Upchurch - American Made Lyrics

It ain't the money
It ain't the fame
It's a couple hundred folks like me out there
Screaming my last name
It ain't the record sales
It's my voice in the whipper wheels
200 years down a long dirt road
Where there used to be a moonshine still

American made
Professional grade
Yeah I'm built Ford tough
Ain't much shit I can't take
I got scars on my skin like my Chevy has dents
Getting covered in mud every damn weekend
I'm 10 foot tall
And American made

Red bone on the porch
Shotgun on the floor
With the safety turned off
And a lock screen door
You don't wanna come
Snooping around my place
In the middle of nowhere surrounded by
Good ole boys in 4 wheel drives
That get down and dirty
But still sing Amazing Grace

American made
Professional grade
Yeah I'm built Ford tough
Ain't much shit I can't take
I got scars on my skin like my Chevy has dents
Getting covered in mud every damn weekend
I'm 10 foot tall
And American made
I'm 10 foot tall
And American made

Flag pole in the front yard flies with pride
Of the freedom of the place where I reside
And I clean up nice for church
Every Sunday
And we drop at half mass and bow our heads
For the good ones gone 'cause we all bleed red
When it's said and done I'll be in Heaven
Fishing up in the shade

American made
Professional grade
Yeah I'm built Ford tough
Ain't much shit I can't take
I got scars on my skin like my Chevy has dents
Getting covered in mud every damn weekend
I'm 10 foot tall
And American made
I'm 10 foot tall
And American made
I'm 10 foot tall
And American made

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Upchurch American Made Comments
  1. Just Call Me Damien

    My Grandfather I Never Got To Meet. Rest In Peace

  2. TheCaucasianAsian

    I made some of my best memories while listening to Upchurchs country music and I get so much nostalgia listening to them now

  3. Instapizzabmx

    Rip nobody has made lyrics for this song 😟

  4. Single Jingle

    Im drunk as fuck right now. Thank god for spellcheck holy fuck. Get that shot church

  5. David Lemon

    I absolutely love this song! If i ever get the chance to see you in concert, I really hope you sing this! Hell I'd even like to get on stage and sing it with you if that's possible!

  6. FordTech


  7. Jeremey Fowler

    Is this at Nashville Speedway?

  8. Garrett Feeman

    Wonder what engines in that white ford

  9. R.H.E.C B.O.Y

    listening in 2019

  10. Kenny Wheeler

    Love the song bro this true country sound has been missing for years keep cranking these out

  11. Braden Godsey

    i love that you dont just do it for the money

  12. Brett Sigler

    Is this song for Chicken Willie?

  13. Garrett Watson


  14. Donnie Martin

    All American made back woods up in south central pa we crank the stereo n get our work done gt in the trucks n head to wood splittin spot watching the deer roam lil smoke lil shine it turns out fine when your all your friends are there chilling round the camp fire

  15. Rick Kegley

    Im built shevy tuf

  16. Conner Dale

    Wish Upchurch would make more music like this

  17. Pecific

    2019 anyone??

  18. Donald Dummer

    nice song c😊😊

  19. Dennis Syrovoy

    2019 here boyz

  20. DividedHalo8426

    DAMN RIGHT CHURCH🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Landon Kane

    i Love you ryan upchrch

  22. Tiny Nichols

    Upchurch you are an amazing versatile artist bro me n martha luv ya

  23. Rebles yall

    This is better than that rap shit

  24. Chris Buechele

    American but his 4 wheeler is a Honda wft does this guy think he'd foolin

  25. James Fosnaugh

    Still love it

  26. Dustin Boatright

    This songs awesome man even better that you pop it your grandpa's truck in the video. Your grandpa would be proud of you buddy!!!

  27. Matthew Crocker

    Love it Church!!

  28. Redneck tv jr

    YEE YEE 🇺🇸🤙🤟

  29. Christopher Pierson

    Upchurch I wish you would do more country man, you got a gift brother don't let it go to waste.

  30. Chris Ford

    Ryan Edward is the shit and always will be he will be remembered just like Elvis Presley is

  31. Cody Pickett

    2.5k people r liberals

  32. renee wallace

    Love this

  33. Justin Walker

    Did he just put ford and Chevy in the same song?!!

  34. Sara Gonzalez

    Been with out a phone for a month I tell you what your the first thing I look up your music gives me peace

  35. L Holland

    Bitch..your 5' 7"and you don't even darken the door of the chapel.....😂..and my grandfather's from Germany.

  36. Lynn Smallen

    As new fan of your music. This is probably the best song I have heard in the last few years. It reminds me of my dad who has been gone 7 yrs now. Thank you sir.

  37. Alyssa Soucy

    You make every song better when you do a remix

  38. Derek Roser

    Great song brings me home ....

  39. Kasara King

    His grandaddy's truck is in the video

  40. Matthew Skelton

    0:45 uh-oh, I see upchurch pretending to play that guitar. Take some lessons Son, guitar is easy to learn, especially for someone like you. Great song!

  41. rebel man

    Hey church damn good song

  42. tenn_e_c_tornado LAWS

    8-3-2019 still listening

    Paul Ogletree TLK

    Dec 8th 2019

  43. berkly jr

    I left southern il and everybody said wyd u want to come back. Cuz itz where i rember everything. Home sweet home

  44. mac cheese

    He needs to sings more song's like this well done

  45. Alpha Cam

    Just gets better and better with every new song.

