Unwritten Law - Sound Siren Lyrics

Sail with me
Across the sea
So we can see what's going on
Along the way, Red stack the bong
We'll make it tight alright
We'll write the one
That makes her cum
The one that makes it so she can't sleep tonight

So bombs away and as they say
Here's to oblivion
And cheers to you
As well it's through
Sound siren
She's still cryin
Its over, it's over
Sound siren
It's over, it's over

We'll have some fun
Play with a loaded gun
Try not to shoot and kill no one
Cause I would feel like shit
But in the same regard
Its getting hard to deal with it
And I'm sick of it
And no place is too far


So bombs away and as they say
Well it's over now, it's over now
She's gone, yeah and he won't go away


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Unwritten Law Sound Siren Comments
  1. Samantha Marie

    I'm still cryin this song is over it's over

  2. Secondbest9966

    I fuckin’ love this song.

  3. Aruky

    So many years have passed :P

  4. Tairy Hesticles

    Man, this brings me back to 6th grade. Time has certainly flown by.

  5. Samson N

    Fucking great track.

  6. TheUltraspank

    this song is fucking amazing

  7. wildinthestreets101

    this is probably one of the highlight songs of this album

  8. Katelynn Noonan

    It has a great beat

  9. itchyandscratchyass

    imma find this album owo

  10. DJ EA

    My favorite Unwritten Law song