Unwritten Law - Genocide / 418 Lyrics

Well who are you what do you know
And I guess it only goes to show
Don't think you're ready for the fall
Do you think you really wanta play
'Cause we do this every fucking day
And we're gonna lay down the law
You're outdrawn
...Let's go outside, we'll crucify
...But you're not there
You don't wanta cross the line boy
It will you your genocide
Your genocide
Do you think you really wanta throw
'Cause you know UL is 5 and 0
Toe to toe and that shit is for real
You better pray to God up in the sky
Tuck your tail between your legs and hide
Get ready 'cause here comes the drill
And we got skill
You're standing there
Like we're gonna be all scared
Come now
And I don't really wanta brag
But my whole city's got my back
And we're all ready to attack

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Unwritten Law Genocide / 418 Comments
  1. mj jordan

    Fuck powers going down.

  2. Hangin with Zainenn

    I swear the secret song on this track is the best song on the album haha

  3. mj jordan

    The who cover

  4. mj jordan

    When they align

  5. mj jordan

    First line 😂

  6. alexisxize

    Genocide its fucking amazing !

  7. Jeferson Salles


  8. Tonton Arias

    ,,brandon boyd was part of the song "418"