Unwritten Law - Seein' Red Lyrics

I'm seein' red
Don't think you'll have to see my face again
don't have much time for sympathy
Cuz it never happened to me
You feelin' blue now
I think you bit off more than you could chew
And now it's time to make a choice
And all I wanna hear is your...
So follow the leader down
And swallow your pride and drown
When there's no place left to go
Maybe that's when you will know
Follow the leader down
And swallow your pride and drown
When there's no place left to go
Maybe that's when you will know
And foolish lies well can't you see
I tried to compromise
Cuz what you say ain't always true
And I can see the tears in your eyes
And what you said now
Can't stop the words from running through my head
And what I do to get through to you
But you'd only do it again
So follow the leader down
And swallow your pride and drown
When there's no place left to go
Maybe that's when you will know
Follow the leader down
And swallow your pride and drown
When there's no place left to go
Maybe that's when you will know
Well I confess, I don't know what to make from all this mess
Don't have much time for sympathy
But it never happened to me
You feelin' down I don't know where i'll be when you come around
And now it's time to make a choice,
And all I wanna hear is your voice...

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Unwritten Law Seein' Red Comments
  1. randomabcdefghi

    What ever happened to the original version with the blonde chick lounging around and swimming in the pool.

  2. Scott Klingensmith

    back when bam margera was somewhat normal. I miss skating days growing up before the phone generations and Facebook. Etnies were my skating shoes. wearing DC shirts. not doing my homework. playing tony hawk

  3. Derek Pivko

    WWE Tough Enough Soundtrack.

  4. Kenny Jdm

    A great song. I remember hearing it in the skateboarding movie

  5. Tjrn 420

    a song that speaks to depression

  6. EerieBetrayal

    any time some one says, or i read, 'seeing red' i have to listen to this

  7. Orbit Downs

    After 5 views life was a lot of fun then.sigh

  8. Orbit Downs

    I been trying to get this song,I heard it in California 11yrs ago..I just found ur video thanks so much.

  9. Eddie Eads

    "Emo grandad" - Matty Healy

  10. elsquibbs

    The singer reminds me of Andy Bernard.

  11. Bigdreams17 Dreams17

    Dude on guitar at 43 seconds, epic part

  12. Bigdreams17 Dreams17

    Legendary Band! Best song of all time!!! Take me back!!!

  13. Khaster 6

    After seeing this video the first time I went to Pack Sun and bought a pyramid belt. 😎

  14. Charles De Rosas

    Almost in my 30s and I'm feeling like I'm 10 again. Yes I'm young enough to remember this.

  15. Gus Chiggins

    divx video.

  16. Michael Saunders

    Miss the early 2000s

  17. Tim Harrison

    Original video!!!!!


  18. Jenna M

    have to dedicate this to my road dogg bill he saldly passed away the other day his funeral was yesterday he like most of us was into emo who wasn't but it's what the owrds say that are most important r.i.p William Anderson you will be sorly missed and never forgotton

  19. Craig Butterworth

    One of the most underrated bands of their time ❤️

  20. Bulat Circle

    Grind...bez movie

  21. Klew Bizl

    Got jumped in high school and all i remember was thinking "dammit those fuckers ripped my unwritten law shirt" haha

  22. pluviophile

    I wish I knew what i had back then before the world changed and basically ended soon after this.....

  23. pluviophile

    That guy is so hot!!!!! I wish he would kiss me!!!

  24. pluviophile

    I miss skater boys something terrible.

  25. Boomin Scott

    Currently in the hospital for cancer, this song keeps me going missing the easier times listening to song now I'm here all stuck in my bed. Don't take things for granted im learning the hard way..

  26. DummyThiccEnt

    Hold my bean suit

  27. dannyzukko89

    It's crazy ..the majority of us always go back to thinking about high school .cause those were the days the music the girls the gel the style .. so different then today .

  28. ProfitOfDoom513


    Random Guy


  29. butterstix 24

    Grind wasn’t the best movie, but I loved it as a kid. Man, time sure flew by fast.

    Random Guy

    stfu otako, Grind is a great movie.

  30. FonchCakes

    What movie is this?

