Unwritten Law - California Sky Lyrics

Imagine, the dreams we had
Since we were children are real
It's magic
To see their minds filled with the music we feel
Well here's your message from above
And if you wanta make push come to shove, alright
This ain't no lullaby
We're right at home in the California Sky
Illusions are taking part of the confusion in me
Tomorrow, there will be no heroes left to follow
You'll see
Bright lights they flash across the sky
May be the reason why we're all insane
And I don't wanta get away
We're right at home in the California Sky
Live from the mansion on the hill
Reminds you of the way we used to feel, right?
Orion's aligned now
Turn back the time
The California Sky

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Unwritten Law California Sky Comments
  1. This is Ajang

    Just played TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX earlier this morning. It's still as fun as ever.

  2. Zach Good

    Interesting note about this song. In March of 1997, the members of an alien cult named "Heaven's Gate", which was based out of San Diego, committed mass suicide because they believed an alien spacecraft was trailing the Hale-Bopp Comet and the group thought their souls would be taken up in the ship. The bald guy shown a few times in this music video was the group's leader, Marshall Applewhite. Well, Unwritten Law is a San Diego band who recorded "California Sky" in the summer of 1997. Putting these things together, I assumed that Scott Russo and the band were inspired to make this song based on the cult suicide...but a couple years ago I tweeted Russo and asked him if this was the case, and he told me no. I just can't imagine this song _not_ being about Heaven's Gate.

  3. Mike, TheAnimated

    This song brings back so many memories it's crazy

  4. eyemalien

    this song and album are the fucking bomb

  5. Dulce Moran

    RIP jay bird. Miss and love u dog!!! Catch u on the flip

  6. Bruno Mitchell

    The dreams we had since we were children
    Are real
    It's magick
    To see their minds filled with the music
    We feel
    Well here's your message from above
    And if you want to push come to shove
    This ain't no lullaby
    We're right at home in the California skyIllusions
    Are taking part of the confusion
    In me
    There'll be no heroes left to follow
    You'll see
    Bright lights that flash across the sky
    May be the reason why we're all insane and I
    I don't want to get away and
    We're right at home in the California skyLive from the mansion on the hill
    Reminds me of the way we used to feel right
    Orion's aligned now
    Turn back the time
    The California sky

  7. Themistocles

    Twenty years and I'm still unable to resist the urge to yell "live from the maaaansion on the heee-illl".

  8. Sir Joelsuf

    Twenty years from this day nearly, still one of my favorite songs (and records) EVER.

  9. spinhoBR

    2018 Brasil Unwitten Law


    love this song, ps1 for life!

  11. TamanLinkin

    Tj lavin's ultimate bmx

  12. Alex Amerling

    UL kicks serious ass :)

  13. Everson Frazão

    tj lavins.. nostalgic feelings from Brazil

  14. Rambette Lyman

    I saw them play in Providence, RI back in the day. Cool band.

  15. Kevin Thompson

    This was one of my best friend's favorite songs back in the day. Whenever I think of it my mind goes straight to him lol

  16. Steven C. Manns Jr.

    TJ Lavins! !!!!


    Nice song i know this song from psx game mrv tj lavis

  18. Ben Ashford

    most underrated UL song....so good still, nearly 20 years later..


    This was jam senior year. That and anything off of Social D's White Light, White Heat, White Trash. Funny seeing Scott do a little Mike Ness headshake @0:34. .


    ages like a fine wine

  19. cannonballbag

    ayyy lmao

  20. David Mann

    Got a tat by Pat this Sunday, was badass. Good artist and an artist I got to grow up listening to.

  21. Zachary Hyatt

    @KloudNein the drummer is my uncle I'll get him to meet you where are you from?

    Zachary Hyatt


    Zachary Hyatt

    +Thibaut78240 oh really that's really cool! yeah I know him too I know alot of people from the music industry thanks to my uncle haha


    +Zachary Hyatt WADE IS THE MAN!

    UFO Seekers

    Zachary Hyatt how can we meet him? The Video is awesome.

  22. Awehmazing

    I wish he'd stop staring at me

  23. Alexis Bulan

    bmx tj lavin

  24. ryuzaki dest

    Fuckin awesome...

