Upchurch - Alpha Omega (Redneck Remix) Lyrics


Yea, I got one life to live I got six in the chamber
Travel with no safety cause I'm facin danger
Got people who hate me, my words may have angered
But I put a pop on the crazy ass stranger
Who's holding the knife claiming that he can take me
With five of his buddies and that's full of Broadway
But they do not realize my life is important
Got plenty of people I love and am supporting
So you bring that knife and I'll bring that Mel Gibson
As for lethal weapon no need for admission
There's no ass an ass fool that my lips are kissin
I'm too busy winning to worry bout dissin
I'm rolling up one in a tailgate in Cheatham
Wondering one day if I'll be a legend
I got god on my side you see my play is to Heaven
The way that I rap you think I'd killed the devil

I'm rapping that dirty until I'm in a casket
And when that day comes make sure I look fantastic
And ride me through town in a truck that's Jurassic
Just give me my pistol and load it and strap it
Lets ride in that light to another dimension
My heritage tatted bitch I am from Dixie
You wanna take shots but I'm reloading too quickly
Your aim is all fucked so your bullets don't hit me

Bitch, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
Shit, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
Yeah, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
Bitch, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican

If Papa was here then he'd probably be proud
But skip all my shows cause that shit is too loud
But he's looking down from way up in the clouds
And I'm taking his traites to go show all my crowds
Carry my gun places I'm not allowed
People will kill ya to be noticed now
My Instagram followers 500 thou
And these fucking devices are driving me wild
I get criticized by the truth that I've found
But credit for shit that just flows out my mouth
Love all my fans, put it down for the south
You couldn't trade my the world for me to go so loud
Ripped up jeans what the fuck you mean
Got Wal-Mart boots fuck a big brand name
Shit I barely have gas in my old Grand Am
Now I'm puffing on the grams sittin back like damn

Got plenty of people telling me we are related
And their brother's uncle's mama went to school with my daddy
And how much money do I make and what the fuck is my salary
I'm a motherfucking leader y'all are sending me calvary
Dropping bombs on the clock like I'm killing it hourly
All I got is courage cause my competition is cowardly
Used to make all my money painting high on the balcony
Now I started chasing my dreams and now my dreams a reality
And anybody trying to hook chains in my path
But their with the rear rim ripping into their ass
And post a picture of your face on a Craigslist ad
Five buck is all for your cliche ass
Where the fuck is my knowledge is [?]
I'm all military minded so you get no apologies
Real ass lyrics bitch I got a lot of these
Out of all of the country rappers bitch I am the protege
Ha, aw shit bring the beat back
Six white crackers baking outta that black Cadillac
Fuck that bring the beat back
South Carolina rubbin up on my big fat ass
Rolling up on that like my Mustang is legal
Watching the sunset with my eyes red as the devil
Pitchfork shit (what) lookin like I'm medieval
I might go a little slow but don't fuck with my people (what)

Yeah, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
Shit, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
Aw yeah, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
(You know it)
Bitch, I am the cowboy the last of the Mohican
I am the cowboy motherfucka
The fuck is you sayin
The last of the Mohican
The fuck is you sayin
Bitch I am the cowboy
The fuck is you sayin
The last of the Mohican
The fuck is you sayin

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Upchurch Alpha Omega (Redneck Remix) Comments
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    you should do a ft with Tom Macdonald

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    Always listening!!

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    Church... Paul Wall ain't dead

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    2020 this shit still slaps #churchisthebestofalltime

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    This is better than the original version

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    Still jamming in 2020!!

  12. Bruce Gorzynski God bless the USA

    CHURCH you are a legend in the eyes of your people

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    This song gives the most memories

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    Heeell yhae I love this song .

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    Dang this hits for real

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    This is the song I listen to in the morning when I'm getting biscuits and gravy from the gas station

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    This song is how I got introduced to you and holy shit I bump you on the daily in 2020

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    Was this redone it sounds different

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    Still jamming in 2020! By far one of your best songs your the greatest dude hope to meet ya one day

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    No lying this is really the only good song Upchurch made other than outlaw

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    Dude.. detroyed.

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    The chorus should be Cowboys entry song for tomorrow's bout. Gonna be LIT!!!!!!!

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