  31. Syd Todd

    Still need to get my hands on this movie i miss it

  32. come as you are

    I just turned 35 this sept, listening to this song brings a lot of both good and painful memories back...How awesome was it back in the day? I miss my long lost friends

  33. ish bon

    Wow I know I've seen this and heard this before it was sooo long ago I was probably 7 or 8 years old !!! Nostalgia!

  34. RTBryant1964

    S.D. Cali Homegrown



  36. DAWN & Y` i Sea

    yo Obrigada`... !.. check playlist. tan o mo' ke Ri`. de " ao'. siempe`, Y'. de a dose` , por a ' ana` Y` ah' eyn`, . ...-- so..!. a ahn.1 ey`. Y` ko''`enst. the lugYn' ne'` es Th'g..!.....-aeni`.

  37. Glynna Schmehl

    People who follow got molested.

  38. GreatWhiteShark78

    What happened to white music?

  39. GreatWhiteShark78

    This makes my soul hurt and yearn for better times

  40. P- Hutch

    Saw them with Hoobastank and Sum 41. Definitely a sign of the times

  41. Mark De Mesa

    That ooh part at 2:57 just sent me back to 2002

  42. Ncbasspuller

    what movie is this

    Random Guy



  43. Jeff Tuller

    Independent shirt man the times rip

  44. Junior Seau

    I genuinely miss the days before smart phones. Things we're just better then, and this song makes me long for those times.

  45. Sinner Saved

    Grind reminds me and my little brother.

  46. This is Ajang

    Here's the original video :

  47. Alkixwell Quinteros

    Who came for the movie Grind if he still listens to her from watching the movie 3 or 4 times

  48. Corporal Slip-TiT


  49. Thibaut78240

    Grind <3
    Best and most underrated skate movie ever !

    Danny Thompson

    I love grind.. Gonna watch it today i think

  50. Satsui Nohado

    I remember skateboarding with my best buddies listening to this back when I was 18. A decade later and we all went our different ways.
    None of them skateboard anymore which was the only thing we had in common. I still do and I just wonder what happened.
    I thought we'd be friends for life but many became strangers and other betrayed me. Had to drop them. Maybe someday it will all make sense. How I wish I could turn back time...

  51. BlackSH0veldeath

    Those guys don't like doing many kick/flip tricks lol

  52. BlackSH0veldeath

    What movie is that

  53. ÄLE KÖRN

    2019 there jai ! boys and girls!

  54. Jason Huntley

    this song is about relationships one person is happy and hopeful {me} the other person is Miserable, self loathing, and pityful tried to help this person they pushed me away twice saying "it's not you, it's me? so Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk them!!!

  55. Renee Benavidez

    Ooowww.... I forgot about this song!!!♥️♥️♥️

  56. Paul Melgosa

    I remember listening to this song @ Long Beach, CA. when I was 20 years old in 2002 🤘 😎

  57. hardlybreathe93

    I wanna go back when I was 11/12 and live it all over again. Everything were shit except in 2005. Fuck :'((

  58. ernesto cabral

    Vans Warped Tour 2000 🤘🏼

  59. Louie Delarosa

    I love you Michelle Sachiko Skym...

  60. OB da trucker

    when we didn't care about future and just living the moment

  61. Winner Gualberto

    Parabéns pelo post, GRIND, ótimo filme.

  62. John Manning

    Saw these guys live at HFStival back in late 2000s in Baltimore, MD. Huge day with Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Sum41, Jimmy's Chicken Shack, They Might Be Giants, and other acts. This was the band that stuck with me the most after the day was over. So, so good live. What a band! Glad I got to see them!

  63. Aya Afterlife

    My one wish in life is to meet a person irl who has at least HEARD of this band. Unwritten Law made my middle school years worth something <3

    jill kat +

    Or you can introduce thwm to it and tgey instantly fall in love with their music 💕

  64. Vedic

    Does anyone remember listening to this with Jed the Fish on Afternoon Drive?

