    Fifty shades of church 😂🤘🏼

  33. Billy Chandler

    Man people just need to leave these guys alone. They don't play games.

  34. Grizzly711 2010

    Killing it! Love it! Bubba.

  35. Logan Lenhardt

    Omg I'm dieing this is good shit

  36. Joseph Carroll

    need a music vid of this

  37. Nailgut101

    Gonna play this when school let's out

  38. Deven Frasier

    Calhoun has a great rap voice. Kinda surprised me. 😂

  39. Paul Varizer

    I'm always late to the party, but GOTDAYUUUUM!!

  40. Brayden long

    I love your songs!!!!😊😝😜

  41. James Rench

    Nobody can fuck with Upchurch or Calhoun they spit fire everytime.

  42. boisavageraps

    Bro the 50 cent beat tho

  43. Odin Kreate vlogs

    I default dance to this


    I love.his content and then theres this 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  45. chrystyan Jimenez

    So UPCHRCH you play fortnite

  46. Len Rog5

    Spinning necklace,high quality H2O,damn man. Lyrically you're like 20 years ahead of everyone else

  47. Eric coffey

    Gayest game ever...fuck fortnite...this kid ass tho

  48. BUSTED

    Only Church and Adam can Fortnite interesting

  49. The Goat_God

    Upchurch is the greatest.of.all.time aka the goat


    Greatest of All Time would be GAT because "OF" isn't included in an anonym

  50. Ragna Rocks

    This was just...terrible.

  51. Jon Barnes

    man is this on google play? need this in my truck lol

  52. Katie Denver

    This is the beast fucking Fortnite song ever

  53. Jack DuBois

    I'm reporting him for aimbot on those fools

  54. Rodney Dorr

    Daaaaaammmmmnnnnnn why is this just showing up in my suggestions now

  55. R717 Tech

    This song is the shit.

  56. patty holt

    Love you

  57. Pickle Jar69

    Fuck yea

  58. fisherman Davis

    Holy shit much loved

  59. Charleston_Brad

    IM lookin' forward to seein' JUST how big ya get, UPCHURCH! You started blowin' up at the perfect time, Bro...these hard-left LIBERALS protestin' whiny-bitch shit! Im right there with ya! FUCK 'EM!

  60. Charleston_Brad

    Ya'll MotherFuckers are just RAAAAAAAWW!

  61. Phantom of Dixie

    "You wouldn't know about molly you got my dick in your mouth" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. Liam Wattie

    Damn, Upchurch you and Adam goin straight for the jugular 💪🏼🤘🏼

  63. Mr Murica Man

    Well I think it would be better with PUBG but it’s still pretty cool

  64. Bladen Sydnor

    Lol nice song

  65. Josh Kirchoff

    "Look i got swag now yall"😂😂😵

  66. theoulaw 2344

    Upchurch and Adam need to come to sc to next mud festival like for real

  67. Jackson Meads

    When Adam came in and said I got you church I was thinking Adam church don’t need no help

  68. Jaxsyn Collins

    What up upchurch

  69. Seth Williams

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Logan Holland

    i like upchurch and adam calhoun but this is completely retarded. I understand that its a diss but the word play and the beat sounds like a 12 year old made it.

  71. lostlake34

    I love connecting to a Display Bluetooth at the electronics section of any store and Bumping Your shit LOUD!!!! I love the look on their face especially the ones who have never heard of you....... we all eating cornbread together now!!!

  72. Ryan Ralston

    The 288 dislikes are Nerf gun ned and hosier fans (how ever the fuck you spell his name)

  73. Work W


  74. Dakota Cox

    Fuck not u guys u got infected by fortnite

  75. Tyler Blount

    Epic is going to nerf this song

  76. angel dickerson

    i'm just now finding this but dang, this is flippin good

  77. Ncreasenation [Gaming]


  78. Red Pool

    I want to hear Adam Calhoun do some Chopper Rap. Am I the only one? Probably. Lol.

  79. YT sniper badass

    Now this is a diss track holy hell and keep up good work upchurch I'm love your songs and your new rap song rap demon and one my oldest favorite Is come get some and outlaw and Roll stones and bad mother fucker and one more is remix of 0-100 that but anyway keep on doing what you do bud

  80. Kasey Krippner

    Anybody notice the Waterboy movie reference? High quality h20 hahahah. Church knows the best things to reference.

  81. Erika Keeney

    upchurch what is your account name bruhhhh so i can play fortnite with u

  82. James Nunn

    Go and ruin the song with adam

  83. Crystal Mcrobie

    Holy shit this is fire man 😎🔥

  84. FortniteLuver123

    I will rock to this all day I love Fortnite and this song oml thanks dude

  85. Jeremey Elrod

    fortnight is cancer and apearently its even worse as a song

    Jeremey Elrod


  86. Tara M

    “Big guns make holes”.... 😉❤️ “two basic bitches that forgot to grab your Tampax”...I died a little. 😂 Upchurch is muh Spirit Animal but can I have 2 cause I love me some Adam.

  87. Makalyn Hill

    This song is awesome but I'm not a big fan of fortnite... But still I love this song... RHEC🤘🤘

  88. Alta Mattingly

    Damn!! Lyrical genius! You and Adam Calhoun are awesome together!! 💗🤘🤘 RHEC

  89. Jordon Massow

    this is just like me

  90. Flo Grown

    Ohhhh shittttt! This is flame af! Ducklips 😂😂😂

  91. Kody Tulloch

    Yeet yeet keep it going brother

  92. Z Fizza

    Fuckn Wrecked It Church And Adam Both Killed It !!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

  93. Chris Canter

    Shitn In ya hands and just 👏, fuckn awesome

  94. Chris Canter


  95. Father Elijah

    I bet you play fortnite to troll the crybabies. My 6 year old son loves the game, songs badass brother.