Unwritten Law - Before I Go Lyrics

Life hurts so bad
Don't want you sad
Just look back to
Good times we had
I'd give my soul for you I know
Want to hold you before I go
Before I go
I need you to know
I'm still alive in you
It's my time to go
Don't stay up late
I'm not afraid
And I don't want your heart to break
I know I've seen what's been unseen
Live fast, die young
It's part of me
(it's my time now)
Before I go
(it's my time now)
My soul is on it's way
(it's my time now)
I need you to know
Before I go

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Unwritten Law Before I Go Comments
  1. Lori M.C.-Frazer

    I love this song one of my favorite gloomy songs

  2. David Crossman


  3. David Crossman

    If you watch the movie dune the code to pick 2#s between 2and10 2and12 and 2 and14 with one not being option a persons past present and future...... A revrant way of celestial_terestial_ telestial.....begining....in pre exsistance sorry for confusion#5out

  4. David Crossman


  5. David Crossman

    Trickster pranksteir....

  6. David Crossman

    Loki. Was there

  7. David Crossman

    Fourth row of numbers go back from 99 in old testment....

  8. David Crossman

    Any touch azriel will hav control....

  9. David Crossman

    Stick with vesrse by verse new test.... Then old.... Theres two columns one fourth row....be carful do not let anyone touch you....

  10. David Crossman

    Believe me spiritual war in progress emesarry getting numbers too there fortune......

    Buddha Baby

    Either you're a meth head or your schizophrenic. Either way please seek help.

  11. David Crossman

    Ive been darth vader choked all nite

  12. David Crossman

    I have to speak wit joe......

  13. David Crossman

    Three rows columns new and old testment beware make mr. Young mad ya tear heart out.....

  14. David Crossman

    New and old testment there numbers cardboard wells fargo dont wake up youn joe wesson right around the corner.....

  15. David Crossman

    1 not option...in code...witch hunting 2 thru10 2thr12 2thru14 ones not option....the fallen azriel...loki....present....

  16. David Crossman

    For hope numbers at wells fargo dont wake him up three rows code

  17. David Crossman

    Old testment 7 9 11 14 12

  18. David Crossman

    Revalations five five...old new testiment7 5 10 11 14 19....

  19. Peter Peña

    Before I go will be played when it's my time to go .

  20. Vincent fanfalone

    thanks unwritten law for this song it means so much to me

  21. Andrew E K. TheMotherCreatorThebest

    The Mother Creator. Veg. With the Mother Vegas. M. destroyed Egyptian Cotton. With punch to the screen. Try it. Th. A.T.mcvfs

  22. JessicaWhitneyMusic

    R.I.P. Dennis Martineau

    Rogue Status

    The London architect?

  23. Tyler Carroll

    Timeless, Incredible...

  24. DerekP513

    Kind of a sad song but sounds so amazing

  25. meleahisbest

    This song is my older sister Emma's favourite band since they first come out. she is now 25. She randomly told me she wanted this song playing at her funeral. I'll make that a promise. they are truly the greatest x

  26. snorinlorinass

    miss you mom

    Lori M.C.-Frazer

    My mom died this year and this reminds me of my mom as well

  27. snorinlorinass


  28. FnRvAnOFF

    before i go.. : /

  29. Megan Wilcox

    Perfect song to relate to right now. Love you so much hun. <3

  30. Brendan Bennett

    live fast die young is part of me!