  65. Jeffrey Moscardelli

    I remember bringing my little cousin to her first rock show and unwritten law played and put on a great show

  66. Realistic thought

    Chili and such

  67. adam holder

    My high school years was like the movie grind 🤘

  68. Diego Cesar Rojas Mejia

    Esa pela la Vi cuando era chiboloooo genial

  69. Seth Schiller

    Here is an interesting fact the only original member of the group is the drummer and the name of the CD is called. ELVA, named after elvira mistress of the dark

    Solaris Moon

    Um, NO! It was named for the lead singers MOTHER. I remember this in an interview waaayyy back when. I wondered about it myself until one day I stumbled upon it on T.V. - if you're going to make shit up at least make it a convincing lie!

  70. Julian Garcia

    Blink 182- I miss you - https://youtu.be/4DOWsB4tKkE
    Coldplay-Til Kingston come by - https://youtu.be/EEAntcWMF54

    Grant Allan

    thank u for posting brings back memories 💚💟💚


    Something by Yellowcard and Lit

    Its Me

    Thats my all time favorite coldplay song

  71. frankenclouds !!

    The memories that slowly crawl back. But once they make it they take me away.

  72. Bobby Nobody

    Wade's drumming is awesome.

  73. Nicolas Cuitiño Albornoz


  74. Jeff Panetta

    Why is this song so fucking awesome?

  75. Shishio Makotto

    Me acuerdo cuando patinaba por el camino belisco en los tiempos de la era meiyi 🤘🏾

  76. shadow-wolf gaming

    7th grade time's

  77. Andrew Sallee

    Lol I miss the days watching grind with my friends and skating and just having fun before social media or any of that shit came out. The good days may be lost but never forgotten

  78. ICE man

    Was this song about Al Gore looking at the election map on election night in 2000?

  79. hola mundo

    I offer for the old times, they will never return but without them my life would not be the same ...

  80. sophlovss

    my father is making me listen to this


    he’s doing this because i like he newer things such as the band waterparks i guess

    IndyElizzibeth C

    This was one of my favorite songs when I was 9. Give it a chance; you might grow to like it 😊

    Axel Nine

    Your father is letting you listen to this... Be grateful. 90's and early 00's was a golden age for music. Sad to see how little heart music has in it anymore

  81. Dave Richards

    Hell Yeah Team Super Duper!!!!

  82. A R

    Takes me back to the glory of the early 2000s

  83. Daniel Brown

    The golden age of shitty bubblegum punk rock.

  84. Blue Collar

    Reminds me of the early 2000’s. Back when I was in high school.

    frenchy girl

    Blue Collar those were my college years. I miss em.

  85. aaron hawes

    I'm 27 now and when I say there was ever a song that got you when you were a REAL skater this is it, I'll always be that kid in my heart. Thankful this popped up haven't heard it in like 10 years

    Nathan Brooks

    aaron hawes I’m with you 100 percent! I’m 28 and this song as a prior skater for 5 long awesome years I’ll never get back, this long brings back memories. Grind the movie itself made an impact on me. I wanted the girl and I think I’ve got her :) woodpushers for life my friend

  86. joeykong94

    watched grind recently so i had to come find this song

  87. Grant Allan

    Going down I-95 at 195 and girls in their panties in the back slipping on the leather

  88. MrEnjoivolcom1

    OH! To go back to high school circa 1999.

    My Quickjab209

    Or 1998

  89. Nick Shack

    If you're in the DMV are you know that this created the "DOO DOO TIME SPECTACULAR"!!! DC 101!!!

  90. Marcelle Cabrera

    Found this song from grind and still listening to it

  91. Francisco Diaz

    What nostalgia this brings!!! Awesome song and video!!!

  92. Lalo Montoya Jr.

    New video

  93. Lalo Montoya Jr.

    New video

  94. michellezboy

    Ah, bitter sweet nostalgia.. where did all the good music go?

  95. morty

    thanks i totally forgot about this song. so many memories listening to this song

  96. Richinia Langston

    This will always be one of my top faves. Only a tiny bit sad that it's not the whole video, like when I first saved it from you, (only a tiny bit) Just glad you still have it up for us to watch and listen to. Thank you very much! 😘😊

  97. Rellewd

    this song is from my mp3 aol days just saying

  98. AinteTheWolf

    I always like these vibes

  99. Chad Ford

    Aww the golden age!