  25. Dan Velarde


  26. Sony Ultimate Exception


    Sony Ultimate Exception

    +Ariel Bareiro Caceres 8)

  27. CrackerJack11

    This reminds me of nailing TJ Lavins ultimate BMX when I was a kid. Happy days!!!

    Gaetano Francesco Prochilo

    That game was underrated


    Same reason here, love to think about the gameplay when hearing to a song like this!

  28. ali wait


  29. Risingsun310

    Gosh.... 28 now discovered these guys when I was in H.S.  Started randomly singing this song the other day and couldn't find the CD anywhere.  Had to jump onto youtube and so glad it is here!

  30. SonicRyan1992

    only complaint, this was a pretty weak music video for such a mystic, and trippy rock song.


    In their defence this was 1998


    ehhh...then again Marilyn Manson's "Dope Show" and The Offspring's "Pretty Fly for a White Guy" worked well between audio and visuals.

    but what i can forgive is that maybe at the time Unwritten Law didn't have nearly as lucrative of a budget to pull it of and this was the best they could do then.

  31. Solar Wind

    Nazi bulkshit

  32. Antonio Occhionero

    the intro of this song reminded me for a second of the Dumpweed's one!! anyone had the same feeling??:D

  33. Gemeral dis

    Aliens were cool back in the day.and certainly in the future sometime too.

  34. MiketheMisfit

    Ahhh tj lavins bmx game sountrack we meet again... Lol

  35. taddeocico

    one of the best songs of unwritten law in absolute

  36. Russian Bot

    NFS U2 brought me here :]

  37. Fang Grasshawk

    it's tj lavin ultimate bmx...

  38. kingmanmillenia

    I've spent a part of the day looking up songs from my past from video games. Aaaahhhhhhh simpler times.

  39. nicolas diaz

    There was a BMX ps1 game I don´t remember the name, but I used to play it all day with this song.

    This is Ajang

    it's called TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX

  40. MAV - IMG

    I used to bmx to this back then, I was 21. Now, I'm 32 still riding. Stick with the great jams, and Ride on brotha!

  41. Oasix21

    @ajunx1986 Ps1?

    This is Ajang

    Yes, playstation 1

  42. CH1CO900

    Damn wat happend to this kinda of music? this was real shiiitt, good song..glad i played that ps1 game lol

    that 80's girl

    this is punk rock, this kind of music still exists, just not on the radio...

  43. Fang Grasshawk

    hey,this song is like from the stone age of playstation games,and i still fuckin love it.damn,bring back my junior high times,with that playstation one

  44. ewann3

    @pattonkeith got it for my birthday when i was like 10? now im 21 and i bmx, and i want a fucking bmx game!

  45. Jay Rodger

    about 111,757 by the looks of it....

  46. Fang Grasshawk

    i wonder,is there any living person,other than myself,to know this song?

  47. Merge Sort

    @ajunx1986 That's the reason why i was searching for this song... XD

  48. testnumberone1

    @pattonkeith damnit! i lost the game

  49. lawlcat4


  50. pattonkeith

    @ajunx1986 i thought no one knew that game anymore XD AND I'M ONLY 16!!!

  51. phillyfan182

    clips of star trek shoulda been used also in this video

  52. DumbPunk

    From the moment I heard the songs off their first and second record I instantly loved them but for whatever reason it took me a while to get into their third. Now that I've gotten into it I realized this is definitly pop punk at its finest!!!!!

  53. KloudyDays

    There was a girl I went out with one time who knew the drummer for Unwritten Law, she said she would introduce me to him...she never did return my phone call for a second date....I was more disappointed by the fact I would never get to meet him V_V

  54. Fang Grasshawk

    T.J Lavin's ultimate BMX!!!!

  55. supermarco1210

    @jabytvakaris Yeah, best song of the game with POD - rock the party

  56. MR X

    TJ Lavin's Ultimate BMX

  57. jeff markel

    one of the better cds i listened to in high school

  58. zoedeadvl


  59. sincho garcia

    yo igual hermano no dejaba de jugarlo!

    grande Unwritten Law

  60. phillyfan182

    this song reminds me of my 9th grade african asian studies class last year