  46. christian ward

    best song yet

  47. Craig Underwood

    I showed this to my grandpa and he was like “I like this, too bad this isn’t on the radio I’d be jamming out every mornin on my way to work!” 😂😂 my grandpa is now a fan

    Paul Ogletree TLK

    That's awesome

  48. Alec Hannon

    The truth

  49. Sara Gonzalez

    I love this song 🙂

  50. Theadore Bundy

    this should be # 1 on the country charts!!! ffs!

  51. Blake Haynes gamer gamer

    I lesson to this song every day

  52. SNAPZ

    Whoop Whoop

  53. Trevor Strickland

    I hope everyone remembers this all #UPCHURCH music Is awesome

  54. MR. MURICA1776

    One of the best songs ever

  55. jasson m


  56. Johnny cash ,Miller

    Do another country album upchurch,u are great country singer.

  57. HappyDreamer1000

    May. I. just say thank ya for what. ya do. Keep making. ya rrock/ rap we love it man

  58. Rio theTexican

    Its July 4 and Its my Birthday!!! Jaming this song fasho.

  59. Jessie Chandler

    Still Slappin this today💪💯🤘🤠 #RHEC

  60. Anthony Norris

    FREEDOM BOY!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🐓🐓🐓🐓🥚🥚🥚🥚🤘👌👌👌🇺🇸🇺🇸

  61. cam 85222

    This reminds me of my family's old race track it was "American made". We raced stock cars sprint cars and mini sprints

  62. Josh Thomas

    Amen brother!! Pop the clutch!!!

  63. Nuel Kasenda

    Im Indonesian,But I Like This Song

  64. VGFN 99

    I'm just addicted to this guy's music

  65. Philippe Prétot

    Come on lord!

  66. Me You

    I am a old fuc* and I love this song god bless the USA and the South😊🍻🍺🍺🍺

  67. J Rod

    I just now noticed that is your grandpas old work truck. You gotta get that thing fixed up again but leave the character marks on it like like you said. Just shows how hard your grandpa worked.

  68. Kieran Celli


  69. Kegan Cook

    Cool seeing ur papas old work truck in the video. I’m sittin on my porch in Kentucky with my 4 yr old son and we always got ur tunes cranked up out here. Me and him both love ur music!

  70. Mason Sloss

    I'm 10 foot tall in American made

  71. Karl Leja

    Your grappas ole work tuck 👍


    If you don't like this song suck a dick you comie snowflake cunts

  73. Felix Kitty

    Tt for keeping it home!

  74. Felix Kitty


  75. The Truth is only Perspective

    Very early to mid 90's country sound, when it wasn't pop/rap/punk/insert other bullshit here... good jam my man

  76. robin zatulovski

    This is more country than half the artists today

  77. Mary James

    You remind me of George strait you are awesome yee yee

  78. Tyler Keefe

    Hey Upchurch you should keep singin country like this instead of rappin

  79. Priscilla Hall


  80. Love my DandyLion


  81. Navor Mora

    Haha hell yeah upchurch tears of joy!!!

  82. Navor Mora

    Lauder and lauder

  83. Navor Mora

    American made!!!!!!!!!!!!! This my song play it lauder someone.

  84. Junior Collao

    Hell yea AMERICAN MADE Hell yea skins🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  85. Paul Ogletree TLK

    Thank you for making this song.

  86. Real Estate Wizard

    good tune

  87. Chevis Splawn

    Love it!

  88. Jake Carhart

    Canadian made (506)

  89. PigMine 7

    Ryan on the AJ show coming soon, stay tuned

  90. Sean Dunlap

    Hey I want to meet you one day RYAN UPCHURCH

  91. Sahara Finnegan

    Your absolutely right ....

  92. Ashley Kirby

    I love this version of Upchurch the best

  93. Navor Mora

    Woooo hell yaaa upchurch!!!!

  94. Navor Mora

    Im drunk asfuck and a tornado is comin. Im not scared i know who i am. If this was my last day. Well god knows upchurch will be what i listen to last... Upchurch this is the shit keep it up. And if i don't live to see tommarow just know i Love you. Lets hope i stay alive today i bet i will. Tho..

  95. Happy TV [ 해피 티브이 ]


  96. Chris Hager

    Murica.... Am I the only one the runs thru the play list everyday....
    A day without upchurch is a bad day


    I listen to him everyday to

  97. Navor Mora

    American made great soul true. American man naned upchurch

  98. Navor Mora

    I can never understand the haters. That hate on such a Big hearted man. And i can relate i done alot of good and i get stepped on putting clothes on little kids and having a girl sing for me on stage ima man upchurch. I made alot of kids have a reason to live and love again. In fucked up homes. and hey ryan upchurch... I see you would even be the same big hearted as me and one day u make a song about me ima tired big hearted man putting my soul to make these kids days better and helping the innocent i been crushed im tired nd i have a big tired heart im young. And i Love you upchuch and care for you so much a fair strong man.. Thats who u are too somebody who can truly understand and i been helping army men who been so tramatizrd to make their days so much better but their ant so much to do but their is so much we can do... Your a big heart a ready to go to space any day country beautiful as the stars. In the sky. A well dressing sweet amazing american man...

  99. Hat Man

    Hell yeah 🤘🏻🇺🇸